Rss Photo Frame Android Widget

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RSS Photo Frame Android Widget permits showing pictures from any RSS feed on your Android device's desktop



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bither-android-lib - Bither Android Library

Buid libjpeg-turbo-android-lib==================1.To get started, ensure you have the latest NDKYou must configure the path of JDK and Android SDK. echo "export ANDROID_HOME='Your android ndk path'" >> ~/.bash_profile source ~/.bash_profile2.Build cd ../libjpeg-turbo-android/libjpeg-turbo/jni ndk-buld3.You can get in ../libjpeg-turbo-android/libjpeg-turbo/libs/armeabi4.Copy to ../bither-android-lib/libjpeg-turbo-android/use-libjpeg-turb

chatroom-cordova-ionic-angularjs-firebase - Chat room app built with Cordova, Ionic and Angularjs

* download and setup ant in path: new app and build for android / ios----------------- ionic create hello-world cd hello-world cordova platform add android cordova platform add ios cordova buildStart modifying code and add features !---------------all the source code is in www folderread [Ionic Tutorials]( as localhost web----------------------when you develop, you would want to run the page on

metasploit-javapayload - Metasploit's Java payloads, including Java and Android Meterpreters

1. Download the [Android SDK](, and the [Android NDK]( somewhere2. Launch the `sdk/tool/android` program3. Install API version 3, and update the "Android SDK Tools" and "Android SDK Platform-tools"4. Compile android meterpreter:```mvn package -Dandroid.sdk.path=/path/to/android-sdk -Dandroid.ndk.path=/path/to/android-ndk -Dandroid.release=true -P deploy```

coinbase-android-sdk-example - Example android app leveraging the coinbase android sdk

Building the app is only supported in [Android Studio]( Steps to build:1. `git clone`2.Open Android Studio, and close any open project3.Click 'Import project...'4.Open the `coinbase-android-sdk-example` directory downloaded in step 15. That's it! You should be able to build and run the app from inside Android Studio.


[FFmpeg Android java]( is a java library that simplifies your task of using ffmpeg in Android project which I've compiled using [FFmpeg-Android]( are two basic methods of this library:* `loadBinary(FFmpegLoadBinaryResponseHandler ffmpegLoadBinaryResponseHandler) throws FFmpegNotSupportedException`* `execute(String cmd, FFmpegExecuteResponseHandler ffmpegExecuteResponseHandler) throws FFmpegC

sqlite-android - Android SQLite support library

This is an Android specific distribution of the latest versions of SQLite. It contains the latest SQLite version and the Android specific database APIs derived from AOSP packaged as an AAR library distributed on jcenter.Even the latest version of Android is several versions behind the latest version of SQLite. Theses versions do not have the bug fixes, performance improvements, or new features present in current versions of SQLite. This problem is worse the older the version of the OS the device has. Using this library you can keep up to date with the latest versions of SQLite and provide a consistent version across OS versions and devices.

GoCats - Example Android App using Go as the primary language

Update Android ToolsInstall NDK ( Android toolchain ```./build/tools/ --arch=arm --platform=android-19 --system=darwin-x86_64 --toolchain=arm-linux-androideabi-4.8 --install-dir=$NDK_ROOT```Update Go to 1.4 (clone from master if you use Android 5.0+.```go get```Cross compile gcc for android ```cd /usr/local/src // Go is typically installed here on OSXCC= - Source to

[![Gitter]( Chat.svg)]( [![Dependency Status](]( repository contains source codes for old version of site. It is still available here: http://android-arsenal.herokuapp.comIn spite of this, you can send pull requests or open issues here - they wil


Android Developer Kit (ADK). ADK is essentially the Swiss Army Knife for Android developers. ADK offers a single jar file which can be integrated into any Android project to host an arsenal of extra features. These features gives a developer more time to worry about their own projects than the tedious tasks of adding extra functions that aren't included in Android by default. ADK complements the Android SDK and brings simple functionality that any developer, beginner or expert, can add to their

cryptlib-for-android - Porting Cryptlib for Android Devices (Android Phone, Android Pad)

Porting Cryptlib for Android Devices (Android Phone, Android Pad)

mobly - E2E test framework for tests with complex environment requirements.

