treis - :flashlight: A simple tool to debug and observe functions

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treis will answer the question "what arguments is this function called with and what does it return?". It can be particularly useful when programming in point-free style.


ansicolor : ^1.1.72
chalk : ^1.1.1
ramda : ^0.18.0
strip-ansi : ^3.0.1



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ReflectInsight - Log Viewer for NLog, Log4net, Enterprise Library & Debug/Trace


Log Viewer for NLog, Log4net, Enterprise Library and Debug/Trace by using ReflectInsight logging extensions; the next generation in application logging.

Harvester - Debug Viewer for Trace, NLog & Log4Net


Harvester enables you to monitor all Win32 debug output from all local applications running on your machine. Watch real time Trace, NLog and Log4Net output across multiple applications at the same time. Trace a call from client to server and back without having to look at mult...


  •    PHP

PHP_Debug : A simple and fast way to debug PHP code This PHP debug library offers you the ability to debug your PHP code and generate a trace of your program. - Process time - Database and query process time - Functionnal debug - Check performance

rambda - Faster alternative to Ramda in just 10kB

  •    Javascript

Currenly Rambda is more tree-shakable than Ramda as you can see in this tree-shaking example. Rambda is generally more performant than Ramda as the benchmarks can prove that.

ramda-fantasy - :ram::sparkles: Fantasy-Land compatible types for easy integration with Ramda.js

  •    Javascript

Fantasy Land compatible types for easy integration with Ramda. Ramda-Fantasy is no longer developed. There are a number of excellent libraries providing algebraic datatypes in JavaScript. The existing npm releases of Ramda-Fantasy will remain available indefinitely.


  •    C

CTrace is a multi-threaded trace debug library written in C. It provides a simple, fast, well documented trace utility for applications and as such is especially suitable for use in real-time embedded applications.

lptrace - Trace any Python program, anywhere!

  •    Python

lptrace is strace for Python programs. It lets you see in real-time what functions a Python program is running. It's particularly useful to debug weird issues on production. You can see that the server is handling the request in real time! After pressing Ctrl-C, the trace is removed and the program execution resumes normally.

tracer - A powerful and customizable logging library for node.js

  •    Javascript

A powerful and customizable logging library for node.js. support color console with timestamp, line number, method name, file name and call stack. you can set transport to file, stream, database(ex: mongodb and clouddb, simpledb). keywords: log, logger, trace

tracing.js - A small JS library that makes it possible to trace function calls.

  •    Javascript

Tracing.js is a library/utility to help you debug and trace javascript code. Have you ever had the need to know when a function is called? Check its parameters or the return value? Of course you have, is part of regular development. This is very easy to accomplish with your code you just write some debugging output into them, or set up a breakpoint so the debugger will fire up when the code is called.

JdbcProxy - To trace and stub JDBC calls

  •    Java

JdbcProxy is a JDBC 2.0 driver that can help debug or test applications. The driver can wrap another JDBC driver to debug the JDBC calls done by the application. The driver can also emulate another JDBC driver to test the application without a database.

ramda-cli - :ram: A CLI tool for processing data with functional pipelines

  •    LiveScript

A command-line tool for processing data with functional pipelines. Unites Ramda's curried, data-last API and LiveScript's terse and powerful syntax.

Ramda - Practical functional Javascript library

  •    Javascript

A practical functional library for JavaScript programmers. There are already several excellent libraries with a functional flavor. Typically, they are meant to be general-purpose toolkits, suitable for working in multiple paradigms. Ramda has a more focused goal. We wanted a library designed specifically for a functional programming style, one that makes it easy to create functional pipelines, one that never mutates user data.


  •    C

Arcade Emulator for M68000, M68020 and Z80 based hardware. See for more information.

PL/SQL Log amp; DBug Library for Oracle


The Log amp; Dbug Library is an open source PL/SQL library, useful to log/debug your programs in the development phase and trace their activity and performances in production. It is ideal to improve your efficiency and code quality.

logxi - A 12-factor app logger built for performance and happy development

  •    Go

log XI is a structured 12-factor app logger built for speed and happy development.A logger should be efficient and minimize performance tax. logxi encodes JSON 2X faster than logrus and log15 with primitive types. When diagnosing a problem in production, troubleshooting often means enabling small trace data in Debug and Info statements for some period of time.

jstrace - Dynamic tracing for javascript, in javascript (similar dtrace, ktap etc)

  •    Javascript

Dynamic tracing for JavaScript, written in JavaScript, providing you insight into your live nodejs applications, at the process, machine, or cluster level.Similar to systems like dtrace or ktap, the goal of dynamic tracing is to enable a rich set of debugging information in live processes, often in production in order to help discover the root of an issue. These libraries have very minimal overhead when disabled, and may be enabled externally when needed.

NS 3 - Network Simulator

  •    C

Ns is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research. Ns provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks.

Log Router for .NET Framework


Log Router for .NET Framework provides advanced trace and debug messages routing for .NET platform applications. The solution is completely transparent, no code modifications are necessary!


  •    Java

Jassda is a framework that extracts a sequence of method-invokations from a Java application during runtime using the Java Debug Interface (JDI). Jassda provides two modules that operate on the sequence: a logger and a trace-checker