drf-flex-fields - Dynamically set fields and expand nested resources in Django REST Framework serializers

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Flexible, dynamic fields and nested models for Django REST Framework serializers. Works with both Python 2 and 3. FlexFields (DRF-FF) for Django REST Framework is a package designed to provide a common baseline of functionality for dynamically setting fields and nested models within DRF serializers. To remove unneeded fields, you can dynamically set fields, including nested fields, via URL parameters (?fields=name,address.zip) or when configuring serializers. Additionally, you can dynamically expand fields from simple values to complex nested models, or treat fields as "deferred", and expand them on an as-needed basis.




Related Projects

django-rest-framework-gis - Geographic add-ons for Django REST Framework

  •    Python

Geographic add-ons for Django Rest Framework - Mailing List. Provides a GeometryField, which is a subclass of Django Rest Framework (from now on DRF) WritableField. This field handles GeoDjango geometry fields, providing custom to_native and from_native methods for GeoJSON input/output.

channels-api - RESTful Websocket APIs with Django Rest Framework and Channels

  •    Python

Channels API exposes a RESTful Streaming API over WebSockets using channels. It provides a ResourceBinding which is comparable to Django Rest Framework's ModelViewSet. It is based on DRF serializer classes. You're already using Django Rest Framework and want to expose similar logic over WebSockets.

drf-extensions - DRF-extensions is a collection of custom extensions for Django REST Framework

  •    Python

DRF-extensions is a collection of custom extensions for Django REST Framework

django-rest-framework-filters - Better filtering for Django REST Framework

  •    Python

django-rest-framework-filters is an extension to Django REST framework and Django filter that makes it easy to filter across relationships. Historically, this extension also provided a number of additional features and fixes, however the number of features has shrunk as they are merged back into django-filter. ! These docs pertain to the upcoming 1.0 release. Current docs can be found here.

django-ratings - Pluggable rating fields in Django.

  •    Python

A generic ratings module. The field itself appends two additional fields on the model, for optimization reasons. It adds <field>_score, and <field>_votes fields, which are both integer fields. Finally, run python manage.py syncdb in your application's directory to create the tables.

django-csvimport - A generic CSV import tool for django models, imports run via admin upload logging model or custom command

  •    Python

django-csvimport is a generic importer tool to allow the upload of CSV files for populating data. The egg installs an admin csvimport model that has a file upload field. Add a new csvimport and upload a comma separated values file or MS Excel file. The upload triggers the import mechanism which matches the header line of the files field names to the fields in the selected model. Importing any rows that include all required fields. Optionally required fields can be specified as part of the upload. By default duplicate value rows are not inserted.

django-rest-pandas - 📊📈 Serves up Pandas dataframes via the Django REST Framework for use in client-side (i

  •    Python

Django REST Pandas (DRP) provides a simple way to generate and serve pandas DataFrames via the Django REST Framework. The resulting API can serve up CSV (and a number of other formats) for consumption by a client-side visualization tool like d3.js. The design philosophy of DRP enforces a strict separation between data and presentation. This keeps the implementation simple, but also has the nice side effect of making it trivial to provide the source data for your visualizations. This capability can often be leveraged by sending users to the same URL that your visualization code uses internally to load the data.

awesome-django - Repository mirror of GitLab: https://gitlab.com/rosarior/awesome-django

  •    Makefile

A curated list of awesome Django apps, projects and resources. A: An awesome package is one that is mature (not recently released), is well maintained, has a good amount of users, has good documentation, follows the best practices, and which latest release is less than 1 year old. Awesome Django packages and projects are the ones that inspire and serve as examples.

django-rest-framework-docs - Document Web APIs made with Django Rest Framework

  •    Python

If you want to use the demo app to work on this package: Included in this repo you can find the demo project(at /demo). It is a project with Django & Django Rest Framework that will allow you to work with this project. For more information on how you can set it up please check the README.md of the demo project. For more information visit the docs.

django-rest-framework-jwt - JSON Web Token Authentication support for Django REST Framework

  •    Python

Full documentation for the project is available at docs. This package provides JSON Web Token Authentication support for Django REST framework.

django-rest-framework-social-oauth2 - python-social-auth and oauth2 support for django-rest-framework

  •    Python

This module provides a python-social-auth and oauth2 support for django-rest-framework.The first aim of this package is to help setting up social auth for your rest api. It also helps setting up your Oauth2 provider.

django-rest-passwordreset - An extension of django rest framework, providing a configurable password reset strategy

  •    Python

This python package provides a simple password reset strategy for django rest framework, where users can request password reset tokens via their registered e-mail address. The main idea behind this package is to not make any assumptions about how the token is delivered to the end-user (e-mail, text-message, etc...). Instead, this package provides a signal that can be reacted on (e.g., by sending an e-mail or a text message).

drf-nested-routers - Nested Routers for Django Rest Framework

  •    Python

This is a work in progress. It "works for me" at www.apiregistro.com.br, but I cannot warranty that it fully "works everywhere" yet. Join us on Gitter (below) if you need some help. Nested resources are needed for full REST URL structure, if one resource lives inside another.

django-fields - Fields pack for django framework.

  •    Python

Fields pack for django framework.

django-react-blog - Simple blog built with Django and React/Redux, deployed with Docker, and served with nginx/uwsgi

  •    Javascript

I have built this project by following these two awesome React courses, I highly recommend them to anybody who wants to learn React! This Django REST Framework course really helped me to build the backend, and this course was incredibly helpful for learning Docker.I have tried to extensively comment the code, so you could easily understand what's going on, and apply it to your own projects.

djoser - REST implementation of Django authentication system.

  •    Python

REST implementation of Django authentication system. djoser library provides a set of Django Rest Framework views to handle basic actions such as registration, login, logout, password reset and account activation. It works with custom user model. Instead of reusing Django code (e.g. PasswordResetForm), we reimplemented few things to fit better into Single Page App architecture.

Django-parsley - Client side form validations for Django - Using parsley.js

  •    CSS

Parsleyjs is a JavaScript library to do client side data validations. It does this in a non-intrusive way via adding a data-parsley-* attributes to form fields. When you define a Django form, you get server side validations for free using the form field attributes. Django-parsley adds these validations to client side, by tagging your form with data-parsley-* attributes.

django-api-rest-and-angular - An example repository of combining Django Rest Framework with AngularJS

  •    Python

This sample project is the companion of a blog post on how to get started with Django Rest Framework and AngularJS. To setup and run the sample code, you're going to need npm from NodeJS available to install the frontend code.

djorm-ext-pgfulltext - PostgreSQL full-text search integration with django orm.

  •    Python

Pgfulltext module of django orm extensions package (collection of third party plugins build in one unified package). To use it, you will need to add a new field. Obviously, this is not mandatory, as it can specify which fields you want to search at the time of calling the search. Keep in mind that you should put the corresponding indices for the fields to be used.

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