Silver Sugar Web Browser

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This is a simple web browser named "Silver Sugar". It has a back button, forward button, home button, url text box and a go button.



Related Projects


A Python class to allow the user to automate Internet Explorer

GreenWeb Internet Browser

GreenWeb Web Browser Open Source version of GreenWeb Web Browser. Uses Internet Explorer config to access homepage, so IE must be installed v6.6 or later. May be some bugs. If so, report them here:

Silis Web Browser

Silis Web Browser is just a application for people not satisfied with Internet Explorer, Netscape, or any other web browser. Also it will be the main browser for the Erica OS project.

IE History Viewer

This Windows application can display Internet Explorer browser history. Features: - Create preview of a web page; - Save history to XML file; - Go to link from application; - Filter history by domain name.

Internet Explorer Browser Extension Creator

For the first time, anyone can easily register their Internet Explorer Browser Extension. This program automatically creates all necessary registry entries based on a few simple questions. All assemblies were/are created with Visual Basic 2008 and the .Net Framework 3.5

Touchr - Mimics touch events in Internet Explorer 10 browser .

Mimics touch events in Internet Explorer 10 browser .

privly-ie - Official Internet Explorer Browser Extension

Official Internet Explorer Browser Extension

IE-Killer - Function to refer to a better browser, if you use the old internet explorer.

Function to refer to a better browser, if you use the old internet explorer.

Browser Nirvana

Browser Nirvana is an application specially designed to help web developers test browser-compatibility. It lets you view websites side-by-side on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome / Safari.

Java InterFace For Internet Explorer

JIFFIE: Java InterFace For Internet Explorer is a library which allows Internet Explorer to be controlled from Java. It uses the Jacob JNI-to-COM bridge to provide this control. JIFFIE is designed to support web application testing.

SQL Web Data Administrator

The SQL Server Web Data Administrator enables you to easily manage your SQL Server data, wherever you are. Using its built-in features, you can do the following from Microsoft Internet Explorer or your favorite Web browser: * Create and edit databases in SQL Server or Microsoft

WebBrowserEx - Extended WebBrowser Control

This web browser control extends Microsoft's implementations to build a highly customizable web browse capable of building really smart Windows client applications that can interact with web applications.

WinWeb Browser Deluxe

WinWeb Browser Deluxe es un navegador web de código abierto basado en Internet Explorer hecho en Visual Basic .NET. Descargalo ya!

Harness - Internet Explorer Automation

Harness is Browser Automation and Automated Web Application Testing COM Library (Common Object Library)

SeaMonkey - All-in-one internet application suite

The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop the SeaMonkey all-in-one internet application suite. It contains an Internet browser, email & newsgroup client with an included web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools. Under the hood, SeaMonkey uses much of the same Mozilla source code which powers such successful siblings as Firefox and Thunderbird.


Displays an alert box telling Internet Explorer users their browser is a detriment to society and they should choose an alternative.


Wapache is a software that lets you create desktop application using web development technology like Perl and PHP. It combines a modified version of Apache 2 with an embedded Internet Explorer web browser.


LittleBrowse is a lightweight web browser built off the Internet Explorer engine, designed to run smoother, faster and better than other commercial web browsers available, while retaining features such as Flash and support for new technologies.


phpFileFarm is a Web site support tool/directory explorer that lets you view the directory structure of your Web site and then add, change or delete files using only your Internet browser.


K-Meleon is a fast and customizable web browser that can be used instead of Internet Explorer on Windows. Powered by the same Gecko engine as the Firefox and Mozilla browsers, K-Meleon provides users with a secure browsing experience.