Shamsi to Gregorian

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Features: *Convert Shamsi date to Gregorian date. *Convert Gregorian date to Shamsi date. *Show current Shamsi and Gregorian date. Requirement: *You need .NET framework 3.5 to install this program



Related Projects



Datefa is a right and simple solution for iranian users who use Microsoft Windows platform and wants to use hijri shamsi date functions. Datefa Developed in CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 using Delphi programming language. Note that Datefa is different from other shamsi date utilities.

moment-jalaali - A Jalaali (Jalali, Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system plugin for moment

  •    Javascript

A Jalaali (Jalali, Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system plugin for moment.js. Jalali calendar is a solar calendar that was used in Persia, variants of which today are still in use in Iran as well as Afghanistan. Read more on Wikipedia or see Calendar Converter.



Full featured Farsi (Persian) calendar Winform controls for .net framework 2.0+. It contains some persian related components such as persian calendar, persian date picker and persian date picker cell to used with DataGridView.

Python Date Utilities

  •    Python

Python module to convert dates between different calendar systems (Gregorian, Julian, ISO, Hebrew, Islamic, Mayan, Indian Civil, Baha'i, Persian, French Republican). Additionally, a module exists for retrieving the Gergorian dates for US holidays

Moodle Calendar

  •    PHP

Moodle (Moodle Course Management System) use Gregorian calendar as its calendar and if I you want to use another calendar system, you will have a problem. you can't use Jalali Calendar for your moodle system. this project solve this problem.

Persian FoxPro DBF viewer for .NET


Many legacy systems used FoxPro in Iran. This component allows data stored in DBF files to be read by .NET, including the necessary Farsi codepage conversions.

Ethiopica Calendar

  •    Java

Ethiopica Calendar is a perpetual Ethiopian calendar tool written in Java. It features Gregorian/Ethiopian dates and display in Ethiopic Numerals, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo major fast and feast dates (moving and fixed) amp; tabots.

Persian WPF Toolkit

  •    WPF

If you're looking for a completely native look and feel for calendars in your WPF projects which supports Persian calendar besides the Gregorian and etc, you'll love this library. This is just the WPFToolkit project which changed to support persian calendar.


  •    C

A calendar dockapp with monthly view and interface to iCal based calendars like Evolution or Mozilla calendar. Features: gregorian, persian and islamic calendar, moonphase, variable start of week, popup detail info about day events and app.launcher

Joda Time - Java Date and Time API

  •    Java

Joda-Time provides a quality replacement for the Java date and time classes. The standard date and time classes prior to Java SE 8 are poor. By tackling this problem head-on, Joda-Time has become the de facto standard date and time library for Java. The design allows for multiple calendar systems, while still providing a simple API. The 'default' calendar is the ISO8601 standard which is used by XML. The Gregorian, Julian, Buddhist, Coptic, Ethiopic and Islamic systems are also included.



WX-PType is an simple Persian (FARSI) text editor written with VB that will works in Windows OS. This program use IE as an persian text editor and also can convert text files into some usefull Persian (FARSI) CharacterMaps Like IPT, Maryam and etc.

Silverlight 4 & 5 Persian DatePicker

  •    Silverlight

Silverlight 4 already supports right to left languages such as Persian/Arabic/Hebrew but it lacks .NET Framework's Persian calendar support. So I've decided to create a new open source project to add these missing features. Thanks to Microsoft, Now Silverlight 5 supports .NET...

Java Islamic Tools Library

  •    Java

JITL is a java port of the Islamic Tools Library (ITL). It provides a plethora of useful Islamic tools and applications as well as a comprehensive feature-full Islam-centric library (prayer time calculation, Qibla calculation, Hijri calendar)

Persian Tools Free .Net Library

  •    ASPNET

PersianTools is a series of .net class that can convert grogorian dates to Persian Hijri date based on namespace of .net class System.Globalization.PersianCalendar, also in version 2.0 add a new class to build RSS feed.

APIs-made-in-Iran - A list of APIs from Iran


این مخزن فقط به سایت‌هایی که API در اختیار برنامه‌نویسان قرار می‌دهند اختصاص دارد. API های معرفی شده در این مخزن لزوماً اپن سورس نیستند و این لیست با لیست‌های مشابه ( اینجا و اینجا و اینجا ) تفاوت دارد. اگر سایتی می‌شناسید که API ارائه می‌کند لطفاً در Issue اعلام کنید یا pull request ارسال کنید. در صورتی که pull request ارسال می‌کنید تا زمان دسته‌بندی APIها لطفاً هر مورد جدید را به انتهای لیست اضافه کنید. APIهای معرفی شده در حال حاضر ترتیب خاصی ندارند و به زودی بر حسب نوع دسته‌بندی خدمات و همچنین رایگان/غیررایگان بودن دسته‌بندی خواهند شد. همچنین با توجه به زیاد بودن ارائه‌دهنده‌های وب سرویس و API برای ارسال پیامک این دسته‌بندی در این لیست قرار داده نمی‌شود مگر در صورت ارائه خدمات متفاوت بر بستر پیامک.

Date / Time Library for Dates since 1582

  •    Basic

For each Date/Time since 1582-Oct-15 (start Gregorian Calendar): ++ add/sub daysamp;hh:mm:ss - considered all leap years; summer time DST ++ compute start/end of DST ++ compute UTC (Greenwich) to local/DST ++ weekdays ++ Excel compatible date value


  •    Java

Gregorian calendar date recurrance as described by RRULE in rfc2445. This is an open source java implementation of that rule. When the rule is used, you can ask for all matching dates or given a date find the next/previous occurance.

Joda - Time

  •    Java

Joda-Time provides a library of classes to replace the Java JDK Date and Time classes including formatting. It is based around the ISO8601 datetime standard, but also provides full support for other calendar systems, such as Gregorian and Buddhist. Source code moved to GitHub: