snapper-gui - GUI for snapper, a tool for Linux filesystem snapshot management, works with btrfs, ext4 and thin-provisioned LVM volumes

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This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.



Related Projects

snapper - Manage filesystem snapshots and allow undo of system modifications

  •    C++

Snapper is a tool for Linux file system snapshot management. Apart from the obvious creation and deletion of snapshots it can compare snapshots and revert differences between them. In simple terms, this allows root and non-root users to view older versions of files and revert changes. For more information visit

snapper - A CSS Snap-Points based carousel (and lightweight polyfill)

  •    Javascript

To add next and previous links that persist state, you can add a data-snapper-nextprev attribute to the snapper div. In some browsers, native scrollbar handles can be pretty ugly across the bottom of the carousel. As long as you're using thumbnails or some means of advancing the slides, you can wrap the snapper_pane in a div with a class of snapper_pane_crop and it'll hide the scrollbar from sight.

openvpn-gui - OpenVPN GUI is a graphical frontend for OpenVPN running on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

  •    C

OpenVPN-GUI has been bundled with OpenVPN installers for a long time, so there is rarely a need to install it separately. Bleeding-edge versions of OpenVPN-GUI are available in OpenVPN snapshot installers based on Git master branch. OpenVPN-GUI gets installed by default in all OpenVPN installers. OpenVPN GUI can be configured to start automatically on logon to Windows from its setting menu. This is default behavior for all users if OpenVPN GUI was installed by an OpenVPN 2.4 installer using default installer options.

btrbk - Tool for creating snapshots and remote backups of btrfs subvolumes

  •    Perl

btrbk is a backup tool for btrfs subvolumes, taking advantage of btrfs specific capabilities to create atomic snapshots and transfer them incrementally to your backup locations. The source and target locations are specified in a config file, which allows to easily configure simple scenarios like "laptop with locally attached backup disks", as well as more complex ones, e.g. "server receiving backups from several hosts via ssh, with different retention policy".

FlyingCarpet - Wireless, encrypted file transfer over automatically configured ad hoc networking

  •    Go

It includes a GUI rewritten with Qt, a refactor uniting the CLI and GUI branches, retry logic, better admin handling on Windows and Mac, clearer instructions, and better filesystem and transfer code. Please send feedback if you use it and thank you for your interest. Note for Windows users: I had tried to bundle the GUI version as a single .exe file, but it's not currently working. For now, please extract Flying Carpet (Windows).zip and run the flyingcarpet.exe inside.

Elucidate: A GUI to drive the SnapRAID command line (on .Net platforms)

  •    CSharp

Definition: explain in detail Synonyms: annotate, clarify, clear, clear up, decode, demonstrate, enlighten, exemplify, explicate, expound, get across, illuminate, illustrate, interpret, make perfectly clear This will take on the task of creating a SnapRAID GUI to drive it'...

backintime - Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux

  •    Python

Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux, inspired by "flyback project". It provides a command line client 'backintime' and a Qt5 GUI 'backintime-qt' both written in Python3.

cypress-image-snapshot - Catch visual regressions in Cypress

  •    Javascript

Cypress Image Snapshot binds jest-image-snapshot's image diffing logic to commands. The goal is to catch visual regressions during integration tests. When using cypress open, errors are displayed in the GUI.

embiggen-disk - embiggden-disk live-resizes a filesystem after first live-resizing any necessary layers below it: an optional LVM LV and PV, and an MBR or GPT partition table

  •    Go

The embiggen-disk tool live-resizes a filesystem after first live-resizing any necessary layers below it: an optional LVM LV and PV, and an MBR or GPT partition table. It's only been tested on 64-bit x86 Linux ("amd64"). It should work on other Linux architectures.


