listr - Terminal task list

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A task can return different values. If a task returns, it means the task was completed successfully. If a task throws an error, the task failed.A task can also be async by returning a Promise. If the promise resolves, the task completed successfully, if it rejects, the task failed.


cli-truncate : ^0.2.1
figures : ^1.7.0
indent-string : ^2.1.0
is-observable : ^0.2.0
is-promise : ^2.1.0
is-stream : ^1.1.0
listr-silent-renderer : ^1.1.1
listr-update-renderer : ^0.4.0
listr-verbose-renderer : ^0.4.0
log-symbols : ^1.0.2
log-update : ^1.0.2
ora : ^0.2.3
p-map : ^1.1.1
rxjs : ^5.4.2
stream-to-observable : ^0.2.0
strip-ansi : ^3.0.1



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