QtFile, web based file broswer for your members

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QtFile is a web based file browser, which intends to provide a friendly interface for your users to manage their own files and folders on your web site.




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Mollify - Web File Manager

Mollify is a web file manager for publishing and managing files hosted in a web server. Users can have access to different files and with different permissions. It has support to Search files, Extract zip archives, File uploading (large files are uploaded in small chunks), WebDAV support and lot more.

elFinder - Open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery and jQuery UI

Open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery and jQuery UI

Mad File Manager for TinyMCE

TinyMCE 3 ajax file manager plugin. Written in PHP. Supports image manipulation on the fly, and can be used as standalone file manager for your content management system.

TinyMCE with FCKEditor File Upload Manager in ASP.NET MVC 3

Here are the goals for the project: - User can manage to upload images or files to server from TinyMCE editor using FCK file manager - The image or file link is put back into TinyMCE editor as content.

Export File by jQuery in ASP.NET

This is two example projects that demonstrate the use of the jquery plugin "jQuery Unified Export File".

AjaxFileUpload - A jQuery plugin that simulates asynchronous file uploads.

AJAX File Upload is a jQuery plugin to enable cross-browser AJAX-like file uploads. All recent versions of these browsers should be supported. If not I'd like to hear about it. Versions prior to those listed here may work but are untested.

ProDinner - ASP.NET MVC Sample (EF5, N-Tier, jQuery)

ProDinner is an ASP.NET MVC demo application, it uses EF5 Code First for Data Access, SOLID principles, jQuery and ASP.net MVC Awesome for Web UI


C#, jQuery ajax, jquery UI and ASP.NET MVC based online store application. This software will let a user manage their product inventory by exposing CRUD operations through the UI. Customers can buy these products and track each shipment separately. Please provide feedback.

asp.net ajax file manager

Features : Full Ajax Support security View Image Create folder Delete file & folder Copy file & folder Move file & folder multiple selection ( Ctrl + Select ) Easy installation and configuration Open source. compatible IE7,IE8,FF,Safari,Chrome http://www.filemanager.3ntar.net

AutoComplete for MVC

This plugin aims to provide a simple way to add an autocomplete (jquery ui) in the MVC 3 project, using the facilities of the Razor and Lambda.

SubForum - A Web 2.0 Enabled Forum

SubForum is a forum software built from scratch using ASP.NET MVC and AJAX to provide a rich Web 2.0 look and feel to a forum. The features include Search engine friendly URLs, Tags, Rich UI experience, and more.

JQuery Ajax Progress Bar

Ajax Progress Bar provides ASP.NET developers the facility to display a progress bar while retrieving a result of an ajax call and it also allows uses to display real time progress of ajax process. AjaxProgressBar is devloped using ASP.NET, Jquery UI and Jquery ajax calls.

ElFinder.Net Connector

.NET connector for elfinder file manager version 2.x. Project contain library and ASP.NET MVC sample.

jQuery Unified Export File

A library that enables any web developers to export file by ajax using jQuery.

elFinder ASP.NET Connector

The one and only .NET connector for the amazing elFinder 2.X web-based file manager. Finally you can manage your files easily right from your browser!

Macs CMS

Macs CMS is a Flat File ( XML and SQLite ) based AJAX Content Management System. It focuses mainly on the Edit In Place editing concept. It comes with a built in blog with moderation support, user manager section, roles manager section, SEO / SEF URL

Bulk File Manager - Bulk File Renamer/Deduplicator in .NET

This is a file deduplication utility and is equipped with bulk name management options as well. Large volume of duplicate flies, or a small volume of really big duplicate files which would make manual cleaning difficult or tedious will be made easier with this tool. It also provides name-based sorting for a large batch of files crossing directories.


It is a Web Browser and File manager for K desktop environment.

MVC Ajax Controls (MvcAjaxControls)

The MvcAjaxControls project provides a set of html and javascript helpers for adding Ajax functionality to ASP.NET MVC applications.

File Archive

If you are working documents, this program will help version control of your document. This program archive a file, directory to specific folder(.archive) and View archived history.