Shuttle Service Bus

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Shuttle Service Bus is a free open-source software project that aims to provide an enterprise ready service bus without any restrictions.



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Simple Service Bus

Simple Service Bus (SSB) is a fork of Udi Dahans popular open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) : nServiceBus

dragonfly - SOA ESB (Enterprise Service Bus for Service Oriented Architecture apps) for Python

SOA ESB (Enterprise Service Bus for Service Oriented Architecture apps) for Python

Apache Synapse - Lightweight ESB engine and XML router.

Apache Synapse is a lightweight ESB engine and XML router.

Fiorano ESB - Enterprise Service Bus

Fiorano ESB enables application integration by choreographing Microservices into asynchronous flows via the Fiorano Studio and associated tools. The Component Control Protocol (CCP), a wire-level protocol, allows the asynchronous communication between the ESB server and micro services being choreographed/orchestrated into application flows. The transport is pluggable and any available JMS engine may be used such as Apache ActiveMQ, JBOSS, TIBCO, IBM, RabbitMQ and FioranoMQ.


Keystroke ESB.NET is a lightweight distributed Enterprise Service Bus with federation support. Featuring WCF and WWF integration, whilst also supporting WSE3 and Raw HTTP, ensuring backwards compatibility, ESB.NET is a flexible and configurable service host & business level messa

Open SOA Platform

A centralized system for administering applications throught a SOA Enterprise Service Bus: Runtime environment (PROD, DEV, ...) , application and services versionning, security access level (SLA), activity monitoring.

Apache ServiceMix - Apache ServiceMix is an open source ESB implementing JBI.

Apache ServiceMix is an open source distributed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and SOA toolkit built from the ground up on the semantics and APIs of the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification JSR 208 and released under the Apache license.


Shuttle Service Bus is a free open source enterprise service bus


Conduit is an Actor Model based framework for developing distributed services. The goal of Conduit is to make building scalable and fault tolerant services a breeze by promoting an Event Driven Architecture (EDA) sitting on top of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).


CHOReOS will implement service middleware support, effectively enabling the deployment of adaptable, QoS-aware choreographies in the ULS Future Internet, integrating and further evolving the latest research advances in the area of Grid and Cloud computing, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and pervasive computing. Service-oriented middleware enables adaptable choreographies over ESB-based middleware, Grids, Clouds, and technologies for the Internet of Things, thus overcoming scalability and heteroge

osu-shuttle-bus-bot - Osaka Sangyo University's shuttle bus the service time tweet Bot.

Osaka Sangyo University's shuttle bus the service time tweet Bot.

azure-service-bus-dotnet-plugins - ☁️ Plugins for the

This repository is for plugins for the .NET Standard Azure Service Bus library owned by the Azure-Service-Bus team.Azure Service Bus is an asynchronous messaging cloud platform that enables you to send messages between decoupled systems. Microsoft offers this feature as a service, which means that you do not need to host any of your own hardware in order to use it.

Infonatural Enterprise Service Bus

Development of this project has ceased due to lack of developer support. For other open source ESB projects, please refer to Celtix, Mule or Suns Java ESB

azure-service-bus - ☁️ Azure Service Bus service issue tracking and samples

To learn more about Azure Service Bus, please visit our marketing page.See our Contribution Guidelines.

raet - Reliable Asynchronous Event Transport Protocol

Modern large scale distributed application architectures, wherein components are distributed across the internet on multiple hosts and multiple CPU cores, are often based on a messaging or event bus that allows the various distributed components to communicate asynchronously with each other. Typically the messaging bus is some form of messaging queue service such as AMQP or ZeroMQ. The message bus supports what is commonly referred to as a publish/subscribe methodology for information exchange.While there are many advantages to a full featured message queuing service, one of the disadvantages is the inability to manage performance at scale.

Microsoft-Message-Bridge - A messaging bridge that transforms messages and connects different real time interfaces such as service bus and event hub

A messaging bridge that transforms messages and connects different real time interfaces such as service bus and event hub. Common uses may be cleaning or transforming incoming JSON data before pushing down stream to another hub, bus or webapi We have used Microsoft Message Bridge to connect streams to signalR sites to drive data visualization experiences. In other cases we have used Microsoft Message Bridge as a point to intercept the stream and cache a subset of entities and attributes in Redis.

Service Bus Samples

Samples, Code Snippets and Utilities for developers using the Windows Azure Service Bus.

Mule - Universal Message Objects

Mule is a robust and highly scalable ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) framework based on SEDA. It is designed as a light-weight, event-driven component technology that handles communication with disparate systems transparently.

rendezvous.js - node.js service bus messaging

node.js service bus messaging