SC Orchestrator Integration Packs

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System Centre Orchestrator Integration Pack's (2012 and SP1 Beta) F5 BigIP LBM, Microsoft FIM Sync Service, AD BitLocker Recovery



Related Projects

SCCM Client Center Integration Pack for Orchestrator 2012

This is a System Center Orchestrator 2012 Integration Pack to manage System Center Configuration Manager 2007/2012 Agent activities.

Opalis Scheduled Tasks Integration Pack

A Opalis integration pack for manipulating scheduled tasks on windows systems.

Opalis Virsto Integration Pack

A Opalis Integration Pack for Managing VirstoOne Hyper-V Storage (

Opalis System Center VMM Extended Integration Pack

A Opalis Integration Pack for VMM with extended Functions to the offical IP from Microsoft.

Orchestrator EventLog Integration Pack

Orchestrator Integration Pack to write spezific events in any Event Log.

Social Media Integration Pack for System Center Orchestrator 2012

This new revolution Integration Package for System Center Orchestrator 2012 introduces social media capabilities for IT automation scenarios! For the first version we offer you Twitter activities which allow you to post tweets and perform tweets search with specific criteria!

Pro Logging Integration Pack for Orchestrator

Pro Logging Integration Pack By Sharon Abarbanel

Opalis Community Releases

Sample workflows, objects, code and other items related to System Center's Opalis Integration Server, published by the Opalis team.

Opalis Integration Pack - Using DPM to Recover SQL

An IP that contains an activity to allow you to have DPM recover a SQL database to a different server.

norouter-f5 - Norouter F5 Big-IP LTM integration.

Norouter F5 Big-IP LTM integration.

arch-orchestrator - Orchestrator architectural pattern for large node.js applications

Managing architecture or big node.js applications can be challenging. With orchestrator approach you can improve structure of your node.js application by decoupling different tasks on system. Let's see typical architecture after moving to orchestrator approach.So, central point of this system is orchestrator, and there is power of architecture this type. Orchestrator can decide to change order of actions in chain, can decide to add new steps to chain, can decide to remove some steps from chain, etc. All these actions should not hit any of tasks, because task don't know anything about who is sending data to task, or to who task is delivering data. That is completely dynamic.

app-orchestrator - CELAR Orchestrator, Provisioner Orchestrator

CELAR Orchestrator, Provisioner Orchestrator

puppet-orchestrator-for-mysql - Puppet Module used with Orchestrator

This module is to install the MySQL tool called Orchestrator via puppet. Orchestrator is used for managing replication topologies. See for instructions on appopriate configuration and setup.Puppetlab's stdlib is used by this module.

System Center Orchestrator Community Project

This project contains community source code and releases from the System Center Orchestrator team

SCOMA - FIM Connector for System Center Orchestrator

SCOMA is the acronym for the Web Service-based FIM connector (aka Management Agent) for System Center Orchestrator, short SCO. SCOMA is written in C# and based on the new ECMA2 (Extensible Connectivity 2.0 Management Agents) interface that is part of FIM 2010 R2 and FIM 2010 U...

SCSM and Orchestrator Runbooks

This project will contain sample System Center Orchestrator 2012 Runbooks which integrate with System Center Service Manager 2012.

Orchestrator - Orchestrator module for deployment automation

Orchestrator module for deployment automation

Office Integration Pack

The Office Integration Pack is a LightSwitch extension that makes it easy to manipulate the 2010 versions of Excel, Word and Outlook in a variety of ways. Create documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, email and appointments from your LightSwitch application.