zotero-better-bibtex - Make Zotero effective for us LaTeX holdouts

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This extension aims to make Zotero (and soon Juris-M) effective for us text-based authoring holdouts; currently, that translates to the LaTeX/Markdown crowd. To get started, read the Installation instructions. At its core, it behaves like any Zotero import/export module; anywhere you can export or import bibliography items in Zotero, you'll find Better Bib(La)TeX listed as one of the choices. If nothing else, you could keep your existing workflow as-is, and just enjoy the improved LaTeX ↔ unicode translation on import and export and more accurate field mapping. Zotero does all its work in UTF-8 Unicode, which is absolutely the right thing to do. Unfortunately, for those shackled to BibTeX and who cannot (yet) move to BibLaTeX, unicode is a major PITA. Also, Zotero supports some simple HTML markup in your references that Bib(La)TeX won't understand.



ajv : ^6.5.4
ajv-keywords : ^3.2.0
barcoder : ^2.0.1
better-queue : ^3.8.10
better-queue-memory : ^1.0.3
biblatex-csl-converter : ^1.6.1
citeproc : ^2.1.210
edtf : ^2.3.2
edtfy : 0.0.8
escape-string-regexp : ^1.0.5
eventemitter4 : ^0.2.4
fast-chunk-string : ^1.0.1
fold-to-ascii : ^4.0.0
global : ^4.3.2
he : ^1.2.0
ini : ^1.3.5
isbnjs : ^0.2.2
issn : ^1.0.5
js-yaml : ^3.12.0
json-stringify-safe : ^5.0.1
json5 : ^2.1.0
kuromoji : ^0.1.2
kuroshiro : 1.1.1
kuroshiro-analyzer-kuromoji : ^1.1.0
lokijs : ^1.5.5
node-eta : ^0.9.0
parse5 : ^5.1.0
pegjs : ^0.10.0
punycode : ^2.1.1
recast : ^0.15.5
string-template : ^1.0.0
transliteration : ^1.6.6
tslint : 5.11.0
webpack-cli : ^3.1.2
xregexp : ^4.2.0
zotero-plugin : 0.0.57



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