vue-global-events - Register global events as a component

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Thanks to Vue’s event modifiers, handling events is extremely easy however, you’re limited to DOM element events. We decided to change that, so now you can register global events (for example application shortcuts) just like you would listen to events on a component. No need to worry about unregistration either. You can toggle the events with a single v-if. Works with SSR too.



Related Projects

vue-event-calendar - A simple events calendar for Vue2, no dependencies except Vue2.

  •    Vue

In most cases, the default date string is enough,but when you want a custom date title, you can give a prop title. It is important to noticed that the title will be replaced with a static String you passed in. You need to monitor the dayChanged event and change the title by youself. Can handle two Events, @day-changed and @month-changed, callback params like {date: '2017/06/23', events: []}.

vue-simple-calendar - Simple Vue component to show a month-grid calendar with events

  •    Vue

vue-simple-calendar is a flexible, themeable, lightweight event calendar component for Vue. The current version is 4.0.2. There are other great calendar components out there, but most are either intended to be used as date pickers, or had way too many features for me. I wanted something that would simply show a month as a grid, and show events (including multi-day events) on that grid. While the component goes beyond that simple use case, that is still the core focus.

react-event-listener - A React component for binding events on the global scope. :dizzy:

  •    Javascript

A React component for binding events on the global scope. This module provides a declarative way to bind events to a global EventTarget. It's using the React lifecycle to bind and unbind at the right time.

vue-scrollto - Adds a directive that listens for click events and scrolls to elements.

  •    Javascript

For vue 1.x use vue-scrollTo@1.0.1 (note the capital T) but keep in mind that the old version depends on jquery. vue-scrollto uses window.requestAnimationFrame to perform the animations, thus giving the best performance.

vue-recyclerview - Mastering Large Lists with the vue-recyclerview

  •    Javascript

You don't need to do this when using global script tags.

keyboard - Hook and simulate global keyboard events on Windows and Linux.

  •    Python

Take full control of your keyboard with this small Python library. Hook global events, register hotkeys, simulate key presses and much more. or download and extract the zip into your project folder.

vue-lazyload - A Vue.js plugin for lazyload your Image or Component in your application.

  •    Javascript

You can configure which events you want vue-lazyload by passing in an array of listener names.

v-mask - 🔡 Tiny input mask library for Vue.js (directive)

  •    Javascript

This version requires Vue 2.X. If you are looking for Vue 1.X, check it here. Notice: v-model is required starting from v1.1.0, because a lot of bugs with HTMLElement event listeners and sync with Vue internals.

Vue.D3.tree - Vue component to display tree based on D3.js layout.

  •    Vue

Update documentationVue components to display graphics based on D3.js layout. For all these events, the argument passed is {element, data} where element represents the node build by D3.js and data is the node raw data.

vue-fullcalendar - vue calendar fullCalendar. no jquery required. Schedule events management

  •    Javascript

Works for Vue2 now. This is a fullCalendar component based on vue.js . No Jquery or fullCalendar.js required. Currently, It only supports month view. It's inspired by but not cloned by it. So please read the docs here below to understand all features.

vue-shortkey - Vue-ShortKey - plugin for Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Vue-ShortKey - plugin for VueJS 2.x accepts shortcuts globaly and in a single listener. Add the shortkey directive to the elements that accept the shortcut. The shortkey must have explicitly which keys will be used.

portal-vue - A Portal Component for Vuejs, for rendering DOM outside of a component, anywhere in the document

  •    Javascript

A Portal Component for Vuejs, to render DOM outside of a component, anywhere in the document.

vue-clickaway - Reusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue.js components

  •    Javascript

Sometimes you need to detect clicks outside of the element (to close a modal window or hide a dropdown select). There is no native event for that, and Vue.js does not cover you either. This is why vue-clickaway exists. Please check out the demo before reading further. If you need a version for Vue 1, try vue-clickaway@1.0.

jsdom-global - Enable DOM in Node.js

  •    Javascript

jsdom-global will inject document, window and other DOM API into your Node.js environment. Useful for running, in Node.js, tests that are made for browsers.Requires jsdom.

vue-file-upload-component - A simple file upload component for Vue

  •    Javascript

A simple file upload component for Vue.js. Emits events for XHR Upload Progress for nice progress bars. I came up with the original idea when looking at this repo. I knew I wanted a nice component with upload progress and so I copied some code from that library.

Global SharePoint Calendar for SharePoint 2010


Runs through all the sites of the siteCollection add all your events in a global calendar. Authors: Adrià Tous & Ramon Torras.

DDHotKey - Simple Cocoa global hotkeys

  •    Objective-C

DDHotKey is an easy-to-use Cocoa class for registering an application to respond to system key events, or "hotkeys". A global hotkey is a key combination that always executes a specific action, regardless of which app is frontmost. For example, the Mac OS X default hotkey of "command-space" shows the Spotlight search bar, even if Finder is not the frontmost application.

react-event-components - 🛰 A set of React components designed to handle global events (interval, keyboard, touch, mouse, etc)

  •    Javascript

A set of components designed as an idiomatic way of working with global, raw input (keyboard, mouse, touch, etc) in React. Call the handler everytime a key event happen.

phoenix - A lightweight macOS/OS X window and app manager scriptable with JavaScript

  •    Objective-C

A lightweight macOS window and app manager scriptable with JavaScript. You can also easily use languages which compile to JavaScript such as CoffeeScript. Phoenix aims for efficiency and a very small footprint. If you like the idea of scripting your own window or app management toolkit with JavaScript, Phoenix is probably going to give you the things you want. With Phoenix you can bind keyboard shortcuts and system events, and use these to interact with macOS. Note: the default master-branch will always be stable.

Druantia - Virtual Trip to Mars

  •    C++

Full resolution, realtime, client-server based 3D Mars simulation. 1:1 scale (in terms of both size and resolution) working model of an entire planet. Server-side global events and client-side local events management. It's NOT Yet Another MMORPG Game.