SharePoint Audit View

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SharePoint audit project which adds the ability to view audit logs at the SharePoint item, library and site level through the context menus and ribbon buttons. Code makes it easy to extend the audit offering that SharePoint provides, which to be honest is pretty poor. Ba...



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MOSS Audit Log Retention - Save Audit Logs To An External Location

The MOSS Audit Log Retention Solution allows companies and individuals to save SharePoint Audit Logs (for user actions) to an external database. Installs as a Windows Service on a MOSS Indexing Server. The source code is also available.

AuditLog For Sharepoint 2010

We Both know in Sharepoint 2010 we have a feature called Site Collection Audit and Audit log. But this feature only on Sharepoint Enterprise, but on the Foundation we dont have that feature. With this application, we can enable audit feature on SP Foundation, see all the log.

SharePoint Cross-site Configurator

SharePoint Cross-site Configurator ! {project:description} Microsoft has developed a set of code samples designed to significantly reduce the time and effort required to configure large, cross-site SharePoint deployments. This set of code samples is the SharePoint Cross-Site ...

SharePoint Audit Log Tool

This tool will help you trim the SharePoint Audit log. We ran into a situation where our auditing log was filling up too much diskapce and the STSADM tool was not working. So we had to write this to help trim it down. Its not much but it helped us. So i thought i would share.

SharePoint Audit (2007 & 2010)

Powershell audit script to create an XML blueprint of any SharePoint 2007 or 2010 Farm.

SharePoint User Manager

This project provides a tool that allows SharePoint admins connect to their local SharePoint farms and produce reports against their SharePoint applications

WSSAudit - Auditing for Windows SharePoint Services

Enables you to view and configure internal WSS auditing features through the SharePoint web interface.

SharePoint Document Library Mirroring

In the style of SourceSafe's Shadow Folders, Document Library Mirroring uses the SharePoint audit log to mirror changes to document libraries to a designated location on the file system.

Project Compliance Audit

This is a MOSS/WSS application for examining a site's content to see if it complies with a set of rules that you may configure. Compliance rules include tests such as "Are required documents loaded in the correct libraries?" and "Do they have correct metadata (e.g. Approved)?...

organization_license_audit - Audit all licenses used by your github organization/user

For yourself (git config github.user)```Bashorganization-license-auditparllel_testsgit clone --depth 1 --quietbundle --path vendor/bundle --quietlicense_finder --quietAll gems are approved for useevil_gemgit clone --depth 1 --quietbundle --path vendor/bundle --quietlicense_finder --quietDependencies that need approval:evil_gem_dependency, 0.3.9, GPL...Failed: -- Michael Grosser <micha

audit-go - Linux Audit Plugin for heka written using netlink Protocol in golang and Lua

The project has now been divided into two parts, the API to deal with linux kernel audit framework is now provided by libaudit-go (in current development) and the client (audit-go) which provides an example to leverage libaudit-go.This project aims to deliver the same functionality as Linux Audit (auditd, audispd) + audisp-cef/json but in native Go as a plugin to Heka.

mcollective-logstash-audit - MCollective Audit plugin that produce Logstash compatible audit logs

This is a SimpleRPC Audit Plugin that writes audit events to a json file that can easily be consumed by logstash.Logstash is an opensource project that stores log lines and allow you to do full text and meta data based searches on that data.

BETA - Content Slider for SharePoint 2010 / Office 365

SharePoint Banner / SharePoint 2010 Sliding Banner / Content Slider tools in Office 365/ Sliding Content in SharePoint is a general tool which could be used for sliding Banners or any other sliding content to be placed on any Office 365 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint Foundation.

Audit Test Project

audit-test is a test suite designed to provide automated testing for the light-weight audit framework that first appeared in the 2.6.4 kernel. It has been used regularly since RHEL4 and has most recently been updated for RHEL6.3 and SLES11. The test suite now covers functionality beyond audit and includes the automated tests required for the BSI OSPP, including labeled security and virtualization.

SQL Data Capture - Black Box Application Testing

A tool for capturing and analyzing data modifications; an audit trail generator with a data modifications viewer. Helps with testing, troubleshooting and exploring application functionality. ASP.NET 3.5 C#, SMO application. Audit and CRUD generators are included.


T-SQL codegen script that creates audit trail triggers for SQL Server 2005 / 2008. Back-out procs, view to deleted rows, & rowhistroy function. Version 2 adds user context, SQL stmt, insert log, and base table DDL options. by SQL Server MVP Paul Nielsen. 4 yrs of bug fixes.


A fork of the linux audit userland tools. Primarily used to test patches for audit to run on the Raspberry Pi. Original Homepage:

mcollective-anthracite - Audit plugin for mcollective to send audit logs to anthracite

Audit plugin for mcollective to send audit logs to anthracite

cochise - An audit tool for the apache webserver assisting on the BSI audit for the apache.

An audit tool for the apache webserver assisting on the BSI audit for the apache.


Audit::DBI::TT2 - A Template Toolkit plugin to display audit events recorded by Audit::DBI.