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This project includes several custom Button types, Windows Form types, a numeric textbox and a custom MessageBox class. * RoundedButton - A button with rounded corners. * ShadedButton - A button with customizable shine. * ColorizedButton - A button with customizable T...



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ionic-ion-ios-buttons - Simple iOS 7 style rounded buttons with CSS

To use, just create a button and use the class `button-ios-rounded`:```html<button class="button-ios-rounded"></button>```

CTRoundedButton - Provides configurable cocoa button with beautiful shadows and rounded corners.

Provides configurable cocoa button with beautiful shadows and rounded corners.

loading.js - An elegant javascript that show a loading image on a button, an icon, or a textbox

An elegant javascript that show a loading image on a button, an icon, or a textbox

Sliding Doors Asp:Button Adapter for SharePoint 2010

This project extends Sliding Doors Button Adapter project, with some improvements and compatibles with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Details: - Overrides Asp:Button.Render() with <button /> instead of <input /> - Uses an custom .adapter in app_browser-folder - Handles butto...

ASP.Net Numeric Only Textbox with Basic formatting

LZDollarTextbox is an ASP.Net server control that makes handling numeric only data easier for web applications. It is developed in VB.Net (easy to convert to C#) and Javascript.


Design your button in code, then generate a retina and unretina image background for it. Gradients, rounded corners, borders, shadows.

wpf-autolayout - Auto Layout for .NET/C#/Managed C++

AutoLayoutPanel panel = new AutoLayoutPanel(); Window.Content = panel; Button b = new Button(); b.Content = "Button Title"; panel.Children.Add(b); // Assign the left (X) value to the left panel. // panel.AddLayoutConstraint(b,"Left",panel,"Left",0,0); // Vertically and horizontally center: // panel.AddLayoutConstraint(button, "Middle", "=", panel, "Middle", 1, 0); // panel.AddLayoutConstraint(button, "Center", "=", panel, "Center", 1, 0); // Set the width by defining where the left and right


A touchscreen numeric keypad for touchscreen devices. Run the server on your computer, and browse to the server on your touchscreen device's browser. Button presses are relayed to the active window via X11 events


```bashbower install --save angular-devise-modal```You can then use the main file at`angular-devise-modal/lib/devise-modal-min.js`.Usage-----Just register `DeviseModal` as a dependency for your module.Then, if a `401 Unauthorized` response is received, a modal will pop upasking for the user's login credentials. After the user logs in, theoriginal request will be retried and will be fulfilled with the retry'spromise. If the user decides to dismiss the modal, the original requestwill be rejected w

SilverDudde Toolkit for Silverlight

SilverDudde Toolkit for Silverlight contains a collection of silverlight controls making life easier for developers. You'll no longer have to worry anymore because these controls will help you guys save your time. It's developed in C# for Silverlight 3.


A WPF clone of the native Windows/.NET MessageBox with extra features like custom button text.

dQuery-submitOnce - A submit wrapper that disallows two co-current submits

```jsvar InProgress = false;function HandleResults = function(Error, Result){ if(Error) console.log(Error) else console.log(Result)}Form.submit(function(){ if(InProgress) return; InProgress = true; Form.find('button[type=submit]').attr('disabled', true); DoPromiseTask.then(function(Result){ InProgress = false; HandleResults(null, Result); Form.find('button[type=submit]').removeAttr('disabled'); }, function(Error){ InProgress = false; HandleResults(Error, null) Form.find(


Contains a set of handy .NET components/classes. Currently it contains: * A Numeric Text Box (an Extended NumericUpDown) * A Splash Screen base form I hope to be distributing all source code in both VB.NET and C#.


Tip On Discount is an Android tip calculator. It figures a tip based on the actual cost of a meal. The actual cost is the amount paid on the bill, excluding sales tax, but including any discounts that were applied. This insures your server gets tipped fairly. TOD will split a bill between multiple parties and let you round each share to, say, the nearest dollar. It will show you the actual tip percentage after rounding. TOD also supports bumping the tip up or down to the next rounded amount. The


Capitalizer is an open source software program designed to let users easily turn lowercase text into uppercase, or capitalize any number of lines of text entered in the textbox with a single click on the quot;Capitalyzequot; button.

ScalableTextElement for Silverlight

ScalableTextElement is a component for Silverlight. It includes controls that contain text : - ComboBox - TextBlock - TextBox - ListBox - RadioButton - CheckBox - Button The font size is automatically chosen depending on the size of the control.

SGB Controls

SGB Controls is a set of standard .net controls that include a number of enhancements to make life easier for the developer. These controls include a number of enhancements over the standard controls and introduce a number of new controls not yet shipped with the .net framk...