Shared Genomics Project MPI Codebase

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The Shared Genomics project has developed parallelised statistical applications (MPI/OpenMP) which can analyse large genomic data-sets containing thousands of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP). The code is based on the popular PLINK SNP-analysis program.



Related Projects


UACluster2 is set of manuals and tools to create and manage high performance computing cluster based on Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. It needs Microsoft HPC Server 2008 (Microsoft HPC Server 2008 R2) as a basis of cluster creation.

Parallel Dwarfs

The Parallel Dwarfs project is a suite of 13 kernels (as VS projects in C++/C#/F#) parallelized using various technologies such as MPI, OpenMP, TPL, MPI.Net, etc. It also has a driver to run them, collect traces, and visualize the results using Vampir, Jumpshot, Xperf and Excel

MPJ Express - Parallel Programming in Java

MPJ Express is an open source Java message passing library that allows application developers to write and execute parallel applications for multicore processors and compute clusters/clouds. It allows writing parallel Java applications using an MPI-like API.

batch-shipyard - Execute batch and HPC Dockerized workloads on Azure Batch with shared file system provisioning and linking support

Additionally, Batch Shipyard provides the ability to provision and manage entire standalone remote file systems (storage clusters) in Azure, independent of any integrated Azure Batch functionality.Batch Shipyard is now integrated directly into Azure Cloud Shell and you can execute any Batch Shipyard workload using your web browser or the Microsoft Azure Android and iOS app.


Purger is a purging system intended for use on larger, multi-petabyte, parallel filesystems in which notifications or advanced queries are required before file deletion. The parallel code requires MPI and database storage uses an external database server.

clavis-hpc - Optimizing Shared Resource Contention in HPC Clusters

Optimizing Shared Resource Contention in HPC Clusters

Shared Genomics Project - Workbench Codebase

The Shared Genomics workbench enables a diverse user group of researchers to explore the associations between genetic and other factors in their datasets. It provides a graphical user interface to the analysis functions published in a sister Codeplex project i.e. MPI Codebase.

bag-of-benchmarks - Various HPC micro-benchmarks: python, numpy, MPI

Various HPC micro-benchmarks: python, numpy, MPI


This is a puppet project to create an mpi or hadoop-ready cluster out of virtual machines. The utilities are geared more specifically towards using an eucalyptus private cloud account. The puppet part of this project can be used for any virtual machine, be it private or public cloud. It provide basic capabilities for creating a shared nfs filesystem, user home directories, password-less key setup and basic HPC packages management (gcc, mpi,...).

Maui Scheduler

Maui Scheduler is an advanced reservation HPC parallel batch scheduler for use with Linux and BSD clusters. Maui provides a complete scientific scheduling solution, supporting running custom parallel and MPI jobs over Myrinet and ethernet.

HPC cluster video encoder

HPC cluster video encoder is a cluster application that provides near real-time encoding of video different formats and size. It's developed in C# using Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 object model, Microsoft Advanced VC-1 video codec and Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 SDK.

GPdotNET - artificial intelligence tool

GPdotNET is artificial intelligence tool for applying Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithm in modeling and optimization of various engineering problems.

PGDB - Parallel GDB developed for debugging HPC code at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Parallel GDB developed for debugging HPC code at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

repeat-annotation - Repeat annotation tailored for the U. Arizona HPC shared memory machines

Repeat annotation tailored for the U. Arizona HPC shared memory machines

Anahy-3 - New version of the HPC multithread programming tool

New version of the HPC multithread programming tool

ctv-hpc - CRAN Task View: High-Performance Computing with R

This CRAN task view contains a list of packages, grouped by topic, that are useful for high-performance computing (HPC) with R. In this context, we are defining 'high-performance computing' rather loosely as just about anything related to pushing R a little further: using compiled code, parallel computing (in both explicit and implicit modes), working with large objects as well as profiling.Unless otherwise mentioned, all packages presented with hyperlinks are available from CRAN, the Comprehensive R Archive Network.

Genetic Programming Framework

The Distributed Genetic Programming Framework is a scalable Java genetic programming environment. It comes with an optional specialization for evolving assembler-syntax algorithms. The evolution can be performed in parallel in any computer network.