Best-websites-a-programmer-should-visit - :link: Some useful websites for programmers.

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Some useful websites for programmers.



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webapp-checklist - Technical details that a programmer of a web application should consider before making the site public

  •    Python

Technical details that a programmer of a web application should consider before making the site public. The idea here is that most of us should already know most of what is on this list. But there just might be one or two items you haven't really looked into before, don't fully understand, or maybe never even heard of.

python-is-for-lovers - My coworkers often ask me for Python learning resources


Hi! Your skill level is beginner or intermediate, or even advanced. You want to learn more Python. There are plenty of resources out there, and this is just a curated list of links. Some for each skill level. It's not everything and the kitchen sink, but it's not all "must-read" either; you should feel free to skip around. A note on approach: I agree with Learn X the Hard Way that the "hard way" — learning by doing — diving right in — is actually the easy way. So no matter your background, newbie programmer or advanced Pythonista, take a look and learn something new.

algs4 - Algorithms, 4th edition textbook code and libraries

  •    Java

Our original goal was to cover the 50 algorithms that every programmer should know. We use the word programmer to refer to anyone engaged in trying to accomplish something with the help of a computer, including scientists, engineers, and applications developers, not to mention college students in science, engineering, and computer science. The code is optimized for clarity, portability, and efficiency. While some of our implementations are as fast as (or faster than) their counterparts in java.util, our main goal is to express the core algorithmic ideas in an elegant and simple manner. While we embrace some advanced Java features (such as generics and iterators), we avoid those that interfere with the exposition (such as inheritance and concurrency). This repository is intended for use with either the Maven or Gradle build managers. It can be run from either the command line or integrated into Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ. You can also access it via Bintray.

Software Driver for 8051 AVR Programmer

  •    VB

This application will be the software part for quot;Universal Atmel Flash 8051 / AVR Programmerquot; that can be found at : (on my opinion this is the best free MCS51/AVR programmer).

Java Pic Programmer(Series 16F628 pic)

  •    Java

Java pic programmer for the pic 16F8X / 16F628 series pic chips. The programmer utilises the parallel port to interface with the pic programmers electronics. The Java programmer will initially be targeted at linux OS but, with help, hope to expand the to

Parallel Port Eprom Programmer

  •    C

Parallel Port Eprom Programmer contains a GNU/Linux driver that controls the eprom programmer throught the parallel port and a tool which allows reading and writing eproms.

rockstar - Makes you a Rockstar C++ Programmer in 2 minutes

  •    Python

Rockstar is one amazing library, which will make you a Rockstar Programmer in just 2 minutes. In last decade, people learned C++ in 21 days. But these days, it has come down to just 10 minutes. But, I wanted to do better.This repo will not only teach you Complete C++ in just 2 minutes, but also makes Open Source Contributions. You see, Open Source contributions are very important these days, especially if you can get those boxes filled with green on your Github profile. As an efficient programmer, I believe in killing two birds in just one shot.

AI-Programmer - Using artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms to automatically write programs

  •    CSharp

Read the research paper BF-Programmer: A Counterintuitive Approach to Autonomously Building Simplistic Programs Using Genetic Algorithms. AI-Programmer is an experiment with using artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms to automatically generate programs. Successfully created programs by the AI include: hello world, hello , addition, subtraction, reversing a string, fibonnaci sequence, 99 bottles of beer on the wall, and more. It's getting smarter. In short, it's an AI genetic algorithm implementation with self modifying code.

GwToolkit by thiyagu

  •    C

This provide a full graphics support and windowing environment to the C Programmer. every C Programmer Must have this Kit to make their Program More Interactive and More User friendly and a Event Driven approach to C Program support to the C Programmer

game-programmer - A Study Path for Game Programmer

  •    Python

A Study Path for Game Programmer


  •    DotNet

A lightweight CMS framework that helps you build great web sites that anyone can update. Content editors can enjoy a simple and empowering web interface. Developers will benefit from a programmer friendly API that makes building web sites quick and fun.

opium - Sinatra like web toolkit for OCaml

  •    OCaml

Opium should be very small and easily learnable. A programmer should be instantly productive when starting out. Opium should be extensible using independently developed plugins. This is a Rack inspired mechanism borrowed from Ruby. The middleware mechanism in Opium is called Rock.

programmer-site - Example site for programmer

  •    Javascript

Example site for programmer

PP06 Pic Programmer

  •    Delphi

Production (3 level) Programmer for Microchip PIC on Win9X,DOS,NT,Win2K. Flash and Eprom, 14 and 12 bit devices. Printer Port programmers and the BEL In-circuit Dual PRODUCTION Pic Programmer board.

GunProg - universal chip programmer

  •    Assembly

Develop hardware for universal chip programmer, buildable cheaply by hobbyists - 40-pin programmer to cost under ?100 (vs. ?300 for commercial version). Use GunFire for software support.

interpretable-ml-book - Book about interpretable machine learning

  •    TeX

Explaining the decisions and behaviour of machine learning models. This book is about interpretable machine learning. Machine learning is being built into many products and processes of our daily lives, yet decisions made by machines don't automatically come with an explanation. An explanation increases the trust in the decision and in the machine learning model. As the programmer of an algorithm you want to know whether you can trust the learned model. Did it learn generalizable features? Or are there some odd artifacts in the training data which the algorithm picked up? This book will give an overview over techniques that can be used to make black boxes as transparent as possible and explain decisions. In the first chapter algorithms that produce simple, interpretable models are introduced together with instructions how to interpret the output. The later chapters focus on analyzing complex models and their decisions. In an ideal future, machines will be able to explain their decisions and make a transition into an algorithmic age more human. This books is recommended for machine learning practitioners, data scientists, statisticians and also for stakeholders deciding on the use of machine learning and intelligent algorithms.



RibHat is a framework for building websites, forums, blogs, and web-based information systems. It is a set of libraries that help the programmer to get rid from the immobility of CMS, obtaining a maximum level of customization.

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