xcore - X-Core AddOn für REDAXO 5

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SEO Verbesserungen, Url Manipulation, Tweaks, Code Snippets Sammlung, Extra Stuff und die rexx API. Nachfolger von SEO42. Die Urls werden mittels dieser LangPresets automatisch sauber umgeschrieben wenn die Codes der Sprachen unter REDAXO > System > Sprachen korrekt eingegeben wurden.




Related Projects

capstone - Capstone disassembly/disassembler framework: Core (Arm, Arm64, EVM, M68K, M680X, Mips, PPC, Sparc, SystemZ, TMS320C64x, X86, X86_64, XCore) + bindings (Python, Java, Ocaml, PowerShell, Visual Basic)

  •    C

Capstone is a disassembly framework with the target of becoming the ultimate disasm engine for binary analysis and reversing in the security community. Support multiple hardware architectures: ARM, ARM64 (ARMv8), Ethereum VM, M68K, Mips, PPC, Sparc, SystemZ, TMS320C64X, M680X, XCore and X86 (including X86_64).

MDMCoreData - A collection of lightweight Core Data classes for iOS and OS X.

  •    Objective-C

A collection of lightweight Core Data classes for iOS and OS X as seen on NSScreencast. Support future development of this project by purchasing Core Data by Tutorials. MDMCoreData is a growing collection of classes that make working with Core Data easier. It does not try to hide Core Data but instead enforces best practices and reduces boiler plate code. It is a much better alternative to using the Xcode Core Data Template. All classes are documented and a majority are unit tested.

CVE-2018-7600 - 💀Proof-of-Concept for CVE-2018-7600 Drupal SA-CORE-2018-002

  •    Python

IMPORTANT: Is provided only for educational or information purposes. CVE-2018-7600 / SA-CORE-2018-002 Drupal before 7.58, 8.x before 8.3.9, 8.4.x before 8.4.6, and 8.5.x before 8.5.1 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code because of an issue affecting multiple subsystems with default or common module configurations.

core - The Heart of X-Tag

  •    Javascript

This is the repository for the core X-Tag library. X-Tag is a Microsoft supported, open source, JavaScript library that wraps the W3C standard Web Components family of APIs to provide a compact, feature-rich interface for rapid component development. While X-Tag offers feature hooks for all Web Component APIs (Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, HTML Templates), it only requires Custom Element support to operate. In the absence of native Custom Element support, X-Tag relies on the same set of polyfills Google's Polymer framework uses.

openiddict-core - Easy-to-use OpenID Connect server for ASP.NET Core

  •    CSharp

OpenIddict aims at providing a simple and easy-to-use solution to implement an OpenID Connect server in any ASP.NET Core 1.x or 2.x application. OpenIddict is based on AspNet.Security.OpenIdConnect.Server (codenamed ASOS) to control the OpenID Connect authentication flow and can be used with any membership stack, including ASP.NET Core Identity.

bioperl-live - Core BioPerl 1.x code

  •    Perl

Core BioPerl 1.x code

textus - A Core Text powered eBook Reader for Mac OS X.

  •    Objective-C

A Core Text powered eBook Reader for Mac OS X.

cnn-benchmarks - Benchmarks for popular CNN models

  •    Python

Benchmarks for popular convolutional neural network models on CPU and different GPUs, with and without cuDNN. All benchmarks were run in Torch. The GTX 1080 and Maxwell Titan X benchmarks were run on a machine with dual Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 processors (8 cores each plus hyperthreading means 32 threads) and 64GB RAM running Ubuntu 14.04 with the CUDA 8.0 Release Candidate. The Pascal Titan X benchmarks were run on a machine with an Intel Core i5-6500 CPU and 16GB RAM running Ubuntu 16.04 with the CUDA 8.0 Release Candidate. The GTX 1080 Ti benchmarks were run on a machine with an Intel Core i7-7700 CPU and 64GB RAM running Ubuntu 16.04 with the CUDA 8.0 release.

CoreStore - Unleashing the real power of Core Data with the elegance and safety of Swift

  •    Swift

Upgrading from CoreStore 4.2 (Swift 3.2) to 5.x (Swift 4.x)? Check out the new features and make sure to read the Change logs. CoreStore is now part of the Swift Source Compatibility projects.

FastReport - Reporting tool for

  •    CSharp

FastReport provides open source report generator for .NET Core 2.x/.NET Framework 4.x. You can use the FastReport in MVC, Web API applications. FastReport is written in C# and it is compatible with .NET Standard 2.0 and higher. Extendable FastReport architecture allows creating your own objects, export filters, wizards and DB engines.


