metrics-okhttp - An OkHttp HTTP client wrapper providing Metrics instrumentation of connection pools, request durations and rates, and other useful information

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An OkHttp HTTP client wrapper providing Metrics instrumentation of connection pools, request durations and rates, and other useful information. Metrics Integration for OkHttp provides InstrumentedOkHttpClients, a static factory class for instrumenting OkHttp HTTP clients.





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okhttputils - [停止维护]okhttp的辅助类

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对okhttp的封装类,okhttp见: 目前对应okhttp版本3.3.1.

picasso2-okhttp3-downloader - A OkHttp 3 downloader implementation for Picasso 2.

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A OkHttp 3 client implementation for Picasso 2.

Micrometer - An application metrics facade for the most popular monitoring tools

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An application metrics facade for the most popular monitoring tools. Instrument your code with dimensional metrics with a vendor neutral interface and decide on the monitoring backend at the last minute. Micrometer is the instrumentation library underpinning Spring Boot 2.0's metrics collection.

okreplay - 📼 Record and replay OkHttp network interaction in your tests.

  •    Java

Automatically record and replay OkHttp network interaction through your Android application. This project was based on the great Betamax library - which was inspired by Ruby's awesome VCR gem.You don’t want 3rd party downtime, network issues or resource constraints (such as the Twitter API’s rate limit) to break your tests. Writing custom stub web server code and configuring the application to connect to a different URI when under test is tedious and might not accurately simulate the real service.

NoHttp - Android实现Http标准协议框架,支持缓存(提供五种缓存模式)、代理、重定向,底层可动态切换OkHttp、URLConnection。

  •    Java


okhttp-signpost - OAuth signing with signpost and okhttp

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Signpost extension for signing OkHttp requests

AppMetrics - App Metrics is an open-source and cross-platform

  •    CSharp

App Metrics is an open-source and cross-platform .NET library used to record metrics within an application. App Metrics can run on .NET Core or on the full .NET framework also supporting .NET 4.5.2. App Metrics abstracts away the underlaying repository of your Metrics for example InfluxDB, Graphite, Elasticsearch etc, by sampling and aggregating in memory and providing extensibility points to flush metrics to a repository at a specified interval.App Metrics provides various metric types to measure things such as the rate of requests, counting the number of user logins over time, measure the time taken to execute a database query, measure the amount of free memory and so on. Metrics types supported are Gauges, Counters, Meters, Histograms and Timers and Application Performance Indexes Apdex.

RetrofitCache - RetrofitCache让retrofit2+okhttp3+rxjava配置缓存如此简单。通过注解配置,可以针对每一个接口灵活配置缓存策略;同时让每一个接口方便支持数据模拟,可以代码减小侵入性,模拟数据可以从内存,Assets,url轻松获取。

  •    Java


OkHttp - An HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications

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OkHttp is an HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications. It provides HTTP/2 support allows all requests to the same host to share a socket, Connection pooling, Response caching and lot more.

okhttp-idling-resource - An Espresso IdlingResource for OkHttp.

  •    Java

An Espresso IdlingResource for OkHttp.Register the idling resource with Espresso before any of your tests.

sttp - The Scala HTTP client you always wanted!

  •    Scala

sttp is an open-source library which provides a clean, programmer-friendly API to define HTTP requests and execute them using one of the wrapped backends, such as akka-http, async-http-client or OkHttp. sttp documentation is available at

Fast-Android-Networking - 🚀 A Complete Fast Android Networking Library that also supports HTTP/2 🚀

  •    Java

Fast Android Networking Library is a powerful library for doing any type of networking in Android applications which is made on top of OkHttp Networking Layer. Fast Android Networking Library takes care of each and everything. So you don't have to do anything, just make request and listen for the response.

ProgressManager - Listen the progress of downloading and uploading in Okhttp (compatible Retrofit and Glide)

  •    Java

ProgressManager a line of code to listen App all the links and upload the progress of the network, including Glide picture loading progress, to achieve the principle of similar EventBus, you can be in anywhere in App, the number of listeners to Url address as an identifier, registered to the framework, when this Url address haves to download or upload the action, the framework will take the initiative to call All listeners registered with this Url address are synchronized to multiple modules.

Chuck - An in-app HTTP inspector for Android OkHttp clients

  •    Java

Chuck is a simple in-app HTTP inspector for Android OkHttp clients. Chuck intercepts and persists all HTTP requests and responses inside your application, and provides a UI for inspecting their content. Apps using Chuck will display a notification showing a summary of ongoing HTTP activity. Tapping on the notification launches the full Chuck UI. Apps can optionally suppress the notification, and launch the Chuck UI directly from within their own interface. HTTP interactions and their contents can be exported via a share intent.

RxVolley - RxVolley = Volley + RxJava(RxJava2.0) + OkHttp(OkHttp3)

  •    Java

RxVolley is modified Volley. Removed the HttpClient, and support RxJava. Builder pattern to create objects.

Java Monitoring Client Library - A java idiomatic monitoring client for collecting metrics

  •    Java

This library provides an API that is powerful and java idiomatic for configuring and publishing application metrics. A reference implementation using Stackdriver Monitoring API v3 is included, but other monitoring backend implementations can also be used. Most of other monitoring libraries available are low-level and are tied directly to the backend. This library provides type safety, retry logic and an backend-agnostic approach to Java metrics instrumentation.

metrics - A metrics library for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Metrics provides an instrumentation toolkit to measure the behavior of your critical systems while they're running in production. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.