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This is the Jekyll source of the www.ruby-lang.org website. You can contribute by reporting errors or suggesting improvements. Just open an issue or pull request.




Related Projects


  •    Ruby

This gem contains Ruby routines for parsing org-mode files. The most significant thing this library does today is convert org-mode files to HTML or textile.

termit - Translations with speech synthesis in your terminal as a ruby gem

  •    Ruby

Termit is an easy way to translate stuff in your terminal. You can check out its node.js npm version normit.Idea by Nedomas. See and hear your messages translated to target lang every time you commit. You can do this two ways: overriding the git command, and using a post-commit hook in git.

python-api-checklist - Useful checklist for building good Python library APIs, based on "How to make a good library API" PyCon 2017 talk: https://www

  •    HTML

Useful checklist for building good Python library APIs. Based on the "How to make a good library API" PyCon 2017 talk. Edit the Markdown .md files inside lang directory.

wx_pay - An unofficial simple wechat pay gem

  •    Ruby

A simple Wechat pay ruby gem, without unnecessary magic or wrapper. copied from alipay . Please read official document first: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/paymch/readtemplate?t=mp/business/course3_tmpl&lang=zh_CN.

fast-elixir - :dash: Writing Fast Elixir :heart_eyes: -- Collect Common Elixir idioms.

  •    Elixir

There is a wonderful project in Ruby called fast-ruby, from which I got the inspiration for this repo. The idea is to collect various idioms for writing performant code when there is more than one essentially symantically identical way of computing something. There may be slight differences, so please be sure that when you're changing something that it doesn't change the correctness of your program. Each idiom has a corresponding code example that resides in code.

commons-lang - Mirror of Apache Commons Lang

  •    Java

Apache Commons Lang, a package of Java utility classes for the classes that are in java.lang's hierarchy, or are considered to be so standard as to justify existence in java.lang.

passenger-ruby-heroku-demo - Demonstrates running a Ruby app on Heroku with Phusion Passenger

  •    Ruby

Phusion Passenger is an application server, designed to be fast, robust and lightweight. By combining Heroku with Phusion Passenger, you can boost the performance of your apps, utilize the available resources on your dynos much more efficiently and increase its stability. Phusion Passenger for Heroku brings the power of Nginx to your dynos. Nginx is an extremely fast and lightweight web server that powers 10% of the Internet. All the cool guys are rapidly switching to Nginx. Phusion Passenger replaces Thin and Unicorn, and makes full use of Nginx to serve your Ruby apps faster and better.

heroku-buildpack-ruby - Heroku's Ruby Buildpack

  •    Ruby

This is a Heroku Buildpack for Ruby, Rack, and Rails apps. It uses Bundler for dependency management. This buildpack requires 64-bit Linux.


  •    Java

Commonclipse is an eclipse plugin for jakarta commons-lang users. It features automatic generation of the following methods using commons-lang builders: toString(), hashCode(), equals(Object), compareTo(Object).


  •    Java

Self-modifying Jar file Programming-Lang for Artificial-Intelligence amp; Audio amp; Natural-Lang monkeys with code like a simian. Windows mutate self Code: if(ask(quot;MP3?quot;)sound(mp3(quot;C:\\music\\a.mp3quot;*(3.4 count)))) plays a.mp3 3.4x speed if click yes

Agile Lang


AgileLang es un lenguaje de cuarta generación, es la mejor opción para crear, desarrollar y generar de forma automática aplicaciones web y desktop. Agile Lang tiene como misión principal abarcar todos los lenguajes programación en sus diferentes arquitecturas.

Java-Lang - Java Language support

  •    Java

High Performance Java Lang library

Apache Commons Lang - Java Common Components

  •    Java

Commons Lang, a package of Java utility classes for the classes that are in java.lang's hierarchy, or are considered to be so standard as to justify existence in java.lang.

Laravel-JS-Localization - 🌐 Convert your Laravel messages and consume them in the front-end!

  •    PHP

This package convert all your localization messages from your Laravel app to JavaScript with a small library to interact with those messages following a very similar syntax you are familiar with. The Laravel-JS-Localization package provides a command that generate the JavaScript version of all your messages found at: app/lang (Laravel 4) or resources/lang (Laravel 5) directory. The resulting JavaScript file will contain all your messages plus Lang.js (a thin library highly inspired on Laravel's Translator class).

gopdf - A simple library for generating PDF written in Go lang

  •    Go

gopdf is a simple library for generating PDF document written in Go lang. visit https://github.com/oneplus1000/gopdfsample for more samples.

laravel-lang - :earth_asia: 52 languages support for Laravel 5 application.

  •    PHP

There is no difference with the usual usage. If you need to add additional language content, Please create a file in the resources/lang/{LANGUAGE} directory.

Laravel-lang - List of 68 languages for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

In this repository, you can find the lang files for the framework PHP, Laravel 4&5. Since Laravel 5.2, we can define letters capitalized. A new branch has been created to add this feature : capital_letters.

asciiwwdc.com - Searchable full-text transcripts of WWDC sessions

  •    HTML

Find the content you've been looking for, without having to scrub through session videos. Created by normalizing and indexing video transcript files provided for WWDC videos. Heroku is the easiest way to get your app up and running. For full instructions on how to get started, check out "Getting Started with Ruby on Heroku".

procodile - 🐊 Run processes in the background (and foreground) on Mac & Linux from a Procfile (for production and/or development environments)

  •    Ruby

Running & deploying Ruby apps to places like Viaduct & Heroku is really easy but running processes on actual servers is less fun. Procodile aims to take some the stress out of running your Ruby/Rails apps and give you some of the useful process management features you get from the takes of the PaaS providers. Procodile is a bit like Foreman but things are designed to run in the background (as well as the foreground if you prefer) and there's a supervisor which keeps an eye on your processes and will respawn them if they die.