osrm-frontend - Modular rewrite of the OSRM frontend using LRM

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This is the frontend served at https://map.project-osrm.org. This frontend builds heavily on top of Leaflet Routing Machine. If you need a simple OSRM integration in your webpage, you should start from there. The easiest and quickest way to setup your own routing engine backend is to use Docker images we provide. We base our Docker images on Alpine Linux and make sure they are as lightweight as possible.



file-saver : ^1.3.8
jsonp : ^0.2.0
jxon : ^2.0.0-beta.5
leaflet : ~0.7.7
leaflet-control-geocoder : ~1.2.1
leaflet-routing-machine : ~3.1.0
leaflet.locatecontrol : ~0.44.0
local-storage : ^1.4.2
osrm-text-instructions : ~0.13.0
qs : ^6.1.0



Related Projects

osrm-backend - Open Source Routing Machine - C++ backend

  •    C++

High performance routing engine written in C++14 designed to run on OpenStreetMap data. To quickly try OSRM use our demo server which comes with both the backend and a frontend on top.

leaflet-routing-machine - Control for routing in Leaflet

  •    Javascript

Go to the Leaflet Routing Machine site for more information, demos, tutorials and more. Leaflet Routing Machine is in many ways already a feature complete routing UI. Most likely, your requirements are already covered and require very little adaptation.

XSword cross platform Sword frontend.

  •    C

Cross platform Bible frontend making use of the Sword api. The starting point for this project is the very simple Cheatah frontend. It is intended as a learning point for Sword Project newbies, and is expected to use GTK+ as its portable widget set.

ownphotos - Self hosted Google Photos clone

  •    Jupyter

Currently the project is in very early stages, so run it only for the sake of checking it out. Ownphotos comes with separate backend and frontend servers. The backend serves the restful API, and the frontend serves, well, the frontend. The easiest way to do it is using Docker.

RetroArch - Cross-platform, sophisticated frontend for the libretro API. Licensed GPLv3.

  •    C

RetroArch is the reference frontend for the libretro API. Popular examples of implementations for this API includes video game system emulators and game engines as well as more generalized 3D programs. These programs are instantiated as dynamic libraries. We refer to these as "libretro cores". libretro is an API that exposes generic audio/video/input callbacks. A frontend for libretro (such as RetroArch) handles video output, audio output, input and application lifecycle. A libretro core written in portable C or C++ can run seamlessly on many platforms with very little to no porting effort.

webapp.rs - A web application completely written in Rust.

  •    Rust

Target of this project is to write a complete web application including backend and frontend within Rust. The app consist of a frontend and a backend. For getting started with hacking, the backend can tested via make run-backend, whereas the frontend can be tested with make run-frontend. You can adapt the application configuration within Config.toml if needed.

vertigo - Blog engine in Go (golang)

  •    Go

Vertigo is blogging platform similar to Ghost, Medium and Tumblr. Vertigo is written in Go and has fully featured JSON API and it can be run using single binary on all major operating systems like Windows, Linux and OSX. The frontend code is powered by Go's template/html package, which is similar to Mustache.js. The template files are in plain HTML and JavaScript (vanilla) only appears on few pages. JavaScript is stripped down as much as possible to provide a better user experience on different devices. Vertigo also ships without any CSS frameworks, so it is easy to start customizing the frontend with the tools of your choice.

Middleman - Hand-crafted frontend development

  •    Ruby

Middleman is a static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development. These days, many websites are built with an API in mind. Rather than package the frontend and the backend together, both can be built and deployed independently using the public API to pull data from the backend and display it on the frontend. Static websites are incredibly fast and require very little RAM. A front-end built to stand-alone can be deployed directly to the cloud or a CDN. Many designers and developers simply deliver static HTML/JS/CSS to their clients.

webpack-starter - ✨ A lightweight foundation for your next webpack based frontend project.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight foundation for your next webpack based frontend project. When you run npm run build we use the mini-css-extract-plugin to move the css to a separate file and included in the head of your index.html, so that the styles are applied before any javascript gets loaded. We disabled this function for the dev version, because the loader doesn't support hot module replacement.

