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A reporting tool allowing .Net developers to discover and document public API changes between versions of an application or library.



Related Projects

gitdiffbinstat - A bash script to get a git diff --shortstat-like output for changes in binary files

A bash script to get a git diff --shortstat-like output for changes in binary files

xferspdy - Xferspdy provides binary diff and patch library in golang

This library provides binary diff and patch API in golang.See GoDoc. The docs also contain an example usage of the API.

jwt-go - Golang implementation of JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

BREAKING CHANGES:* Version 3.0.0 is here. It includes a lot of changes including a few that break the API. We've tried to break as few things as possible, so there should just be a few type signature changes. A full list of breaking changes is available in See for more information on updating your code.NOTICE: It's important that you validate the alg presented is what you expect. This library attempts to make it easy to do the right thing by requiring key types match the expected alg, but you should take the extra step to verify it in your usage. See the examples provided.

breaking-bugs - Slides from breaking bugs talk @ Unified Diff June 2013

Slides from breaking bugs talk @ Unified Diff June 2013


Javascript utility for calculating deep difference, capturing changes, and applying changes across objects; for nodejs and the browser.

Generic Diff Format Library

The Generic Diff Format (GDIFF) is a proposal to W3C for a data format that is used to express the difference between two data streams, very often two different versions of a file. The GDIFF is defined as a set of commands that, when applied to an old version of a file, produ...

speedy-diff - Compare two files with diff and create a file from the difference.

Compare two files with diff and create a file from the difference.

etcd-operator - etcd operator creates/configures/manages etcd clusters atop Kubernetes

Major planned features have been completed and while no breaking API changes are currently planned, we reserve the right to address bugs and API changes in a backwards incompatible way before the project is declared stable. See upgrade guide for safe upgrade process.Currently user facing etcd cluster objects are created as Kubernetes Custom Resources, however, taking advantage of User Aggregated API Servers to improve reliability, validation and versioning is planned. The use of Aggregated API should be minimally disruptive to existing users but may change what Kubernetes objects are created or how users deploy the etcd operator.

Mergely - Web Application to View and Merge Changes in Documents

Mergely is a web application to view and merge changes in documents. Mergely shows you changes to documents side-by-side so you can clearly see what changed from one version to the next. It can be used as a diff tool (read-only) or as both a diff and merge tool for plain text, CSS, HTML, XML, javascript, PHP, C, C++, etc.

forms - A lightweight go library for parsing form data or json from an http.Request.

Forms is a lightweight, but incredibly useful go library for parsing form data from an http.Request. It supports multipart forms, url-encoded forms, json data, and url query parameters. It also provides helper methods for converting data into other types and a Validator object which can be used to validate the data. Forms is framework-agnostic and works directly with the http package.Forms follows semantic versioning but offers no guarantees of backwards compatibility until version 1.0. Keep in mind that breaking changes might occur. We will do our best to make the community aware of any non-trivial breaking changes beforehand. We recommend using a dependency vendoring tool such as godep to ensure that breaking changes will not break your application.


libxml++ is a C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library.

binary-diff-tester - Utility to test binary diff implementations

Utility to test binary diff implementations

ck-coops-dmp - CoOPS Google Diff Match Patch Difference Algorithm plugin for CKEditor

CoOPS Google Diff Match Patch Difference Algorithm plugin for CKEditor

go-quay - Go-swagger generated client bindings for Quay

This package is not considered stable, and breaking changes may occur. Go-swagger is still very early in it's support for generating client code from a schema, and may have bugs. Additionally, the API is still in preview and does not make any guarantees to not make breaking changes.Use at your own risk.

CPAN-Changes-Diff - Diff changes between two CPAN releases

Diff changes between two CPAN releases

rs-es - A Rust client for the ElasticSearch REST API

An ElasticSearch client for Rust via the REST API. Targetting ElasticSearch 2.0 and higher.Development is ongoing, and is experimental, as such breaking changes are likely at any time. Also, large parts of the ElasticSearch API are currently unimplemented.

go-marathon - A GO API library for working with Marathon

Note: the library is still under active development; users should expect frequent (possibly breaking) API changes for the time being.It requires Go version 1.6 or higher.

garner - A set of Rack middleware and cache helpers that implement various caching strategies.

If you're not familiar with HTTP caching, ETags and If-Modified-Since, watch us introduce Garner in From Zero to API Cache in 10 Minutes at GoRuCo 2012.The current stable release line of Garner is 0.5.x, and contains many breaking changes from the previous 0.3.x series. For a summary of important changes, see UPGRADING.


This library implements Josh MacDonalds xdelta binary diff algorithm in java. More information on this algorithm can be found at Binary diff files are stored using the GDIFF file format for storing binary deltas.

DiffPlex - a .NET Diff Generator

DiffPlex is a combination of a .NET Diffing Library with both a Silverlight and HTML diff viewer.