dmx - Go DMX controller with ArtNet discovery + Angular Web UI with WebSockets

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The -v $PWD/config:/go/src/ allows editing the config and reloading it use docker restart qmsk-dmx. The -e ARTNET_DISCOVERY= allows configuring a comma-separated list of broadcast/unicast addresses for ArtNet discovery.



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libartnet-win32 artnet dmx library

  •    C++

send and receive artnet / art-net, more than DMX over ethernet network

Quick Dmx 512 - A Simple C# DMX 512 framework

  •    CSharp

QuickDmx is a simple framework you can use to extend and quickly create scalable applications who act as Dmx 512 controllers.

DMX Lighting Desk

  •    VB

DMX Desk is a Lighting Control desk in software. It is Modelled on a theatre control type console and is able to create a DMX signal through a variety of output devices.

Python DMX

  •    Python

A simple python module to interface with DMX to USB devices

DMX Library


DMX Library


  •    C++

Open DMX USB interface: this project created by ENTTEC ( is an open source hardware and software DMX512 interface

Lights Up!

  •    C++

Lights Up! is a Windows application for controlling theater lighting during the performance of plays or musicals. Lights Up! v1.1 supports the Enttec Open DMX USB interface.

Lassi - Lighting Assistant

  •    Java

Lassi is free software for theatre lighting control through a DMX Lanbox ( Set intensity levels, create cues, patch dimmers, work with submasters, visualize commands exchanged with Lanbox, etc. Allows control through your webbrowser.

DJ Cronnor

  •    Java

A stupid-proof DJ-tool with 2 players, keyboard-only control, high-precision cueing, a few realtime effects, capable to generate DMX for complex lightening situations (including LED-pars), and not the least: true reliable software beatmixing.

Interaction Production Server (ThorDMX)


A software based networked lighting controller. It brokers many protocols together to allow easy setup and development of new stage lighting controllers.

Spectrum OpenDMX


A dynamic OpenDMX (Entec) lighting developement workspace. This program allows lighting technicians the ability to "build" a virtual DMX board, using drag and drop, as well as the commonly used property grid. Macro functionality allows the user to program lights with ease.

VNC Proxy

  •    C

VNC Proxy with support for Chromium and DMX displays.

SLight theater lighting control software

  •    C++

SLight controls professional theater dimmers using the standard DMX-512 protocol and the DMX4Linux drivers. Useful features include automated follow and cue looping, but the real gain is in consistency: 90 second crossfades happen smoothly and precisely.

Semitone Lighting Controllers

  •    C

Microcontroller (AVR) based standalone digital light controllers (quot;dimmersquot;). The quot;Diamondquot; series supports 20 channels (TRIAC, FET, 0-10V, relay) with automatic fading, 20 scenes, 21 timers, IR remote, LCD, DMX-512 interface, global standby amp; more.


  •    Delphi

sACNView is a tool for viewing and transmitting the ESTA/ANSI Streaming DMX Lighting Control Protocol, which is a TCP/IP based protocol used in theatrical, architectural and event lighting systems


  •    C++

Glowworm is an application to control theater lighting equipment using the DMX protocol. It is meant as an extensible platform to host different user interface concepts.

Q Light Controller

  •    C++

Q Light Controller is a cross-platform application to control DMX or analog lighting systems like moving heads, dimmers, scanners and other effects. Our goal is to replace expensive and somewhat limited hardware lighting desks with free software.

angular-summernote - AngularJS directive to Summernote

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angular-summernote is just a directive to bind summmernote's all features. You can use summernote with angular way. Since v0.7.x, the version of angular-summernote follows the version of summernote. So, angular-summernote v0.7.x are compatible with summernote v0.7.x and and angular-summernote v0.8.x will be compatible with summernote v0.8.x. Angular-summernote will match only major.minor with summernote. Therefore, angular-summernote v0.7.0 will be compatible with summernote v0.7.0, v0.7.1 and v0.7.2. Angular-summernote will release patch update, such as v0.7.1, if only angular-summernote has changed.

angular-interview-questions - Most extensive Angular interview questions based on your level.

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A complete guideline to prepare for angular interviews. Also, you can use these questions to verify your expertise in angular. The most important step is knowing how you compare to other job seekers. Pinpoint areas where you are weaker, and spend the time necessary to make improvements. Google is your friend.