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A game engine in development using DirectX 11 renderer.




Related Projects

Windows-appsample-marble-maze - A 3D DirectX game for the Universal Windows Platform.

This is a mini-app that shows how to build a basic 3D game using DirectX on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It's a simple labyrinth game where the player is challenged to roll a marble through a maze of pitfalls using tilt, mouse, or gamepad controls.This sample is written in C++ and requires some experience with graphics programming and DirectX. Complete content that examines this code can be found at Developing Marble Maze, a UWP game in C++ and DirectX.


The xGSuite (Created by: X - Game Suite) is a general collection of vb.net projects ranging from DirectX Graphics, HLSL, Simple Phisics, Game Console, Scene Management, Collision Detection, UI, device input, Tools/Utilities, and Game Engine Core. As well numerous example apps,...

jMonkeyEngine - 3D Game Engine in Java

jMonkeyEngine is a game engine made for developers who want to create 3D games following modern technology standards. It helps to create games that run on any OpenGL 2 and 3-ready device with the Java Virtual Machine – web, desktop, or mobile. It supports Shaders, Lighting, Physics, Special Effects, Texturing, Terrian and lot more.

2D DirectX Game Engine

This is a 2D DirectX game engine that is being developed for learning purposes. The end product will be a robust 2D engine that can be used for a variety of games.

Virtual Reality Online - 3D game engine

The VROnline project is universal 3D virtual reality engine for games with client/server architecture, free 3D camera, user configurable actions and AI scripts. It's based on C# and directX (now 9.0) technology. It can manage many data models(rpg,sims).


A completely open source 2D MMORPG engine, written in C++ using SDL. Designed for beginner game developers, with little to no knowledge of game programming. Capable of producing multiplayer games with similar graphics to early Final Fantasy games.

MechTactics - Game and Game Engine for small 2d games for programming competitions.

Game and Game Engine for small 2d games for programming competitions.

nano - Lightweight, facility, high performance golang based game server framework

Nano is an easy to use, fast, lightweight game server networking library for Go. It provides a core network architecture and a series of tools and libraries that can help developers eliminate boring duplicate work for common underlying logic. The goal of nano is to improve development efficiency by eliminating the need to spend time on repetitious network related programming.Nano was designed for server-side applications like real-time games, social games, mobile games, etc of all sizes.

Arianne RPG

Arianne is an engine to develop multiplayer online games like Stendhal

KonsolScript and Game Engine

Free and Open Game Programming Language for Windows and GNU/Linux


Game Development Kit by "Dream Farm Games". 2D/3D Graphics Engine. Win32 DirectX 8/9. Migrated from http://dreamfarmgdk.googlecode.com

Simple Direct Engine

Simple Direct Engine (SDE) is a game engine that covers most ot the topics needed in game development, such as graphics, sound, input and much more. It's built on top of DirectX and it's goal is to keep a simple interface while offering great features.

DirectX Wrapper for Vortex2D

Satellite project for Vortex2D graphics framework/game engine. It contains thin DirectX API wrapper written in C++/CLI which is used by Vortex2D graphics/input modules.

zoaDGE - Graphics/Game Engine for the D programming language (dlang)

Graphics/Game Engine for the D programming language (dlang)

Nuclex Framework

XNA game programming framework consisting of well-designed classes and components that tackle the really complicated stuff you're confronted with when creating larger games. All code is fully commented from beginning to end and has 100% unit test coverage.

LogicJS - A JavaScript Game Engine for programming based games

A JavaScript Game Engine for programming based games

SxDL Game Development Toolkit

SxDL is a powerful and very easy to use 2D / 3D Game Development Framework for Windows and DirectX. Comes with 32 games and demos: Bomber, Pacman, a space shooter and more. Want to learn game programming? SxDL is what you've been looking for!!


GAME (Geometrical Ascii Multigame Environment) is a C language framework for creating geometrical games using ncurses text screens. Created in unix platforms, but can be ported to more systems, because it uses standar ansi C. No graphics, no directX

Frank Engine

Frank Engine is an object oriented game development framework written in C++. The purpose is to be a fun and fast to create large open world 2D games. Everything necessary to create a fully featured game is included: physics (Box2D), rendering (DirectX), level editor, dynamic lighting, particle system, sound, music (Ogg Vorbis), gamepad input, GUI, and debug console. The code is fairly well documented and includes a simple starter project build on.

Krypton XNA

A 2d light engine for XNA 4.0. Krypton allows users of the XNA framework to easily add 2D lighting to their games. Krypton is fast, as it utilizes the GPU and uses a vertex shader to compute 2D shadows, relieving additional stress from the CPU to compute more game-like tasks.