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QuickConverter provides you with WPF markup that allows you to write inline converters and multi-bindings using a C# like language directly in your xaml.




Related Projects

MVVM-WPF(+Silverlight 5.0) XAML Markup Dependency Injection Binding Extensions

XAML mark-up extensions for MVVM pattern. Mark-up extensions allow to bind RouteEventHandler, Command and other to targets via Dependency Injection.

Xaml to Code Converter

This tool converts xaml designer text in normal C# code.

MVVM-WPF(+Silverlight 5.0) XAML Markup Binding Extensions

WPF + Silverlight 5.0 XAML mark-up extensions for MVVM pattern. Mark-up extensions allow to bind RouteEventHandler and Command to their targets.


Macruby Temperature Converter, using cocoa binding (IB-binding and Programmaticaly binding)


A new binding that allows you to embed tiny, and efficient IronPython scripts in your XAML files. This helps reduce the number of one-off value converters that tend to plague XAML based applications.

Windows-appsample-photo-lab - A photo viewing and editing sample for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

A mini-app for viewing and editing image files, demonstrating XAML layout, data binding, and UI customization features for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.This repo includes the complete sample pictured above, plus separate versions that serve as starting points for a series of XAML basics tutorials. Each of these starting points is a simplified version of the complete sample, making the code easier to browse around in as you go through each tutorial.

cl-pl2303 - Common Lisp CFFI binding to libusb0 and control code for PL2303 USB to serial converter.

Common Lisp CFFI binding to libusb0 and control code for PL2303 USB to serial converter.

WPF Converters

A set of generic WPF binding converters that can be leveraged by most any WPF application.

Xaml Code Behind Generator

Xaml Code Behind Generator makes it easier to generate Code Behind designer code from XAML, where code can be used at places where Xaml Services are not accessible.

Xaml Localization Tool

Xaml Localization Tool, a extension for vs2010. Help to generate .resx files from xaml. So you can use it in any application contain xaml, such as silverlight application, windows phone application and wpf application. Xaml?????, vs2010?????. ????????xaml??????????????,????...

xaml-standard - Vocabulary specification for the XAML Standard, a unified markup dialect for defining user interface elements and their behavior

This repository contains the principles and definition of XAML Standard.XAML Standard is a vocabulary specification that defines a standard XAML vocabulary. Frameworks that support XAML standard can share common XAML based UI definitions.

XAML Formatter

XAML Formatter It beautifies the XAML.

Battaglia Navale

Battaglia Navale xml battaglia navale xml xaml data binding


XOML is an XML based object persistence framework like XAML. It is completely independent of WPF, while still providing features like Markup extensions, data-binding and more to any object. In addition, this framework is written in C# 2.0 and runs on Windows, Mono and the .NET...

Visto JavaScript Library

This library can be used to integrate KnockoutJS, JQuery, RequireJS and TypeScript to provide XAML-like GUI development in single-page JavaScript applications.

MetroButton with Converter Image SVG2XAML Silverlight

- Control library SL4 with Button Metro Style - Windows application for download and convert SVG to Resource.xaml for silverlight

Complex Hierarchical Data Templates

WPF enhancement allowing you to use your own business class structure to display complex hierarchies in a standard WPF TreeView control. The included data template resolver and converter allow you to specify which templates are used based on your class types.

Windows Phone HtmlConverter

Windows Phone Html Converter Html to Xaml still working...

Xaml exporter for 3D Studio Max

3D modeling is hard to do directly in Xaml. This is a set of scripts to export your models from 3D Studio Max directly to Xaml and ready to use in your WPF projects.