nodejs-fft-windowing - Applies a windowing function to an array of data, making it ready to be FFT'd

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nodejs-fft-windowing is a node.js module that applies a windowing function to an array of data, making it ready to be FFT'd. This article by National Instruments gives a good introduction to why windowing functions are useful.



Related Projects

dsp.js - Digital Signal Processing for Javascript

  •    Javascript

DSP.js is a comprehensive digital signal processing library for javascript. It includes many functions for signal analysis and generation, including Oscillators (sine, saw, square, triangle), Window functions (Hann, Hamming, etc), Envelopes (ADSR), IIR Filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch), FFT and DFT transforms, Delays, Reverb.

Cooley Tukey(FFT) algorithm on Cell BE

  •    C

Cooley Tukey Algorithm (FFT) implementation on Sony-Toshiba-IBM CELL Broadband Engine

Kiss FFT

  •    C

A Fast Fourier Transform based up on the principle, "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Kiss FFT is a very small, reasonably efficient, mixed radix FFT library that can use either fixed or floating point data types.

FFT of 1 dimensional time buffer

  •    Lazarus

Program that does an FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) algorithm on a 1 dimensional time buffer read from a file. It will display graphically.


  •    Delphi

Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) for Multi-CPU (and RAM) Stress Testing. Shows detailed information about physical and logical processors in the system. Included CPU Benchmark feature for speed testing. Automatically utilizes and tests all CPU cores.

Fourier Transform

  •    C++

Description and detailed explanation on Fourier Transform, some FFT, LPC etc. Runable project demonstrates DCT transform on continuous audio, show and edit audio source with different zooming and view.

Eiffel Windowing System - EWS

  •    C

The Eiffel Windowing System is a small Eiffel library providing an SDL-based windowing system (and possibly other frontends in the future).

Open Windowing Library


The Open Windowing Library is a project to enable YOU to easily write code fit for different windowing systems without having to modify the source code of your project.


  •    C

eXtace is a 3D audio visualization tool (or eye candy depending on how you look at it). eXtace requires ESD (Esound) for its sound input source. It performs a FFT (fast fourier transform) on audio and displays it via various graphical modes.



iStudio is an open source audio development platform aiming to become professional audio and signal processing suite with fully functional audio editor.



A library to harness the power of a GPU to perform Fast Fourier Transforms

XWT - XML Windowing Toolkit


XWT has since been superceeded by the Vexi project. ( XWT is the XML Windowing Toolkit. It lets you write remote applications -- applications that run on a server and quot;projectquot; their user interface over networks/Intern

SFML (Simple, Fast Multimedia Library)

  •    D

A simple, fast, cross-platform and object-oriented multimedia API. It provides low-level access to system, windowing, graphics, audio and network. Based on OpenGL, SFML can also be used as a minimal windowing and event system for this API.

Java Curses Library

  •    C

The Java Curses Library (JCurses) is a library for developing text terminal based applications using Java programming language. It is implemented as a Windowing toolkit similar to AWT, but built upon the UNIX quot;cursesquot; windowing system.

FFT Spectra

  •    C

FFT Spectra is a tool for visualization of frequency spectra of an audio signal. What is it good for? For instance, you can verify whether you are able to sing and whistle in-tune or tune your guitar.

Cell BE 2D FFT

  •    C

A lightweight 2D FFT library for the Cell architecture. Intended to do in-core, 2D FFTs distributed across the Cell's SPEs to achieve new heights in high-speed 2D FFTs.

Digital Media Processing Project 1: Image Processor


Homework for "Digital Media Processing". Features Include: Curve Adjustment Tool Region Growing Segmetation Threshold Segmentation Guassian/Butterworth High/Low pass filters Laplacian Sharpen Sobel Filter Guassian Noise FFT spectrum chart Histogram and histogram equalization Clip


  •    C

Quantix is a microkernel operating system distribution based on the Mach kernel. Quantix uses the X windowing environment for a user interface.