clipboardy - Access the system clipboard (copy/paste)

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Cross-platform. Supports: macOS, Windows, Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Android with Termux.Write (copy) to the clipboard asynchronously. Returns a Promise.


arch : ^2.1.0
execa : ^0.8.0



Related Projects

node-copy-paste - A command line utility that allows read/write (i

  •    Javascript

A command line utility that allows read/write (i.e copy/paste) access to the system clipboard. It does this by wrapping pbcopy/pbpaste (for OSX), xclip (for Linux, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD), and clip (for Windows). Currently works with node.js v0.8+. copy(text[, callback]): asynchronously replaces the current contents of the clip board with text. Takes either a string, array, object, or readable stream. Returns the same value passed in. Optional callback will fire when the copy operation is complete.

pbgopy - Copy and paste between devices

  •    Go

pbgopy acts like pbcopy/pbpaste but for multiple devices. It lets you share data across devices like you copy and paste. Binary releases are available through here.

PhotoSlide - Recreation of Lightzone with a modern and reactive user interface

  •    Java

This is application uses concepts from Lightzone and Lightroom and represents a simple Photo management application with a modern and reactive user interface written in JavaFX. Actually it is only a picture viewer / video file viewer with some small editing features and metadata support.

jscpd - Copy/paste detector for programming source code.

  •    CoffeeScript

jscpd is a tool for detect copy/paste "design pattern" in programming source code.If you need support language not from list feel free to create request.

PlainText - gets rid of unwanted formatting

  •    CSharp

Tired of getting unwanted text formatting when you click Ctrl-V? Using PlainText you can copy text from any application and paste as unformatted text with just a simple keyboard shortcut. Just the same as if you had pasted to Notepad and copied from there.

piknik - Copy/paste anything over the network

  •    Go

Piknik seamlessly and securely transfers URLs, code snippets, documents, virtually anything between arbitrary hosts. No SSH needed, and hosts can sit behind NAT gateways, on different networks.

paste.js - read image/text data from clipboard (cross-browser)

  •    CoffeeScript

paste.js is an interface to read data ( text / image ) from clipboard in different browsers. It also contains several hacks. Thanks BrowserStack for providing cross-browser testing environment for this project.

copy-syntax-highlight-osx - Copy Syntax Highlight for OS X is an OS X service which copies the selected text to the clipboard, with proper syntax highlighting for the given language


Copy Syntax Highlight for OS X is an OS X service which copies the selected text to the clipboard, with proper syntax highlighting for the given language. The intended primary use case is to Paste the copied syntax highlighted-text into productivity applications such as Word, Keynote, and Photoshop, while keeping the code highlighting intact. Such highlighting can then be used in documents for publication and presentations for more spark, so to speak.

CherryTree - A hierarchical note taking application

  •    C++

A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.

DontFuckWithPaste - Google Chrome extension that prevents the blocking of pasting into input fields

  •    HTML

It annoys me to no end when a web application prevents me from being able to paste content into an input field, or copy it out. If I paste an incorrect email address, that's my own damn fault. I use tools like 1Password to remember all kinds of things for me, and it's actually more error prone for me to type out all the characters than it is for me to copy from 1Password and paste into a text box. This is a dead simple Google Chrome extension that removes copy and paste blocking.

GCB - Global Clipboard

  •    Java

GCB - Global Clipboard Let's you easily copyamp;paste from one computer to another. Simply copy something into GCB at one computer and paste it out GCB at another computer. Synchronisation of GCB is done automatically



ClipoWeb is a web clipboard that allows you to copy text and files between computers. Users access a web page on the source and destination computers, and then the copy&paste between both pages, just like a clipboard.

enhanced-github - :rocket: Chrome extension to display size of each file, download link and copy file contents directly to clipboard

  •    Javascript

Note: For private repos(Issue #6), Github Access Token is required. Follow the steps mentioned below to add your Github Access Token. Since this extension fetches data using Github public v3 API for showing file size and download_url, it consumes free quota which is very less Github API Rate Limiting.

clipboard-polyfill - :clipboard: Sane copying on the web.

  •    TypeScript

As of October 2017, this library is a polyfill for the modern Promise-based asynchronous clipboard API. Since copying only works in a user gesture, you should attempt it from inside an event listener, e.g. a button click listener.

ng-clip - Copy to clipboard using AngularJS

  •    Javascript

An AngularJS simple directive that uses ZeroClipboard and updates the user's clipboard.If the fallback function is defined to accept an argument named copy, that argument will be populated with the text to copy.

sheetclip - Copy/paste from your HTML5 web app to a spreadsheet

  •    Javascript

This library was created with the intention to be used in Handsontable. I decided to make it a separate project in case somebody else needs it. It does not provide you with clipboard access in JavaScript. That part still needs to be figured out by you. There are various ways to achieve it but none of them is perfect. Probably the most compatible with all the browsers is to keep a hidden <textarea> on the page that is always focused. Then, you can fill it with value that can will be automatically copied to clipboard when the user presses CTRL+C. Analogously, pressing CTRL+V will fill the focused textarea with the value from clipboard.

SublimeHighlight - A humble SublimeText package for exporting highlighted code as RTF or HTML

  •    Python

This SublimeText2 package allows to highlight & export currently edited code to HTML or RTF using Pygments. This latter command, Copy to clipboard as RTF, allows to copy and paste highlighted code from Sublime Tex 2 to other softwares like Powerpoint, Keynotes, Word, etc.

lemonade - Lemonade is a remote utility tool. (copy, paste and open browser) over TCP.

  •    Go

Lemonade is a remote utility tool. (copy, paste and open browser) over TCP. For example, you use a Linux as a virtual machine on Windows host. You connect to Linux by SSH client(e.g. PuTTY). When you want to copy text of a file on Linux to Windows, what do you do? One solution is doing cat file.txt and drag displayed text. But this answer is NOT elegant! Because your hand leaves from the keyboard to use the mouse.

vim-bracketed-paste - Handles bracketed-paste-mode in vim (aka. automatic `:set paste`)

  •    Vim

Otherwise just copy-paste everything from plugin/bracketed-paste.vim into your ~/.vimrc. You need to be using a modern xterm-compatible terminal emulator that supports bracketed paste mode. xterm, urxvt, iTerm2, gnome-terminal (and other terminals using libvte) are known to work.

Clipboard Live


Clipboard Live enhances the pasting abilities in Windows Live Writer. Copy and Paste Images, HTML pages, Web Images, Visual Studio Code, RTF pages, and much more right into Windows Live Writer. Never lose formatting or content again in your Pastes.

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