ream - 🚀 Framework for building universal web app and static website in Vue.js (beta)

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And that's it, run ream dev and have fun playing with your app at http://localhost:4000. ream © egoist, Released under the MIT License. Authored and maintained by egoist with help from contributors (list).


@babel/core : ^7.0.0-beta.47
@babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties : ^7.0.0-beta.47
@babel/plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread : ^7.0.0-beta.47
@babel/plugin-syntax-dynamic-import : ^7.0.0-beta.47
@babel/plugin-syntax-jsx : ^7.0.0-beta.47
@babel/plugin-transform-runtime : ^7.0.0-beta.47
@babel/preset-env : ^7.0.0-beta.47
@babel/runtime : ^7.0.0-beta.47
async-to-gen : ^1.4.0
babel-helper-vue-jsx-merge-props : ^2.0.3
babel-loader : ^8.0.0-beta.3
babel-plugin-transform-vue-jsx : ^4.0.0
babel-plugin-webpack-chunkname : ^1.2.0
cac : ^4.4.1
chalk : ^2.3.1
chokidar : ^2.0.3
compression : ^1.7.2
css-loader : ^1.0.0
express : ^4.16.3
file-loader : ^1.1.6
fs-extra : ^6.0.0
hash-sum : ^1.0.2
internal-ip : ^3.0.1
joi : ^13.6.0
joycon : ^1.0.4
lodash.debounce : ^4.0.8
lodash.merge : ^4.6.1
lodash.sortby : ^4.7.0
log-update : ^2.3.0
mini-css-extract-plugin : ^0.4.1
object-assign : ^4.1.1
optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin : ^5.0.0
postcss-loader : ^3.0.0
promise-mutex : ^0.1.1
promise-polyfill : ^7.1.2
register-service-worker : ^1.2.0
serialize-javascript : ^1.4.0
serve-static : ^1.13.2
time-fix-plugin : ^2.0.4
url-loader : ^1.1.0
vue : ^2.5.16
vue-loader : ^15.0.11
vue-meta : ^1.5.2
vue-router : ^3.0.1
vue-server-renderer : ^2.5.16
vue-template-compiler : ^2.5.16
webpack : ^4.8.3
webpack-chain : ^4.8.0
webpack-dev-middleware : ^3.1.3
webpack-hot-middleware : ^2.22.2
webpack-node-externals : ^1.7.2
webpackbar : ^2.6.1
workbox-build : ^3.2.0



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isomorphic-webpack is a program that runs server-side and enables rendering of the same code base client- and server-side. Put it another way, it is a service for rendering webpack applications server-side. All that can be rendered client-side (e.g. React, Angular, etc. applications) will be processed server-side and served as static HTML.

isomorphic-flux-boilerplate - ES7 Isomorphic Flux/ReactJS Boilerplate

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A wonderfull boilerplate for Flux/ReactJS universal applications, running on koajs. Koa will be our server for the server side rendering, we use alt for our Flux architecture and react-router for routing in our app.

rendora - dynamic server-side rendering using headless Chrome to effortlessly solve the SEO problem for modern javascript websites

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Rendora can be seen as a reverse HTTP proxy server sitting between your backend server (e.g. Node.js/Express.js, Python/Django, etc...) and potentially your frontend proxy server (e.g. nginx, traefik, apache, etc...) or even directly to the outside world that does actually nothing but transporting requests and responses as they are except when it detects whitelisted requests according to the config. In that case, Rendora instructs a headless Chrome instance to request and render the corresponding page and then return the server-side rendered page back to the client (i.e. the frontend proxy server or the outside world). This simple functionality makes Rendora a powerful dynamic renderer without actually changing anything in both frontend and backend code. Dynamic rendering means that the server provides server-side rendered HTML to web crawlers such as GoogleBot and BingBot and at the same time provides the typical initial HTML to normal users in order to be rendered at the client side. Dynamic rendering is meant to improve SEO for websites written in modern javascript frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, etc...

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laravel-nuxt - A Laravel-Nuxt starter project template.

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A Laravel-Nuxt starter project template. You can access your application at http://localhost:3000.

symfony-react-sandbox - Example of integration with React and Webpack (Webpack Encore) for universal (isomorphic) React rendering, using Limenius/ReactBundle and Limenius/LiformBundle

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This sandbox provides an example of usage of ReactBundle with server and client-side React rendering (universal/isomorphical) and its integration with a fitting Webpack Encore setup. It also provides an example of the usage of LiformBundle to generate a json-schema from Symfony forms and a forms and validation in React from that schema. -Note: If you are new to React.js, please note that this sandbox or the bundle are not by any means required to use React with Symfony. This shocases how to do some advanced features such as Server Side Rendering, a better integration with forms, injecting components directly from Twig tags, that may be difficult.

reactql - Universal React+GraphQL starter kit: React 16, Apollo 2, Webpack 4, Styled Components 4, React Router 4, PostCSS, SSR

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Universal front-end React + GraphQL starter kit, written in Typescript. Hot code reloading. Make a change anywhere in your code base (outside of the Webpack config), and changes will be pushed down the browser automatically - without page reloads. This happens for React, Styled Components, SASS - pretty much anything.

react-router-server - Server Side Rendering library for React Router v4.

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Server Side Rendering library for React Router v4. If anyone is interested in taking over this project please let me know.

After.js - Next.js-like framework for server-rendered React apps built with React Router 4

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Next.js is awesome. However, its routing system isn't for me. IMHO React Router 4 is a better foundation upon which such a framework should be built. Routes are just components and don't / should not have anything to do with folder structure. Static route configs are fine.

react-universally - A starter kit for universal react applications.

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A starter kit for universal react applications. This starter kit contains all the build tooling and configuration you need to kick off your next universal React project, whilst containing a minimal "project" set up allowing you to make your own architecture decisions (Redux/MobX etc).

prep - Pre-renders your web app (React, Vue, Angular,

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Pre-renders your web app into static HTML based on your specified routes enabling SEO for single page applications.NOTE: prep is now based on Chromeless. We'll shortly release an updated version.

prep - Pre-renders your web app (React, Vue, Angular,

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Pre-renders your web app into static HTML based on your specified routes enabling SEO for single page applications. NOTE: prep is now based on Chromeless. We'll shortly release an updated version.