patterns & practices: Smart Client Contrib

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Community contributed extensions and providers for Smart Client development



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Smart Client Software Factory WPF Support

This project is a modification of Microsoft Smart Client Software Factory to support building WPF based applications using Kent's WPF layer for CAB

SCSF for Visual Studio 2012

Smart Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2012

Diplomova prace SCSF

Cílem této práce je seznámit se s technologií Smart Client Software Factory(SCSF). Tato technologie je vyvíjena skupinou Patterns & Practices pat?ící spole?nosti Microsoft. Jádrem technologie je Composite UI Application Block - CAB.

patterns & practices - Smart Client Guidance

Welcome to the Community workspace of patterns & practices Smart Client offerings.

CAB WorkItem Visualizations Tool

CAB WorkItem Visualizations tool is upgrade to Sample Visualizations. this Visualizations show the WorkItem hierarchy, Worksapce, SmartPart, Command, Events, State and Items.

Patterns & Practices: Composite WPF Contrib

Composite WPF Contrib contains community extensions to the patterns & practices Prism project

Smart Client Software Factory / CAB Extensions

Extensions for Smart Client Software Factory / Composite UI Application Block

patterns & practices: Web Client Software Factory Contrib

Community contributions of extensions and providers for the Web Client Software Factory

Silverlight Contrib

Silverlight Contrib is a collection of Silverlight Controls and API enhancements, and productivity tools built for and by the Silverlight developer community.

WCF Contrib

WCF Contrib is a library with infrastructure implementations for client and service communications using WCF technology. The project contains useful components assembled from long-term business applications development and best practices.

ECO contrib

ECO ist a excellent framework for domain driven design developed by CapableObjects AB. Share your additional features in this contrib project.

MVC Contrib for Business Applications

MVC Contrib for Business Application is a collection of libraries and helpers focused on Business Applications based on ExtJS (using a fluent syntax) connected with server side technologies as Astoria, WCF Rest, etc.

VSTO Contrib

VSTO Contrib is a collection of useful helper classes and extensions which make it easier to write better VSTO apps. The goals of VSTO Contrib are currently: - Provide IoC support - Make it easier to deal with COM Interop - Simplify common tasks (i.e. Item Synch in O...

MSBuild Contrib

MSBuild contrib is the project for tasks and tools that aren't part of the main MSBuild release.

patterns & practices: Enterprise Library Contrib

Enterprise Library Contrib is a community developed library of extensions to the patterns & practices Enterprise Library.

videojs-vast-plugin - A VideoJS plugin for VAST

Include the plugin and it's dependencies:```<script src=""></script><script src="vast-client.js"></script><script src=""></script><script src="videojs.vast.js"></script>```Add "ads" and "vast" to the plugins object, and pass a url: plugins: { ads: {}, vast: { url: '' } }And when you play that video, a pre-roll ad should play beforehand.If you click on the ad, an `adclick` event w

lodash-contrib - Merges underscore-contrib with lodash

Merges underscore-contrib with lodash

ant-contrib - Fork of ant-contrib project

Fork of ant-contrib project