PopupWindow - PopupWindow is a simple Popup using another UIWindow in Swift

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First popup implementation is included in BasePopupViewController's loadView, viewDidAppear. If you want to create the next popup, please call showPopupView(). Replace the display contents, and perform deformation to the specified size. By using PopupItem, you can specify content contents and size.




Related Projects

android-simple-tooltip - A simple library based on PopupWindow to create Tooltips on Android. 💚

  •    Java

A simple library based on PopupWindow to create Tooltips on Android. More info on the sample project and javadoc.

Toast-PhoneGap-Plugin - :beers: A Toast popup plugin for your fancy Cordova app

  •    C++

This plugin allows you to show a native Toast (a little text popup) on iOS, Android and WP8. It's great for showing a non intrusive native notification which is guaranteed always in the viewport of the browser.

MaterialPopupMenu - Shows Material popup menus grouped in sections & more

  •    Kotlin

This library allows to create simple popup menus programmatically with a nice type-safe builder syntax in Kotlin. Menus can be divided into separate sections with optional headers and contain icons.

PowerMenu - :name_badge: A library that let you implement popup menu so easily.

  •    Java

A library that let you implement popup so easily. This is a basic example on a screenshot. You can build PowerMenu using Builder.

CDAlertView - Highly customizable alertview and alert/notification/success/error/alarm popup written in Swift

  •    Swift

CDAlertView is highly customizable alert popup written in Swift. Usage is similar to UIAlertController. NOTE: You can use it without buttons. Touch outside of the popup or move it will disappear it if there is no action button. If there is an action button, only pressing button will disappear it.

Popup - Cocoa project with Popup window appearing from the status bar

  •    Objective-C

Cocoa project with Popup window appearing from the status bar

popwin-el - Popup Window Manager for Emacs

  •    Emacs

popwin is a popup window manager for Emacs which makes you free from the hell of annoying buffers such like *Help*, *Completions*, *compilation*, and etc. Take an example. When you complete file names during find-file, the (annoying) *Completions* buffer will appear in a newly splitted window. You might understand the necessity of the window, but you may wonder why the window still remains after completion...



Toastify adds some missing functionallity to the Spotify client(Windows only). It shows a popup, toast style, dialog on track change and it allows you to use global hot keys for Play/Pause, Next, Previous etc. Toastify is developed using C# and WPF.


  •    JQuery

bPopup is a lightweight jQuery modal popup plugin (only 1.34KB gzipped). It doesn't create or style your popup but provides you with all the logic like centering, modal overlay, events and more. It gives you a lot of opportunities to customize so it will fit your needs.

AutoExpandOver - Show popup on mouseover, focus, click in Silverlight


AutoExpandOver lets a user define "header" content and "popup" content. Then, depending on settings it will popup when the user hovers, clicks, or gives focus to the "header" content. The popup uses the hidden overlay strategy so it has those benefits/quirks.

popup-el - Visual Popup Interface Library for Emacs

  •    Emacs

popup.el is a visual popup user interface library for Emacs. This provides a basic API and common UI widgets such as popup tooltips and popup menus. You can install popup.el from MELPA with package.el. popwin is tested under GNU Emacs 24 or later.

Highslide - Javascript thumbnail viewer

  •    Javascript

Highslide JS is an image, media and gallery viewer written in JavaScript.

PrintArea - jQuery plugin to print specified area of a page.

  •    Javascript

Other options were added as the need arose, such as adding css to the page printed document, retaining attributes of the source element, adding elements to the head of the document printed and specifying several predefined document standards (the default is html5), even the popup was not part of the original plan. IFRAME-mode is unobtrusive while popup mode opens a separate browser window.

popbox.js - A tiny and simple stackable modal plugin for web apps

  •    Javascript

Popbox.js is a tiny javascript plugin for creating stackable modals. It is fully customizable and dependency free.

exit-intent-popup - Display an HTML and CSS based popup on exit intent

  •    Javascript

Simply include the script and call its init function with any options you choose. You must add in your own HTML otherwise the popup will be blank. You can also add HTML and CSS directly on the page. The popup element you wish to use must have an id of bio_ep.

react-native-popup-menu - Popup menu component for React Native

  •    Javascript

Extensible popup menu component for React Native for Android, iOS and (unofficially) UWP and react-native-web. We thank our community for maintaining features that goes over our scope.

rofi - Rofi: A window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement

  •    C

Rofi started as a clone of simpleswitcher, written by Sean Pringle a popup window switcher roughly based on superswitcher. Simpleswitcher laid the foundations, and therefor Sean Pringle deserves most of the credit for this tool. Rofi (renamed, as it lost the simple property) has been extended with extra features, like an application launcher, ssh-launcher and can act as a drop-in dmenu replacement, making it a very versatile tool. Rofi, like dmenu, will provide the user with a textual list of options where one or more can be selected. This can either be, running an application, selecting a window or options provided by an external script.