modeldb - A system to manage machine learning models

  •    Javascript

ModelDB is an end-to-end system to manage machine learning models. It ingests models and associated metadata as models are being trained, stores model data in a structured format, and surfaces it through a web-frontend for rich querying. ModelDB can be used with any ML environment via the ModelDB Light API. ModelDB native clients can be used for advanced support in spark.ml and scikit-learn. The ModelDB frontend provides rich summaries and graphs showing model data. The frontend provides functionality to slice and dice this data along various attributes (e.g. operations like filter by hyperparameter, group by datasets) and to build custom charts showing model performance.

heroku-cra-node - How to use create-react-app with a custom Node server on Heroku

  •    Javascript

A minimal example of using a Node backend (server for API, proxy, & routing) with a React frontend. Includes a minimal Node Cluster implementation to parallelize the single-threaded Node process across the available CPU cores.

valhalla - Open Source Routing Engine for OpenStreetMap

  •    C++

Valhalla is an open source routing engine and accompanying libraries for use with OpenStreetMap data. Valhalla also includes tools like time+distance matrix computation, isochrones, elevation sampling, map matching and tour optimization (Travelling Salesman). Technical documentation for the various components of the library can be found here: docs. Service API documentation as well as links to a variety of technical descriptions are provided within the valhalla-docs repository.

Bebop - Simple discussion board / forum web application.

  •    Go

Bebop is a simple discussion board / forum web application.Create a new empty database (MySQL оr PostgreSQL) that will be used as a data store and a database user with all privileges granted on this database.

reader - An API Compatible Replacement for Google Reader

  •    Javascript

Google reader is shutting down. A lot of people use it. A lot of apps depend on its API. This project will be an attempt to create an API compatible replacement so those apps will continue to work by simply changing the API end point. I have no plans to build a frontend UI replacement, just the backend API. Once we have the Google Reader API working, we may be able to add extensions to it so that apps can add additional features that weren't previously possible. Get in touch on Twitter or IRC (#reader on Freenode) and let me know! :) Feel free to fork this repository and send pull requests implementing features. Once you've sent a couple good ones, I'll add you as a contributor to the project to commit directly.

PHP Pg frontend

  •    PHP

The PHP Pg frontend project is yet an another frontend for the PostgresSQL database but it fully works and several cool features.

XML API and Ajax frontend for sabnzbd

  •    Javascript

sabnzbd-xmlgui is an Ajax based frontend built around sabnzbdplus. It also provides an xml based API for other applications to easily connect with sabnzbd while at the same time maintaining the existing web based ajax gui.

angularjs-springmvc-sample - A RESTful sample using AnguarJS/Bootstrap as frontend and Spring MVC as REST API producer

  •    Java

An example application using AngularJS/Bootstrap as frontend and Spring MVC as REST API producer. More details about the codes, please read the online GitBook: Building REST APIs with Spring MVC.


  •    ActionScript

This project aims at creating Flash Frontend for blogging softwares like Wordpress and MovableType. Currently I have created Flash Frontend for Wordpress. I plan toget more people involved in this project and make this an open source project.

es6-todomvc - The vanillajs example converted to es6

  •    Javascript

This repo has been used to teach in several different places (egghead, Frontend Masters, etc.). If you're coming here to follow along with that, then I recommend you follow the project setup for that (see below). The most recent and up-to-date version of the workshop is the Frontend Masters workshop. This is a linear workshop and starts with the FEM/00-original-project branch. See the slides.This project assumes you have NodeJS v6 or greater installed. You should also have npm v3 or greater installed as well (this comes packaged with Node 6). You'll also need a recent version of git installed as well.

frontend-dev-bookmarks - Manually curated collection of resources for frontend web developers.


Manually curated collection of resources for frontend web developers.You are viewing a browseable version, split by category in many small files. There is also a really huge file with every single resource on one page. Proceed to the totally gigantic file if you are into this kind of thing.