Simple but Cool Silverlight Message Boxes (Info, Error, Confirm, etc.)

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Simple but presentable message boxes for Silverlight developers. Designed for ease of integration with existing projects.



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PHP error and exception handling class. To simplify error and exception handling, converts errors into exceptions. Adds 'nice' error message box for final user and developer full error data including execution trace. Plus some helping methods

SharePoint Error Reporting

SharePoint Error Reporting set up a custom error page to provides error and debug information to the site administrator. No longer an Unexpected Error Has Occurred, or Unknown Error message. [Windows SharePoint Services]

couchdb-lager - Mirror of Apache CouchDB

for the backend:```erlang{lager, [ {handlers, [ {lager_console_backend, [info, {lager_default_formatter, [time," [",severity,"] ", message, "\n"]}]}, {lager_file_backend, [{file, "error.log"}, {level, error}, {formatter, lager_default_formatter}, {formatter_config, [date, " ", time," [",severity,"] ",pid, " ", message, "\n"]}]}, {lager_file_backend, [{file, "console.log"}, {level, info}]} ]}]}.```Included is lager_default_formatter. This provides a generic, default formatting fo

better-assert - c-style assert() for nodejs, reporting the expression string as the error message

c-style assert() for nodejs, reporting the expression string as the error message

WPF MessageBox

WPF MessageBox is an implementation of a fully customizable MessageBox in WPF which has the exact same interface as the standard MessageBox class. Customizing the message box is done by using styles and control templates.

ProudMonkey MessageBox Controls for WebForms

The customize MessageBox, ConfirmBox and FrameBox controls for ASP.NET WebForms was designed in which developers can easily prompt a message in the page whether they use it via server or client side without having much code and to present a user friendly message to end users.

telegram-bot - Rust Library for creating a Telegram Bot

Here is a simple example (see [`example/`](``` rustextern crate telegram_bot;use telegram_bot::*;use std::env;fn main() { // Fetch environment variable with bot token let token = match env::var("TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN") { Ok(tok) => tok, Err(e) => panic!("Environment variable 'TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN' missing! {}", e), }; // Create bot, test simple API call and print bot informat

keyless - CloudFlare's Keyless SSL Server Reference Implementation

The CloudFlare Keyless SSL client communicates to the server via a binaryprotocol over a mutually authenticated TLS 1.2 tunnel. Messages are in binaryformat and identified by a unique ID.Messages consist of a fixed length header, and a variable length body. Thebody of the message consists of a sequence of items in TLV (tag, length,value) messages.All messages with major version 1 will conform to the followingformat. The minor version is currently set to 0 and is reserved forcommunicating poli

errordb - error message database - with list of solutions to each error

error message database - with list of solutions to each error

Sedge: An Automated Error Reporting Tool

Sedge is a highly customizable tool designed to help your customers create error reports. The reports can include log files, data files, system information, screenshots or any user's files.


ShutterNotifier is like notification-area on the web: a non-blocking, intuitve, skinable component for WinForms projects. Ideal as MessageBox() replacement. It's developed in C#/.NET 3.5.

stackdriver-errors-js - Client-side JavaScript exception reporting library for Stackdriver Error Reporting

This is not an official Google product. This module is experimental and may not be ready for use.This experimental library provides Stackdriver Error Reporting support for client-side web JavaScript applications. Stackdriver Error Reporting is a feature of Google Cloud Platform that allows in-depth monitoring and viewing of errors reported by applications running in almost any environment. For server-side Node.js error reporting, use this other library.

.Net Error Resource Management

Framework for managing error message strings in resource files and exceptions using enuemrations for message access.

PHP Error Reporting and Loging

This project is a collection php classes for custom error reporting. It would be great to have other individuals join this project! This could be useful as a standard package for many websites as it would provide more control over error handling.

Pyrox - The high-speed HTTP middleware proxy for Python

Pyrox is the fast Python HTTP middleware server. Many of these common operations include things such as authentication, message enhancement, filtering and rejection, error handing, message tracking and even metric reporting. Each of these functions should be a discrete component, deployable on its own and managed separate of other service functions.

Exception Message Box: WPF Dialogbox/Messagebox with treeview exception browser

This is a light weight WPF exception message box that displays information from an exception. It uses reflection to parse exception properties and display the content using a tree view. Inner exceptions can be unfolded and viewed. Exception data can be copied to the clipboard.

MessageBox - Your standard jQuery plugin for fancy message box confirmations, notifications, etc.

Your standard jQuery plugin for fancy message box confirmations, notifications, etc.

phobos - Simplifying Kafka for ruby apps

Phobos is a micro framework and library for applications dealing with Apache Kafka.Why Phobos? Why not ruby-kafka directly? Well, ruby-kafka is just a client. You still need to write a lot of code to manage proper consuming and producing of messages. You need to do proper message routing, error handling, retrying, backing off and maybe logging/instrumenting the message management process. You also need to worry about setting up a platform independent test environment that works on CI as well as any local machine, and even on your deployment pipeline. Finally, you also need to consider how to deploy your app and how to start it.