babel-preset-es2015-riot - The default riot babel preset

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The default riot babel preset


babel-plugin-check-es2015-constants : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-arrow-functions : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-block-scoped-functions : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-block-scoping : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-classes : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-computed-properties : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-destructuring : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-duplicate-keys : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-for-of : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-function-name : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-literals : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-commonjs : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-object-super : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-parameters : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-shorthand-properties : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-spread : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-sticky-regex : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-template-literals : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-typeof-symbol : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-es2015-unicode-regex : ^6.8.0
babel-plugin-transform-regenerator : ^6.8.0



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Supporting riot, buy me a coffee.Riot is primarily distributed under the terms of the Apache License (Version 2.0), base on wukong.

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This is a react-based SDK for inserting a Matrix chat/voip client into a web page. As of Aug 2018, the only skin that exists is vector-im/riot-web; it and matrix-org/matrix-react-sdk should effectively be considered as a single project (for instance, matrix-react-sdk bugs are currently filed against vector-im/riot-web rather than this project).

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A Babel preset and plugins for optimizing React code. Note: You should use this with babel-runtime and babel-transform-runtime to avoid duplicating the helper code in every file.

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Note: this guide assumes you are using Babel, and requires that you use babel-preset-airbnb or the equivalent. It also assumes you are installing shims/polyfills in your app, with airbnb-browser-shims or the equivalent.1.1 Primitives: When you access a primitive type you work directly on its value.

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babel-standalone is a standalone build of Babel for use in non-Node.js environments, including browsers. It's bundled with all the standard Babel plugins and presets, and a build of babili (babel-minify) is optionally available too.Note that .babelrc doesn't work in babel-standalone, as no file system access is available. The presets and/or plugins to use must be specified in the options passed to Babel.transform.

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This repo will be made read-only, as all of the issues/labels have been moved over as well. Please report any bugs and open pull requests over on the main mono-repo.

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Language grammar for all versions of JavaScript including ES2016 and ESNext, JSX syntax as used by Facebook React, Atom's etch and others, as well as optional typed JavaScript using Facebook flow. This package also supports highlighting of GraphQL language constructs when inside certain JavaScript template strings. For .graphql and .gql file support please see language-graphql . The colour of syntax is determined by the theme in use. By default the language-babel package will detect file types .js,.babel,.jsx, .es, .es6, .mjs and .flow. Use the standard ATOM interface to enable it for other file types. This provides a grammar that scopes the file in order to colour the text in a meaningful way. If other JavaScript grammars are enabled these may take precedence over language-babel. Look at the bottom right status bar indicator to determine the language grammar of a file being edited. language-babel will be shown as either Babel or Babel ES6 JavaScript. Clicking the name will allow the grammar for a file to be changed.

CtCI-6th-Edition-JavaScript-ES2015 - Cracking the Coding Interview 6th Ed

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These are solutions and associated unit tests for the questions in Cracking the Coding Interview 6th edition using JavaScript ES2015 features. These solutions specifically take advantage of ES2015 enhancements to the JavaScript language and require the latest Node.js (>= v5.0.0) to work properly. As not all ES2015 features are available in V8 yet babel is being used to fill in the gaps (at this point only the ES2015 module syntax is being transpiled by babel). As part of the unit tests ESLint will also be run against all files to ensure that the JavaScript is valid and follows best practice.

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minifyOpts are passed on to babel-preset-minify. You can find a list of all available options in the package directory.

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Issues with the output should be reported on the Babel issue tracker.See the Babel options, except for filename which is handled for you.

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Issues with the output should be reported on the Babel issue tracker.See the Babel options, except for sourceMap and filename which is handled for you.

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