REST API for SharePoint

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The REST API for SharePoint is designed to give developers an alternative method to access the data that stored inside of SharePoint. It's goal is to make SharePoint more 'mash-able'.



Related Projects

SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool

Tool to test and debug the Search REST API in SharePoint 2013. Issue GET and POST search and suggestions queries. Use also against SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Archive Tweets

Using REST, JSON and OAuth, SharePoint Archive Tweets (SPAT) was born. SPAT is a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 timer application that downloads Twitter timelines.


Use the SharePoint Cross Domain JavaScript library (CDL) and the SharePoint REST\OData endpoints to access SharePoint data from a remotely hosted web page without the need for OAuth tokens.


Use the SharePoint REST/OData endpoints to perform create, read, update, and delete operations on lists and list items from a SharePoint Add-in.

call-spo-rest - Quick Powershell script to call SharePoint REST APIs

Quick Powershell script to call SharePoint REST APIs


Sample project to build an app for SharePoint using PHP. You can reuse the TokenHelper class in your project to get access tokens that work with apps for SharePoint. The project also includes an example page that shows how to use the TokenHelper class to contact a REST endpoint in SharePoint.

SharePoint REST TypeScript Library

A typescript library for the use of the REST interface to SharePoint from remote clients.

ChartsInSharePoint2013 - Building Charts in SharePoint 2013 using JavaScript and REST

Building Charts in SharePoint 2013 using JavaScript and REST


Use the Search REST\OData endpoint, in a SharePoint Add-in, to programmatically search content are return the results.


This app is an example that shows SharePoint developers how to perform HTTP requests to some of the REST endpoints in SharePoint sites hosted on Office 365.


On Premise SharePoint 2013 REST API wrapper. Requires basic auth to be enabled on SharePoint's IIS server.

SharePoint Metro Sliders

SharePoint 2010 Feature that includes two Metro style image sliders web parts: - Image slider with just one image - Image slider with four smaller images in it.

sharepoint-rest-interface - Java interface for sharepoint restful webservices

Java interface for sharepoint restful webservices

sharepoint-ruby - A ruby client for Sharepoint's REST API.

A ruby client for Sharepoint's REST API.

BETA - Content Slider for SharePoint 2010 / Office 365

SharePoint Banner / SharePoint 2010 Sliding Banner / Content Slider tools in Office 365/ Sliding Content in SharePoint is a general tool which could be used for sliding Banners or any other sliding content to be placed on any Office 365 / SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint Foundation.

SharePoint Solution Downloader

The SharePoint Solution Downloader allows SharePoint administrators to download deployed solutions from a SharePoint farm. Using the SharePoint Solution Downloader, you'll no longer need to worry about losing a SharePoint Solution Package (WSP).

SharePoint Conditional Field

SharePoint Conditional Field is working like a KPI field. You can specify your own criterias and their results with combining them with SharePoint field values.

SharePoint 2010 Site Styles

SharePoint 2010 Site Styles provide a way to centrally manage and apply CSS and images to publishing and non-publishing sites with a SharePoint 2010 environment. The goal is to bring the flexibility of SharePoint 2007 themes to SharePoint 2010 with a better experience.

SPSource: Reverse engineering tool for SharePoint

SPSource is a tool for SharePoint developers to assist in the creation of WSS Solution Packages (WSPs) allowing for the use SharePoint Designer and the SharePoint web UI to make quick changes to items, then push those items into Visual Studio for later compilation into a WSP.