  •    Python

StoryText (formerly PyUseCase) is an unconventional GUI testing tool, with support for PyGTK, Tkinter, wxPython, Swing, SWT and Eclipse RCP. Instead of recording GUI mechanics directly, it asks the user for descriptive names and hence builds up a quot;domain languagequot; along with a quot;UI map filequot; that translates it into the current GUI layout. The point is to reduce coupling, allow very expressive tests, and ensure that GUI changes mean changing the UI map file but not all the te

Buttermilk Game / GUI Engine

  •    DotNet

Buttermilk is a *DISCONTINUED* 2D XNA game / GUI engine that was being built for the game "Rogue Bishop". It's a very easy-to-use 2D game engine which tranparently supports 3D objects in the 2D scene graph. It currently includes a dynamically-skinned GUI system. The GUI system...

jd-gui - A standalone Java Decompiler GUI

  •    Groovy

JD-GUI, a standalone graphical utility that displays Java sources from CLASS files. ##Description JD-GUI is a standalone graphical utility that displays Java source codes of ".class" files. You can browse the reconstructed source code with the JD-GUI for instant access to methods and fields.

pywebview - A lightweight cross-platform native wrapper around a webview component that allows to display HTML content in its own dedicated window

  •    Python

pywebview is a lightweight cross-platform wrapper around a webview component that allows to display HTML content in its own native GUI window. It gives you power of web technologies in your desktop application, hiding the fact that GUI is browser based. You can use pywebview either with a lightweight web framework like Flask or Bottle or on its own with a two way bridge between Python and DOM. pywebview uses native GUI for creating a web component window: WinForms on Windows, Cocoa on Mac OSX and Qt4/5 or GTK3 on Linux. If you choose to freeze your application, pywebview does not bundle a heavy GUI toolkit or web renderer with it keeping the executable size small. Compatible with both Python 2 and 3. While Android is not supported, you can use the same codebase with solutions like Python for Android for creating an APK.

streamlink-twitch-gui - A multi platform browser for Streamlink

  •    Javascript

Streamlink Twitch GUI, previously known as Livestreamer Twitch GUI, has been renamed in early december 2016. A comment regarding this change can be found in the thread "The future of Livestreamer Twitch GUI". A graphical user interface on top of the Streamlink command line interface.

sanoid - Policy-driven snapshot management and replication tools

  •    Perl

Sanoid is a policy-driven snapshot management tool for ZFS filesystems. When combined with the Linux KVM hypervisor, you can use it to make your systems functionally immortal. Which would be enough to tell sanoid to take and keep 36 hourly snapshots, 30 dailies, 3 monthlies, and no yearlies for all datasets under data/images (but not data/images itself, since process_children_only is set). Except in the case of data/images/win7-spice, which follows the same template (since it's a child of data/images) but only keeps 4 hourlies for whatever reason.

ig-memtrace - Memory Tracing Software

  •    CSharp

MemTrace is a memory debugging tool developed internally at Insomniac Games. It has been used in production at the studio since 2014 and is now relatively stable. The GUI tool uses memory mapped files and is capable of analyzing very large trace files (larger than available memory). For best results you should run it on a 64-bit version of Windows. The tool is based on stream replaying, quickly moving back and forth between points in time to present a snapshot of what memory looked like at that exact time. User marks can be used to name a particular point in time, but you can also jump to an arbitrary point in time by simply entering a time in seconds.

TimeVault Backup and Snapshot

  •    Python

TimeVault is a simple GUI for making automated snapshots of files and directories. Previous versions of a file or directory can be accessed by examining the properties and selecting the 'Previous Versions' tab in GNOME's file manager.

Krono Junior GUI - KR Jr GUI

  •    C

KR Jr GUI is a light-fast GUI for old PCs It can run even in a 386 with 1mb RAM and no HD It fits on a diskette! Recycle your old PC!

C++ Gui Library

  •    C++

The C++ Gui Library is a C++ library for GUI creation. It is intended for creating platform-neutral GUI applications in C++, but without mining platform-dependent extensions. License: Boost License 1.0