  •    CSharp

EntityFrameworkCore extensions: Bulk operations (Insert, Update, Delete, Read, Upsert, Sync) and Batch (Delete, Update). Library is Lightweight and very Efficient, having all mostly used CRUD operation. Was selected in top 20 EF Core Extensions recommended by Microsoft. It is targeting NetStandard 2.0 so it can be used on project targeting NetCore(2.0+) or NetFramework(4.6.1+). Current version is using EF Core 2.2 and at the moment supports Microsoft SQL Server(2008+) and SQLite. EFCore/v.Nuget: EFCore2.1/v2.4.1 EFCore2.0/v2.0.8, and for EF Core 1.x use 1.1.0 (targeting NetStandard 1.4) Under the hood uses SqlBulkCopy for Insert, for Update/Delete combines BulkInsert with raw Sql MERGE. For SQLite there is no BulkCopy, instead library uses plain SQL combined with UPSERT. Bulk Tests can not have UseInMemoryDb because InMemoryProvider does not support Relational-specific methods. If Windows Authentication is used then in ConnectionString there should be Trusted_Connection=True; because Sql credentials are required to stay in connection.

ysoserial - A proof-of-concept tool for generating payloads that exploit unsafe Java object deserialization

  •    Java

A proof-of-concept tool for generating payloads that exploit unsafe Java object deserialization. Originally released as part of AppSecCali 2015 Talk "Marshalling Pickles: how deserializing objects will ruin your day" with gadget chains for Apache Commons Collections (3.x and 4.x), Spring Beans/Core (4.x), and Groovy (2.3.x). Later updated to include additional gadget chains for JRE <= 1.7u21 and several other libraries.


  •    CSharp

AspNet.Security.OpenIdConnect.Server is an advanced OAuth2/OpenID Connect server framework for both ASP.NET Core 1.x/2.x and OWIN/Katana 3.x/4.x, designed to offer a low-level, protocol-first approach. The latest official release can be found on NuGet and the nightly builds on MyGet.

momdec - Core Data Managed Object Model Decompiler

  •    Objective-C

momdec is a command-line tool for Mac OS X that takes a compiled Core Data model and decompiles it to produce an equivalent xcdatamodel or xcdatamodeld suitable for use in Xcode. The resulting model file can also be used with mogenerator to produce source code files for Core Data entities which have custom subclasses. The first argument is the full path used to locate a compiled managed object model file, and the second is the location where the results should be written. If the second argument is omitted, the current working directory is used. Output files are automatically named based on the inputs.

OpenEmu - 🕹 Retro video game emulation for macOS

  •    Objective-C

OpenEmu is an open source project to bring game emulation to OS X as a first class citizen, leveraging modern OS X technologies such as Cocoa, Core Animation and Quartz, and 3rd party libraries like Sparkle for auto-updating. OpenEmu is based on a modular architecture, allowing for game-engine plugins, this means OpenEmu can support a host of different emulation engines and back-ends while retaining a familiar OS X native front-end.

hammerspoon - Staggeringly powerful OS X desktop automation with Lua

  •    Objective-C

This is a tool for powerful automation of OS X. At its core, Hammerspoon is just a bridge between the operating system and a Lua scripting engine. What gives Hammerspoon its power is a set of extensions that expose specific pieces of system functionality, to the user. With these, you can write Lua scripts to control many aspects of your OS X environment.

space-pen - A simple and powerful client-side view framework that works in zero-gravity, no longer maintained

  •    CoffeeScript

Version 5.x of SpacePen is intended to be included as a direct dependency of 1.0-compatible Atom packages. If you're looking for SpacePen 3.x, used in Atom Core, check out the 3.x branch. SpacePen is a powerful but minimalistic client-side view framework for CoffeeScript. It combines the "view" and "controller" into a single jQuery object, whose markup is expressed with an embedded DSL similar to Markaby for Ruby.

RestKit - RestKit is a framework for consuming and modeling RESTful web resources on iOS and OS X

  •    Objective-C

RestKit is designed to be modular and each module strives to maintain a minimal set of dependencies across the framework and with the host platform. At the core of library sits the object mapping engine, which is responsible for transforming objects between representations (such as JSON/XML <-> local domain objects). The object mapping engine is built on top of the Key-Value Coding (KVC) informal protocol that is foundational to numerous Cocoa technologies such as key-value observing, bindings, and Core Data. Object mappings are expressed as pairs of KVC key paths that specify the source and destination attributes or relationships that are to be transformed.

Vivid - Filters and Utilities for Core Image

  •    Objective-C

A set of filters and utilities for Apple's Core Image framework. Available on both OS X and iOS.