charla - A IRC Server / Daemon written in Python using the circuits Application Framework.

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charla is Spanish for chat and is an IRC Server and Daemon written in Python using the circuits Application Framework.



Related Projects

wechatircd - ㊙用IRC客户端控制微信网页版

  •    Python

wechatircd injects JavaScript (injector.js) to, which uses WebSocket to communicate with an IRC server (, thus enable IRC clients connected to the server to send and receive messages from WeChat, set topics, invite/delete members, ... (the server) will listen on (IRC) and (HTTPS + WebSocket over TLS).

oragono - A modern IRC server written in Go.

  •    Go

Oragono is a modern, experimental IRC server written in Go. It's designed to be simple to setup and use, and it includes features such as UTF-8 nicks / channel names, client accounts with SASL, and other assorted IRCv3 support. and are running Oragono in production if you want to take a look.

escher - Escher: A language for programming in metaphors

  •    Go

Escher is a simple syntax for representing generic labeled graphs called circuits, much like XML is a (not-so-simple) syntax for representing generic labeled trees.Escher graphs can also be interpreted as executable circuits of independent processing units. In this way, Escher circuits (used as code) can manipulate Escher circuits (representing data), thus achieving linguistic uniformity between algorithm and data.

Rocket - A web framework for Rust.

  •    Rust

Visiting localhost:8000/hello/John/58, for example, will trigger the hello route resulting in the string Hello, 58 year old named John! being sent to the browser. If an <age> string was passed in that can't be parsed as a u8, the route won't get called, resulting in a 404 error. The official community support channels are the #rocket IRC channel on the Mozilla IRC Server at and the bridged Rocket room on Matrix. If you're not familiar with IRC, we recommend chatting through Matrix via Riot or via the Kiwi web IRC client. You can learn more about IRC via Mozilla's Getting Started with IRC guide.

hubot-irc - IRC adapter for Hubot

  •    CoffeeScript

Note: The default hubot configuration will use a redis based brain that assumes the redis server is already running. Either start your local redis server (usually with redis-start &) or remove the script from the default hubot-scripts.json file. The IRC adapter requires only the following environment variables.

goirc - Event-based stateful IRC client framework for Go.

  •    Go

See fix/goirc.go and the README there for a quick way to migrate from the old go1 API. The test client provides a good (if basic) example of how to use the framework. Reading client/handlers.go gives a more in-depth look at how handlers can be written. Commands to be sent to the server (e.g. PRIVMSG) are methods of the main *Conn struct, and can be found in client/commands.go (not all of the possible IRC commands are implemented yet). Events are produced directly from the messages from the IRC server, so you have to handle e.g. "332" for RPL_TOPIC to get the topic for a channel.


  •    DotNet

LogicCircuit – is educational software for designing and simulating logic circuits. Intuitive graphical user interface, allows you to create unrestricted circuit hierarchy with multi bit buses, debug circuits behavior with oscilloscope, and navigate running circuits hierarchy.

Cirq - A python framework for creating, editing, and invoking Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) circuits

  •    Python

Cirq is a Python library for writing, manipulating, and optimizing quantum circuits and running them against quantum computers and simulators. Follow these instructions.

The Lounge - Modern, responsive, cross-platform, self-hosted web IRC client

  •    Javascript

The Lounge is a self-hosted web IRC client. It supports Push notifications, link previews, file uploads, Stay always connected to IRC servers while you are offline. Forget about bouncers. Resume where you left off on any device. The client works smoothly on every desktop, smartphone and tablet.

qwebirc - Fast, easy to use, free and open source web IRC client

  •    Python

qwebirc is a fast, easy to use, free and open source IRC client designed by and originally just for the QuakeNet IRC network. It supports most ircds out of the box, SSL/TLS support for the browser and server, Multiple channels and queries, Scalability via trivial sharding with sticky sessions and lot more.

liwBot: IRC Bot Base

  •    C

A C/C++ written platform to develop IRC;brgt;Designed to provide all functionality to develop C/C++ written IRC Bots in a very easy;brgt;It also provides almost all necessary functions to interact with an IRC server, to develop any kind of a

srvx IRC Services

  •    C

srvx IRC Services is a ground-up implementation of services for IRC networks (supporting IRCu2.10, Bahamut, and other IRC server dialects). Features include POSIX threading, generalized proxy detection and all the standard services users expect.

IRC Chess


IRC Chess is a 2 player chess game that you play right on IRC, with standard IRC commands. A chess server lets multiple games be played simultaneously

Shout - The self-hosted web IRC client

  •    Javascript

Shout is a web IRC client that you host on your own server.

miniircd - A very simple Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server

  •    Python

miniircd is a small and limited IRC server written in Python. Despite its size, it is a functional alternative to a full-blown ircd for private or internal use. Installation is simple; no configuration is required. Python 2.6 or newer (including the Python 3 series). Get it at


  •    Java

jIRCd is a full-featured Java-powered IRC server. It uses the advanced features of Java, including multi-threading and multiple platforms, to create a very powerful IRC server for any platform.


  •    Delphi

We developed a new irc server for Windows. Our irc server has added some undernet features and can be used only on win32 operating softwares.


  •    Perl

MonIRCD is an IRC server written in C and expandable in TCL. As a stand-alone server, it is perfectly suited for user groups, companies, friends and such. The goal is to add MUD/MUSH type features while remaining completely IRC compatible.

Moo Portable


Web based IRC gateway, allowing IRC access on any web-enabled device. Focus on low resource usage and accessability from multiple devices. A WAP gateway is also in development. This daemon requires server to server access to the network!

?irc (Ksirc)

  •    VB

?irc : another irc client with mirc file server browsing support