Mobly is a Python-based test framework that specializes in supporting test cases that require multiple devices, complex environments, or custom hardware setups.Mobly can support many different types of devices and equipment, and it's easy to plug your own device or custom equipment/service into Mobly.


This project aims at building an Android application that provides Interactive Development Environment(IDE) on Android platform to build Android applications. This project provides GUI support for user interactions, deals with porting of all building tools to Android platform and abstracting the building process. So, all the necessary steps from creation to execution of Android application can be done in Android devices itself.

blockly-android - Blockly for Android

Blockly is a library for building drag-and-drop visual editors for JavaScript and other programming languages. Blockly for Android is a developer preview of Blockly's editor built with standard Android views and fragments, offering more responsive touch performance and easier integration in Android apps.Get started building your own Android app using Blockly.

android-classyshark - Executables (apk, multi-dex, jar) browser for Android, Java and Kotlin

ClassyShark is a standalone binary inspection tool for Android developers. It can reliably browse any Android executable and show important info such as class interfaces and members, dex counts and dependencies. ClassyShark supports multiple formats including libraries (.dex, .aar, .so), executables (.apk, .jar, .class) and all Android binary XMLs: AndroidManifest, resources, layouts etc.To run, grab the latest JAR and run java -jar ClassyShark.jar.

Freeline - A super fast build tool for Android, an alternative to Instant Run

Freeline is a super fast build tool for Android and an alternative to Instant Run. Caching reusable class files and resource indices, it enables incremental building Android apps, and optionally deploying the updates to your device by hot swap.

Time4A - Advanced Date and Time Library for Android

Time4A is an advanced Date and Time Library for Android. This project is a specialized version of Time4J-v3.x (using the branch level6 - starting with version v3.5) and distributes an AAR-library suitable for the Android platform. It is not modularized like Time4J itself, but its (single) artifact "time4j-android" replaces the Time4J-modules "core", "i18n", "calendar", "olson" and "tzdata". Hence the only Time4J-modules which might be combined with this AAR-library are just "misc" and "range" if needed.

couchbase-lite-tutorial-android - Code for Couchbase Lite Android Studio tutorial

This repository contains the complete Android app used in the tutorial for Couchbase Lite Android. The code was developed in Android Studio, the recommended IDE to use for developing Couchbase Lite Android apps. If you want to run it in Eclipse, refer to the tutorial.The tutorial shows how to bring the Couchbase Lite into your app, set up dependencies, create a database, and do basic CRUD operations. To focus on using Couchbase Lite, the app is highly simplified and provides only console output in the simulator. (There’s no UI output other than a plain white background screen that displays the text "Hello World"").

TouchDB-Android - CouchDB-compatible mobile database; Android version

Important Note: this repository has been superceded by Couchbase Lite Android. Please switch to that repository instead and refer to Moving from TouchDB to Couchbase Lite for more information.TouchDB-Android is the Android port of TouchDB by Jens Alfke ( For information on the high-level goals of the project see the iOS README. This document will limit itself to Android specific issues and deviations from the iOS version.

kobalt-android - Android plug-in for Kobalt

Android plug-in for Kobalt.The plug-in uses Google's Android build library, which guarantees that all these operations are being performed the same way as the official Gradle Android plug-in. This also makes it easier to add new functionalities as they get added to the official Android builder library.

santa-tracker-android - Ho Ho Ho

Google Santa Tracker app for Android is an educational and entertaining tradition that brings joy to millions of children (and children at heart) across the world over the December holiday period. The app is a companion to the Google Santa Tracker website (repository here), showcasing unique platform capabilities like Android Wear watchfaces, device notifications and more.Alternatively, import the source code into Android Studio (File, Import Project).