School Documents (Suspended)

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PL: Program do zarz?dzania dokumentacj? szkoln?. EN: Management program for the school documentation.



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doorstop - Requirements management using version control.

- talks: [GRDevDay](, [BarCamp]( sample: [Generated HTML]( documentation: [API](, [Demo]( Started===============Requirements------------* Python 3.3+* A version

Kolibri - The offline app for universal education

Kolibri is a Learning Management System / Learning App designed to run on low-power devices, targeting the needs of learners and teachers in contexts with limited infrastructure. A user can install Kolibri and serve the app on a local network, without an internet connection. Kolibri installations can be linked to one another, so that user data and content can be shared. Users can create content for Kolibri and share it when there is network access to another Kolibri installation or the internet.


PHPGroupWorks is a group production suite written in PHP. You can use it as an online databank of files and documents wich you can work with anywhere. Also, it allows for multiple users to work on the same document project, for schools and such.

javascript-for-jhs - Citizen Schools Javascript curriculum for JHS/Middle School aged children.

Citizen Schools Javascript curriculum for JHS/Middle School aged children.

Bagri - XML/Document DB on top of distributed cache

Bagri is a Document Database built on top of distributed cache solution like Hazelcast or Coherence. The system allows to process semi-structured schema-less documents and perform distributed queries on them in real-time. It scales horizontally very well with use of data sharding, when all documents are distributed evenly between distributed cache partitions.

documents4j - Java library for converting documents into another document format

documents4j is a Java library for converting documents into another document format. This is achieved by delegating the conversion to any native application which understands the conversion of the given file into the desired target format.

prot-od-netcaps - Network captures for examples in Windows protocols overview documents

This project contains annotated network captures for examples in Windows protocols overview documents. Overview Documents describe how related protocols work together to support common scenarios and are published at MSDN under Windows Protocols/Overview Documents at Use either Network Monitor (NetMon) or Message Analyzer to open and examine the network capture files. For more information on setting up and using Netmon with these captures, see UsingTheEUODCaptures.docx. For information on viewing these captures in Message Analyzer, see captures for the scenarios covered in a particular Overview Document are released together in a single folder with a file name composed of the "short name" of the Overview Document, for example [MS-ADFSOD]-captureALL. In the .matp capture files included in the folders, the Windows product version used to generate the captures is included in the name, for example MS-ADFSOD_Example1_WIN2016_X64_WIN10_X64_Domain.matp. In addition, the annotations in each network capture file include the published date (in the footer) of the Overview Document used to generate the captures.


This is a content management system that merges concepts from multiplayer games, operating systems, wikis, link aggregators, feed readers, and more! Features: * OOP/MySQL/PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/Jquery/scrollTo+LocalScroll/Ace editor/Notifier.js * Documents organized in tree hierarchy, each document can act as directory * Every edit of a document saves a new revision with the old document * Chat integrated (chat notifies of cms events, uses long polling) * Aspect oriented (aspects can be toggled with co

Gepsio: XBRL Document Object Model for .NET

Gepsio is a .NET-based document object model for XBRL documents. Load your XBRL document with the XbrlDocument class and work with your XBRL document exposed as a set of .NET classes with a variety of properties and methods. Loaded XBRL documents are automatically validated ag...

merge-mongoid - Easily merge two Mongoid documents.

Let's say we have two Mongo Documents : document A and document B (same class).When merging document B into document A, arrays and nested objects will be merged, but duplicate values are not kept. For the other data types we always keep Document A values, unless the A value is nil and the B is not.

Hydra - Distributed processing framework for search solutions

Hydra is designed to give the search solution the tools necessary to modify the data that is to be indexed in an efficient and flexible way. This is done by providing a scalable and efficient pipeline which the documents will have to pass through before being indexed into the search engine. Architecturally Hydra sits in between the search engine and the source integration.


MnemonicFS is a Document Management System that helps a user save documents in such a manner that s/he can retrieve it much later in time using aspects and crosscuts, even if the document corpus swells to several millions of documents.

Fedena - School Management ERP on Ruby

Fedna is a one stop solution for all school management related issues and helps you manage student databases and all other activities online. It helps the schools and campuses that want an easy means to manage all campus records. It manages User, Time-table, Examination, Attendance, Student and News.


DotTag is a flexible tagging framework for ASP.Net . DotTag provides: *Documents tagged by GUID. *Supports identifying document type. *Tag clouds for documents, users, related tags *"Related documents" control for each document. *Management UI for documents, users, and ad...

ArangoDB-Test - Test of ArangoDB adapter returning document documents instead of edge documents.

Test of ArangoDB adapter returning document documents instead of edge documents.

DocMetaMan : Bulk document Upload and MetaData (Taxonomy) Setter

DocMetaMap lets user select a root folder and upload the documents to selected document library in SharePoint 2010. The tool presents a nice GUI prompting the user to select the metadata / taxonomy to be associated with the documents before uploading them to SharePoint.

OpenPipe - Document Pipeline

OpenPipe is an open source scalable platform for manipulating a stream of documents. A pipeline is an ordered set of steps / operations performed on a document to convert from its raw form to something ready to be put into the index. The operations performed on documents include language detection, field manipulation, POS tagging, entity extraction or submitting the document to a search engine.

MongoDB - NoSQL Document Store Database

MongoDB (from "humongous") is a scalable, high-performance, open source, dynamic-schema, document-oriented database. MongoDB bridges the gap between key-value stores (which are fast and highly scalable) and traditional RDBMS systems.