frontend-guidelines-zh-CN - 本文原文是一篇来自Github上@bendc的6,539星的文章,在此声明,原作者保有所有权利,本文仅供技术探讨学习。

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HTML5 provides us with lots of semantic elements aimed to describe precisely the content. Make sure you benefit from its rich vocabulary.



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trpl-zh-cn - Rust 程序设计语言(第二版)

  •    HTML

Rust 程序设计语言(第二版)

keras-docs-zh - Chinese (zh-cn) translation of the Keras documentation.


Chinese (zh-cn) translation of the Keras documentation.

nndl - Another Chinese Translation of Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  •    TeX

This is another (work in progress) Chinese translation of Michael Nielsen's Neural Networks and Deep Learning, originally my learning notes of this free online book. It's written in LaTeX for better look and cross-referencing of math equations and plots. And I borrowed some finished work from To compile the source code to a PDF file, please make sure you have a latest TeX system installed. You can download and install a TeX distribution for your platform from

Learning-Go-zh-cn - 一本学习 Go 语言的免费电子书。

  •    TeX

一本学习 Go 语言的免费电子书。

nodejs-zh-CN - node.js 中文化 & 中文社区

  •    CSS

node.js 中文化 & 中文社区

iojs-cn - io.js ??? & ????

  •    CSS

- [io.js 官方网站翻译]( [官方 io.js Tweets 的转å?‘]( [io.js CHANGELOG]( [翻译]( [io.js Weekly]( [翻译]( [io.js 相关文章翻译]( [æ›´å

knowledge - Front-end knowledge hierarchy

  •    CoffeeScript

Front-end knowledge hierarchy (zh-CN)

gulp-docs-zh-cn - :book: gulp docs in Chinese


All the documentation is covered by the CC0 license (do whatever you want with it - public domain). To the extent possible under law, Fractal has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

deepnlp - Deep Learning NLP Pipeline implemented on Tensorflow

  •    Python

Deep Learning NLP Pipeline implemented on Tensorflow. Following the 'simplicity' rule, this project aims to use the deep learning library of Tensorflow to implement new NLP pipeline. You can extend the project to train models with your own corpus/languages. Pretrained models of Chinese corpus are distributed. Free RESTful NLP API are also provided. Visit for details. 下载预训练模型 If you install deepnlp via pip, the pre-trained models are not distributed due to size restriction. You can download full models for 'Segment', 'POS' en and zh, 'NER' zh, zh_entertainment, zh_o2o, 'Textsum' by calling the download function.

machine-learning-yearning-cn - MACHINE LEARNING YEARNING BY ANDREW NG

  •    CSS

这是一份普通人可以理解的许可协议概要 (但不是替代) 。 免责声明.

marx - The classless CSS reset (perfect for Communists).

  •    CSS

The classless CSS reset (perfect for Communists). Marx is a CSS stylesheet to be used in any projects (namely small ones). If you don't need the weight of heavy frameworks or you would just like to make an edible website quickly, Marx is perfect for you. It can be used out of the minified box but it can also be customised and styled through the use of HTML classes.

frontend-bootcamp - Frontend Workshop from HTML/CSS/JS to TypeScript/React/Redux

  •    TypeScript

In this two-day workshop you'll learn the basics of frontend development while building a working web app. The first day provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is targeted at new and experienced developers alike. On the second day we'll dive into more advanced topics like TypeScript, state management, and testing. While the examples should be accessible to anyone, you'll get the most out of it if you have some prior experience with programming and web technologies.

opentracing-specification-zh - OpenTracing标准(中文版) `zh` (Chinese) translation of the opentracing/specification


OpenTracing标准官方页面为: 基于"OpenTracing官方标准"发布途径等历史原因, 原有1.0翻译版本通过翻译opentracing.io提供, 网页地址, 下载地址.

Rusthon - multi-lang transpiler, compiler frontend.

  •    Python

Easily mix multiple languages, frontends, backends, compilers, and transpilers inside markdown files. Markdown is the container format for your multi-language application that can contain: server backend logic and config files, and frontend javascript with html and css, all in a single markdown file. Rusthon compiles the markdown into tar files for release, or runs it for testing. The integrated Python transpiler targets multiple backend languages, like: JavaScript and C++. The JavaScript backend implements most of the dynamic and some builtin functions of Python. The C++ backend is less dynamic and uses an extended static type syntax based on Go, Rust and C++. The other backends are experimental.

Markdown-Syntax-CN - Markdown ????????fork ?????? ?

  •    Perl

Markdown ????????fork ?????? ?

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