repeating - Repeat a string - fast

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Times the string should be repeated.String to repeat.



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RequestReduce - Instantly makes your

  •    CSharp

All background images you want to sprite [must have an explicit width in their css class] ( Otherwise RequestReduce cannot guarantee that the background positions it injects will not cause adjacent sprites to bleed into a background image's view port. Also, RequestReduce will ignore repeating images so make sure to mark the image no-repeat if it is not a repeating image. ##Troubleshooting If RequestReduce does not appear to be doing anything, check out this [troubleshooting wiki] ( which provides several scenarios, options and debugging tips for figuring out why your content may not be being reduced. Also check the [list of wiki support pages] ( which provides documentation addressing several topics to help you optimize RequestReduce and explain how RequestReduce works.

0.30000000000000004 - Floating Point Math Examples

  •    HTML

Your language isn't broken, it's doing floating point math. Computers can only natively store integers, so they need some way of representing decimal numbers. This representation comes with some degree of inaccuracy. That's why, more often than not, .1 + .2 != .3. Why does this happen? It's actually pretty simple. When you have a base 10 system (like ours), it can only express fractions that use a prime factor of the base. The prime factors of 10 are 2 and 5. So 1/2, 1/4, 1/5, 1/8, and 1/10 can all be expressed cleanly because the denominators all use prime factors of 10. In contrast, 1/3, 1/6, and 1/7 are all repeating decimals because their denominators use a prime factor of 3 or 7. In binary (or base 2), the only prime factor is 2. So you can only express fractions cleanly which only contain 2 as a prime factor. In binary, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 would all be expressed cleanly as decimals. While, 1/5 or 1/10 would be repeating decimals. So 0.1 and 0.2 (1/10 and 1/5) while clean decimals in a base 10 system, are repeating decimals in the base 2 system the computer is operating in. When you do math on these repeating decimals, you end up with leftovers which carry over when you convert the computer's base 2 (binary) number into a more human readable base 10 number.

left-pad - :arrow_left: String left pad

  •    Javascript

NOTE: The third argument should be a single char. However the module doesn't throw an error if you supply more than one chars. See #28. NOTE: Characters having code points outside of BMP plan are considered a two distinct characters. See #58.

vim-sexp - Precision Editing for S-expressions

  •    Vim

Vim-sexp brings the Vim philosophy of precision editing to S-expressions. Enables use of the . command for repeating change operations in vim-sexp, as well as repeating builtin operations with vim-sexp's text objects.

vim-repeat - repeat.vim: enable repeating supported plugin maps with "."

  •    Vim

If you've ever tried using the . command after a plugin map, you were likely disappointed to discover it only repeated the last native command inside that map, rather than the map as a whole. That disappointment ends today. Repeat.vim remaps . in a way that plugins can tap into it. Adding support to a plugin is generally as simple as the following command at the end of your map functions.

vim-hardtime - Plugin to help you stop repeating the basic movement keys

  •    Vim

Hardtime helps you break that annoying habit vimmers have of scrolling up and down the page using jjjjj and kkkkk but without compromising the rest of our vim experience. It works using a timeout on the keys you want to stop repeating, i.e. h, j, k, l, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. This timeout is set to 1000 milliseconds. After this time you can use a movement key again. It also allows to completely disable keys that you never under any circumstances want to use.

multiline - Multiline strings in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Use ES2015 template literals instead whenever possible.It works by wrapping the text in a block comment, anonymous function, and a function call. The anonymous function is passed into the function call and the contents of the comment extracted.

voca - The ultimate JavaScript string library

  •    Javascript

The Voca library offers helpful functions to make string manipulations comfortable: change case, trim, pad, slugify, latinise, sprintf'y, truncate, escape and much more. The modular design allows to load the entire library, or individual functions to minimize the application builds. The library is fully tested, well documented and long-term supported. Voca can be used in various environments.

Safe Pad : Rich Text Editor with Strong Encryption for Total Security.

  •    CSharp

Safe Pad is a simple text editor with a difference. When you save your document strong encryption is used to protect your file using triple AES256.

eZ calendar

  •    Javascript

The eZ calendar, eZ publish 2 module, provides a full fledged web calendar to users. An advanced web calendar, updated to support repeating events, event comments, event files, an exciting new look, popup calendars, html in description fields and more ..

ResNeXt - Implementation of a classification framework from the paper Aggregated Residual Transformations for Deep Neural Networks

  •    Lua

This repository contains a Torch implementation for the ResNeXt algorithm for image classification. The code is based on fb.resnet.torch. ResNeXt is a simple, highly modularized network architecture for image classification. Our network is constructed by repeating a building block that aggregates a set of transformations with the same topology. Our simple design results in a homogeneous, multi-branch architecture that has only a few hyper-parameters to set. This strategy exposes a new dimension, which we call “cardinality” (the size of the set of transformations), as an essential factor in addition to the dimensions of depth and width.



HyperArt (Hyperbolic Art) lets you view and design hyperbolic repeating patterns similar to M. C. Escher's Circle Limit I-IV patterns. The software is based on algorithms developed by Dr Douglas Dunham from University of Minnesota, Duluth.


  •    C

Gchore is a simple tool that tracks your chores, and reminds you to do them on a daily basis. It is not a general todo list, it is better suited for repeating tasks, such as taking out the garbage on mondays.

GCalendar for PHP-Nuke

  •    PHP

GCalendar is an event calendar module for PHP-Nuke Content Management Systems. GCalendar features: monthly, weekly amp; daily views; repeating events; international date and time format support; user submitted events with optional admin approval; more..

OAI-PMH Harvester Manager

  •    Java

OAI-PMH Harvester Manager is an Web Application that manages both one time or regularly repeating harvesting jobs using Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.

PropertyMapper - Property mapping for Objective-C iOS apps.

  •    Objective-C

Data parsing is one of most common tasks we need to do in our apps, yet still majority of people do this parsing by hand, always repeating the same code for each class they need to map. There are libraries helping with that like Mantle, RESTKit and many more… But I wanted something that's self contained, easy to change / remove and requires minimal amount of code.

pry-rails - Rails >= 3 pry initializer

  •    Ruby

Avoid repeating yourself, use pry-rails instead of copying the initializer to every rails project. This is a small gem which causes rails console to open pry. It therefore depends on pry. bundle install and enjoy pry.

conic-gradient - Polyfill for conic-gradient() and repeating-conic-gradient()

  •    HTML

Please visit for usage instructions and demos.

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