cactbot - FFXIV JavaScript Raiding Overlay

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cactbot is an ACT overlay that provides raiding tools for Final Fantasy XIV. This project is an overlay plugin for hibiyasleep's OverlayPlugin which itself is a plugin for Advanced Combat Tracker. Install .NET Framework version 4.6 or above.



Related Projects

ffxiv-datamining - This repository is to serve as a place to share data mining information related to Final Fantasy XIV


This repository is to serve as a place to share data mining information related to Final Fantasy XIV. All findings and knowledge that each member discovers will be provided here for all in the FFXIV Community to read, learn and use. It would also be very useful to keep a history of ex.json files from SaintCoinach for each patch as the Korean and Chinese versions are on different patches than the Official live client.



An API written in .NET that provides you with access to Final Fantasy XIV's lodestone (Equalent to WoW's armory)

Q-Gears : A free Final Fantasy 7 engine.

  •    C++

Q-Gears is an RPG engine for games like Squaresoft's Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy IX or Xenogears. It is designed to be cross-platfrom and run on modern operating systems such as Win32 and Linux.

Final Fantasy VI Save State Editor

  •    C++

ff6edit is a program that can be used to edit the save state information in Final Fantasy VI (or FFIII in the USA) in order to customize your characters however you see fit. It will be written in C++ and run in the GTK environment.

darkstar - FFXI Server Emulator

  •    Lua

Welcome to the DarkStar project, an emulation server for FFXI. Visit our forums and Discord or IRC to keep in touch with the latest developments. Make sure both FFXI and the server are fully updated (and servers have been rebuilt with the latest code prior to the bug) or check the commit log since your last known update to see if the bug has already been fixed before submitting a new bug report (oh and remember to search to see if your issue has already been reported).

Final Fantasy

  •    C++

quot;Final Fantasyquot; is my first 3D Engine/Project, I would recommend you go to my quot;Final Dreamquot; project which is light years better than this one OR see my current personal projects page (yes, still an FF fan if you ask :) )



This is a little utility to help with Job changes in FFXIV.

Project Dragon Spirits

  •    C

Some projects created during my graduation. 1) A little and simple RPG engine baed on Final Fantasy series. The objective of this project is to create a editor and game much like RPG Maker using SDL. 2) My final graduation work, a RTS engine with AI* usi

speedline - Calculate the speed index and visual performance metrics from chrome dev tool timeline (recently: pmdartus -> paulirish)

  •    Javascript

The Navigation Timing API provides useful data that can be used to measure the performance of a website. Unfortunately this API has never been good at capturing the actual user experience. The Speed Index, introduced by, aims to solve this issue. It measures how fast the page content is visually displayed. The current implementation is based on the Visual Progress from Video Capture calculation method described on the Speed Index page. The visual progress is calculated by comparing the distance between the histogram of the current frame and the final frame.

ofxTimeline - lightweight timeline tools for openFrameworks

  •    C++

ofxTimeline is a simple to use openFrameworks add on for creating a user interface to an editable timeline. The framework allows you to compose sequences of change over time, controlling the variables in your openFrameworks application to create time based interactions. If you're familiar with timelines from programs like After Effects, Final Cut, or Blender then ofxTimeline should feel comfortable. With just a few lines of code you can add a visual editor to smoothly interpolate curves, colors, video, oscillators, audio, and 3d cameras.

pointfree-fantasy - Point free wrappers for fantasy land

  •    Javascript

Point-free wrappers for fantasy-land. Functions are curried using lodash's curry function, and receive their data last. Gives us aliases with our familar haskell names as well. pointfree-fantasy implements a point-free version of the fantasy-land spec, in order to promote a less cluttered, more Haskell-like approach to algebraic programming. We'll justify this approach using Functor as an example.

static-land - Specification for common algebraic structures in JavaScript based on Fantasy Land

  •    Javascript

This is a specification for common algebraic structures in JavaScript based on Fantasy Land.Fantasy Land uses methods to define interfaces that a type must implement in order to support a particular Algebra. For example values of a type that implements the Monoid algebra must have fantasy-land/empty and fantasy-land/concat methods on them.

ramda-fantasy - :ram::sparkles: Fantasy-Land compatible types for easy integration with Ramda.js

  •    Javascript

Fantasy Land compatible types for easy integration with Ramda. Ramda-Fantasy is no longer developed. There are a number of excellent libraries providing algebraic datatypes in JavaScript. The existing npm releases of Ramda-Fantasy will remain available indefinitely.

Project Kilo


Sony has Final Fantasy. Microsoft has Fable. Nintendo has Zelda. But were is Linux's killer RPG? Get ready for a RPG gaming experience on Linux that can't be found anywhere else.

FFXI Statistics Calculator

  •    Perl

This is a small cgi script, written in perl, which can generate character statistics for player characters in the online game Final Fantasy XI. This is a continuation of Japanese code released under the new BSD license.

Equipmant Equipment Macro Manager

  •    C++

Equipmant is a program designed to create equipment script files for the Final Fantasy XI Windower. Create macros in FFXI to use these scripts and they will change equipment quickly, even making it possible to change all equipment in a single macro.

Dream RPG Engine

  •    Python

Dream is an overhead graphical MUD, vaugely reminicent of older versions of Final Fantasy.


  •    CSharp

A log parser for the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, upkept by playing members.

Custom Strategy Role Playing Game

  •    Java

Two players confront two parties of characters (which have rpg attributes: job, level, exp, skills..) over a battlefield, surviving party wins. Jobs, skills.. are stored on XML custom files. Final Fantasy Tactics amp; Shinning Force alike.

Cardian Angel 3


An auto-powerlevelling program for the online RPG Final Fantasy XI. Written in AC Tool, for use with the PC version of FFXI running under Azaril's Windower and Starhawk's FFACT.

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