Ria Services & WP7 Communication

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Ria Services & WP7 Communication project contains a sample application demonstrating communication between WCF RIA Services v1 & external systems such as Windows Phone 7, using Soap, OData,Json.




Related Projects

Calendar Control for WP7


Calendar Control for Wp7 (Windows Phone 7). I needed a calendar control for my WP7 app and since WP7 did not have any and I couldn't find anything on the internet I decided to write my own. Please feel free to use it in your project and share if you have improved on it.

WP7 Catto Free App - Windows Phone 7 .NET Silverlight Sample App

  •    DotNet

WP7 Catto Free App - Windows Phone 7 .NET Silverlight Sample App This is a WP7 app that is a free sample of examples. Currently the app is running in the emulator and supports a few nice features of the phone such as orientation, input scope, control of the back button.

Google Places Autocomplete API for WP7


The Google Places Autocomplete API for WP7 is a project for WP7 developers to use when implementing an autocomplete box in their application. This project provides an easy non-blocking way to get fast results from the Google Places Autocomplete API.



WP7 Contrib is a set of components to help build WP7 Apps. It can be plugged into MVVM Light or used as separate components in your App. Our goal is to provide a set of tools and patterns that help WP7 developers.

WP7 Thai Text Input


WP7 Thai text input makes it possible to enter Thai characters in WP7. It's developed in C# and were used in some of the CoreSharp's WP7 apps.


  •    Silverlight

A fork of the WP7 HubTile control (Silverlight Toolkit for WP7 Mango) for Silverlight 4.

Caliburn Micro: WPF, Silverlight, WP7 and WinRT/Metro made easy.

  •    WPF

A small, yet powerful framework designed for WPF, Silverlight, WP7 and WinRT/Metro which supports architectures based on MVVM (Presentation Model), MVP and MVC.

Touch Enabled Graph Control WP7

  •    Silverlight

This is a high performance, custom graph control for the WP7 platform. It supports user touch to scale and translate along the X-axis, accepts custom data to populate the graph, and can draw fill or line charts. This control smoothly scales to hundreds of thousands of points.

WP7 App Launcher


WP7 App Launcher allows you to launch Windows Phone 7 applications directly in Emulator or device without the need to open Visual Studio. Directly launching .xap file on Emulator is specially usable for application demos or to automate application launc from a .bat file.

Advanced Explorer for Wp7


With Advanced Explorer for Wp7 you can finally share files with your Desktop Pc. Features: - File managment - Send files from PC to the phone and from the phone to the PC. - Edit / Browse the registry - Use ProvisionXml Of course Advanced Explorer for Wp7 is written in C#.

Northern Lights WP7 Toolkit


Northern Lights WP7 Toolkit contains some common tools for WP7 Developers.

WP7 App site template


The WP7 App Site Template is intended to make it easier for Windows Phone 7 developers to market their apps. It's currently a simple one page site template, but any contributions/suggestions welcome.

WP7 ValidatableTextBox


WP7 (Windows Phone 7 Silverlight) validatable text box with: - header - validation (with error animation) - command on enter - hides keyboard on enter


  •    DotNet

.NET Compact Framework 3.5 Control library with OpenGL controls to build WP7 like apps on WM6.x devices. The apps are completely stylable with style dictionaries to change the UI e.g. from WP7 to anroid or iOS or even any imaginable style.

Bismillah Quran Reader for Wp7


Bismillah Quran Reader is an application for reading Quran translations in WP7. Translations can be read in various languages. Also recitations can be listened to.

My WP7 Brand


My WP7 Brand is a simple Windows Phone 7 Template that allows users to view your rss feed, your tweet and your contact's info.

GPS Helper for WP7


WP7GPSHelper is a toolbox that help to use GPS of WP7 easily : - Ask permission to user at the first launch - Allow enabling / disabling - Directly bind the IsIndeterminate property - Object for geocoding and reversegeocoding

The Windows Phone Toolkit

  •    Silverlight

A collection of standard controls, animations and helpers for creating beautiful and consistent WP7 & WP8 apps




Ejemplos WP7 Silverlight


Los ejemplos en silverlight para WP7 pueden servir de base de las aplicaciones más comunes. Todos los ejemplos son en lenguaje C#.