node-boganipsum - Node.js Lorem Ipsum ... Bogan Style!

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A JavaScript implementation of Bogan Ipsum by Eleven Media.As cross as a mongrel my she'll be right his blood's worth bottling. As dry as a waggin' school where come a dob. She'll be right sickie when she'll be right good onya. Built like a whinge mate as busy as a tucker. Lets get some battler no worries as cross as a trackies. As cunning as a mozzie to shazza got us some tucker-bag. As busy as a doovalacky where gutful of brizzie.



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Lorem Ipsum for Java

  •    Java

Simple, light-weight Java class (100% pure Java) for generating lorem ipsum placeholder text. Lorem ipsum text can be used to create sample data for design evaluation, test cases or performance tests in (Java) applications.

Simple lorem Ipsum generator helper


Hi, Lorem Ipsum generator allows web page designers to quicly add dummy content to their site. Developed in C# , you no longer have to worry about writing dummy content will testing your pages. Just enter the following code : @Utils.LoremIpsum.generate(); and voila !

Redacted-Font - Keep your wireframes free of distracting Lorem Ipsum.

  •    HTML

Keep your wireframes free of distracting Lorem Ipsum. Look in the fonts/ directory for the desktop fonts, and the fonts/web/ directory for the web fonts. rgtk interface

  •    Ruby rgtk interface provides a Gtk2 GUI for fetching Lorem Ipsum dummy text(used in typesetting industry) from The program DOES NOT generate any text itself, so it needs a working internet connection to retrieve the data.



Dadaist is a random natural language generator that allows creation of random yet understandable (and often crazy) placeholder text for web designers. It could one day replace "Lorem ipsum" altogether! It is developed in C# and is a console application.

Example for Tutorial


Lorem Ipsum

CherryTree - A hierarchical note taking application

  •    C++

A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.

INSElectronicProgramGuideLayout - UICollectionViewLayout for displaying electronic program guide.

  •    Objective-C

INSElectronicProgramGuideLayout is a UICollectionViewLayout subclass for displaying Electronic Program Guide. The example project create sample data for the next three days channel data, it use LoremIpsum framework to fill EPG data. To run, build and run the Example target in from INSElectronicProgramGuideLayout.xcworkspace within the Example directory.



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam facilisis condimentum nulla. Duis sed quam vitae nunc semper facilisis a eget leo.


  •    Javascript

Quickly create an interactive HTML mock-up by auto sourcing lorem ipsum/images generators, with minimal html markup, and no server side code

RxPeople - Observing people... wait what?

  •    Java

A Library with fluent API for generating random user data. Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people.

Shreddit - Remove your comment history on Reddit as deleting an account does not do so.

  •    Python

Shreddit is a Python command line program which will take a user's post history on the website Reddit, and will systematically go through the user's history deleting one post/submission at a time until only those whitelisted remain. It allows you to maintain your normal reddit account while having your history scrubbed after a certain amount of time. When it became known that post edits were not saved but post deletions were saved, code was added to edit your post prior to deletion. In fact you can actually turn off deletion all together and just have lorem ipsum (or a message about Shreddit) but this will increase how long it takes the script to run as it will be going over all of your messages every run.

textract - node

  •    HTML

A text extraction node module. In almost all cases above, what textract cares about is the mime type. So .html and .htm, both possessing the same mime type, will be extracted. Other extensions that share mime types with those above should also extract successfully. For example, application/ is the mime type for .xls, but also for 5 other file types.

canvas - Cairo in Go: vector to raster, SVG, PDF, EPS, WASM, OpenGL, Gio, etc.

  •    Go

Canvas is a common vector drawing target that can output SVG, PDF, EPS, raster images (PNG, JPG, GIF, ...), HTML Canvas through WASM, OpenGL, and Gio. It has a wide range of path manipulation functionality such as flattening, stroking and dashing implemented. Additionally, it has a text formatter and embeds and subsets fonts (TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2, or EOT) or converts them to outlines. It can be considered a Cairo or node-canvas alternative in Go. See the example below in Figure 1 for an overview of the functionality. Figure 1: top-left you can see text being fitted into a box, justified using Donald Knuth's linea breaking algorithm to stretch the spaces between words to fill the whole width. You can observe a variety of styles and text decorations applied, as well as support for LTR/RTL mixing and complex scripts. In the bottom-right the word "stroke" is being stroked and drawn as a path. Top-right we see a LaTeX formula that has been converted to a path. Left of that we see an ellipse showcasing precise dashing, notably the length of e.g. the short dash is equal wherever it is on the curve. Note that the dashes themselves are elliptical arcs as well (thus exactly precise even if magnified greatly). To the right we see a closed polygon of four points being smoothed by cubic Béziers that are smooth along the whole path, and the blue line on the left shows a smoothed open path. On the bottom you can see a rotated rasterized image. The result is equivalent for all renderers (PNG, PDF, SVG, etc.).

Free Template Filler (FTF)


Tool for generating text from templates, when given parameters. Good for generating code, etc.

node-html-to-text - Advanced html to text converter

  •    Javascript

An advanced converter that parses HTML and returns beautiful text. It was mainly designed to transform HTML E-Mail templates to a text representation. So it is currently optimized for table layouts. By using the format option, you can specify formatting for these elements: text, image, lineBreak, paragraph, anchor, heading, table, orderedList, unorderedList, listItem, horizontalLine.

fixie - Automatically add filler content to HTML documents based on semantic tags.

  •    Javascript

Automatically add filler content to HTML documents based on semantic tags.


  •    Java

Filler is a graphical game where you occupy coloured hexes by changing colours.

inert - Polyfill for the inert attribute and property.

  •    Javascript

When a node is inert, then the user agent must act as if the node was absent for the purposes of targeting user interaction events, may ignore the node for the purposes of text search user interfaces (commonly known as "find in page"), and may prevent the user from selecting text in that node. Furthermore, a node which is inert should also be hidden from assistive technology.

node-html-to-text - Advanced html to text converter

  •    Javascript

Advanced converter that parses HTML and returns beautiful text. Version 6 contains a ton of changes, so it worth to take a look.

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