cors-anywhere - CORS Anywhere is a NodeJS reverse proxy which adds CORS headers to the proxied request

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CORS Anywhere is a NodeJS proxy which adds CORS headers to the proxied request. The url to proxy is literally taken from the path, validated and proxied. The protocol part of the proxied URI is optional, and defaults to "http". If port 443 is specified, the protocol defaults to "https".


http-proxy : 1.11.1
proxy-from-env : 0.0.1



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CORS-Proxy - über-simple node.js-Proxy to enable CORS request for any website

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The cors proxy will start at http://localhost:1337. To access another domain, use the domain name (including port) as the first folder, e.g. By default the cors proxy will only answer requests sent to localhost. To use another domain (e.g. machine name) set an enviroment variable CORSPROXY_HOST to the required value before launching.

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kafka-topics-ui - Web Tool for Kafka Topics using Kafka Rest |

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Browse Kafka topics and understand what's happening on your cluster. Find topics / view topic metadata / browse topic data (kafka messages) / view topic configuration / download data. This is a web tool for the confluentinc/kafka-rest proxy. Config: If you don't use our docker image, keep in mind that Kafka-REST-Proxy CORS support can be a bit buggy, so if you have trouble setting it up, you may need to provide CORS headers through a proxy (i.e. nginx).

flask-cors - Cross Origin Resource Sharing ( CORS ) support for Flask

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A Flask extension for handling Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), making cross-origin AJAX possible. Install the extension with using pip, or easy_install.

Repose - The REstful PrOxy Service Engine

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REPOSE is an open-source RESTful HTTP proxy service that scales to the cloud. REPOSE provides the solution to common API processing tasks such as rate limiting, client authentication, versioning, and logging so that web service developers can focus on the unique features of their services.

rack-cors - Rack Middleware for handling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), which makes cross-origin AJAX possible

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Rack::Cors provides support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for Rack compatible web applications. Put something like the code below in config/application.rb of your Rails application. For example, this will allow GET, POST or OPTIONS requests from any origin on any resource.

cors - Go net/http configurable handler to handle CORS requests

  •    Go

CORS is a net/http handler implementing Cross Origin Resource Sharing W3 specification in Golang.After installing Go and setting up your GOPATH, create your first .go file. We'll call it server.go.

NelmioCorsBundle - Adds CORS headers support in your Symfony2 application

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The NelmioCorsBundle allows you to send Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers with ACL-style per-URL configuration. If you want to have a global overview of CORS workflow, you can browse this image.

django-cors-headers - Django app for handling the server headers required for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

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A Django App that adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers to responses. CorsMiddleware should be placed as high as possible, especially before any middleware that can generate responses such as Django's CommonMiddleware or Whitenoise's WhiteNoiseMiddleware. If it is not before, it will not be able to add the CORS headers to these responses.

laravel-cors - Adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers support in your Laravel application

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The laravel-cors package allows you to send Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers with Laravel middleware configuration. If you want to have have a global overview of CORS workflow, you can browse this image.

stack-cors - Cross-origin resource sharing library and stack middleware.

  •    PHP

Library and middleware enabling cross-origin resource sharing for your http-{foundation,kernel} using application. It attempts to implement the W3C Recommendation for cross-origin resource sharing. Require asm89/stack-cors using composer.

codebird-js - A Twitter library in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

A Twitter library in JavaScript. This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

ASP.NET/SharePoint Proxy for Cross-Domain AJAX Calls

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This is a very simple aspx page cobbled together for use on a SharePoint farm. It can be deployed to _layouts or run from any .NET web server. It will passthrough urlencoded POST's, SOAP POST's, and GET requests and return the results. Utlized for cross domain AJAX.

martian - Martian is a library for building custom HTTP/S proxies

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Martian Proxy is a programmable HTTP proxy designed to be used for testing.By taking advantage of Go cross-compilation, Martian can be deployed anywhere that Go can target.

imaginary - Fast, simple, stateless HTTP microservice for high-level image processing with first-class support for Docker & Heroku

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Fast HTTP microservice written in Go for high-level image processing backed by bimg and libvips. imaginary can be used as private or public HTTP service for massive image processing with first-class support for Docker & Heroku. It's almost dependency-free and only uses net/http native package without additional abstractions for better performance.Supports multiple image operations exposed as a simple HTTP API, with additional optional features such as API token authorization, gzip compression, HTTP traffic throttle strategy and CORS support for web clients.

sower - Sower is a cross platform intelligent transparent proxy solution

  •    Go

The sower is a cross-platform intelligent transparent proxy tool base on DNS solution. The first time you visit a new website, sower will detect if the domain in block list and add it in suggect list. So that, you do not need to care about the rules, sower will handle it in a intelligent way.

cors - Node.js CORS middleware

  •    Javascript

CORS is a node.js package for providing a Connect/Express middleware that can be used to enable CORS with various options. For details on the effect of each CORS header, read this article on HTML5 Rocks.

Titanium-Web-Proxy - A cross platform asynchronous HTTP(S) proxy server in C#.

  •    CSharp

Kindly report only issues/bugs here . For programming help or questions use StackOverflow with the tag Titanium-Web-Proxy. Refer the HTTP Proxy Server library in your project, look up Test project to learn usage.

Simple-Ajax-Uploader - Javascript file upload plugin with progress bar support

  •    Javascript

A Javascript plugin for cross-browser Ajax file uploading. Supports drag and drop, CORS, and multiple file uploading with progress bars. Works in IE7-9, mobile, and all modern browsers. Visit the new FAQ for solutions to the most common issues.

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