Silverlight.Hosting Library

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Silverlight.Hosting is a lightweight, easy-to-use library for embedding Silverlight content into a WPF or Windows Forms application.



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Hosting Silverlight Pivot in Windows Azure

This sample code shows how you can host Silverlight Pivot Viewer in Windows Azure Web Role. You just need to create Pivot Viewer CXML and folders using PivitViewer control and use this sample code to host it inside the Windows Azure Web Role.

ActiveX Direct Show player

Direct Show player wich can be used as ActiveX object. This ActiveX object should support hosting on web pages and stand alone applications.

Silverlight SEO Project

The Silverlight SEO Project is designed to simplify configuring sites that host Silverlight Navigation applications for search engine optimization, by providing html content to search engine crawlers and Silverlight to users with the plug-in installed.

Silverlight Streaming framework

Tech Head Brothers Silverlight Streaming framework is an implementation of Silverlight Streaming REST API as a class library and a set of Workflow Foundation activities focused on the Hosting Content on Silverlight Streaming.

Silverlight Streaming Library

Provides easy programmatic access to Silverlight Streaming accounts to upload, delete and browse silverlight applications, files, etc.

Silverlight HTML Frame

Silverlight HTML Frame is a project containing a Silverlight component to show Html Content in a Silverlight Application HOSTING IN WebBrowser.

plugin - The AXR plugin for ActiveX and NPAPI browsers

The AXR plugin for ActiveX and NPAPI browsers


Crafty Syntax is *INCLUDED* in many hosting control panel systems (those that are used in most website hosting solutions) including but not limited to: Fantastico for cpanel, ehcp easy install scripts, ensim power tools, Plesk PSA-Installer, Network solutions, Simple Scripts on click installer, and many more. So the easiest way to install crafty syntax live help is to first check with your hosting company and see if you can install crafty syntax live help using a auto-installer provided in you

Silverlight Html Host Control

Render HTML and arbitrary URI content from within Silverlight using Sharptag HtmlHost for Silverlight.

zpanelx - ZPanel is a web hosting control panel written in PHP for Windows and *NIX host OS's.

ZPanel is a web hosting control panel written in PHP for Windows and *NIX host OS's.

Hosting - Code for hosting and starting up an ASP.NET Core application.

The Hosting repo contains code required to host an ASP.NET Core application, it is the entry point used when self-hosting an application.This project is part of ASP.NET Core. You can find samples, documentation and getting started instructions for ASP.NET Core at the Home repo.

chrome-stay-fresh - Chrome extension to reload tabs programmatically via HTTP requests

which accepts HTTP requests on port 7700 and notifies the Chrome extensionwhen those requests are made. The extension itself maintains a list of"listening" tabs which are automatically reloaded (i.e., "refreshed")whenever the **native messaging host** receives a `GET /reload HTTP/1.1`request.This extension is meant to accompany the[vim-stay-fresh]( Vim plugin and/orthe [vim-hooks]( Vim plugin. Much likebacon, eggs, and toast,

Generic WCF Hosting Service

The Generic Host Service provides a simple, reusable, and reliable mechanism for hosting WCF services.

Aspire Silverlight Plugin Framework

A Plugin Framework based on Silverlight Frame Navigation including Page Navigation, Authority etc. Supports Silverlight 5.0 and higher

Silverlight-Video-For-WordPress - A WordPress plugin for displaying videos using Silverlight.

A WordPress plugin for displaying videos using Silverlight.

Bewise Phone Controls

These toolkit host a collection of controls, components and utilities for Windows Phone developers, both on Silverlight and XNA. Provided by Bewise.

KlearTouch Applications

Currently, only includes a port of BlogEngine.NET to Azure. Will soon host a collection of applications and libraries demonstrating the capabilities of Silverlight 3 and the Azure Services platform.


wxActiveX is a wxWidgets ( library for hosting ActiveX controls such as Internet Explorer or Acrobat within wxwidgets programs.


ATL ActiveX control for hosting and advanced customization of Multiple WebBrowser controls with HTTP and HTTPS protocol handlers.

Smooth Streaming Video Player Plugin for WordPress

With this plugin, you can link Smooth Streaming (in live mode or not) and progressive download videos (MP4, WMV) to a post and play it inside a Silverlight player on a PC or Mac. You can also play your videos on a iPhone or iPad because this plugin implements a HTML 5 video tag.