Process Privileges

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Privileges determine the type of system operations that a process can perform. Process Privileges is a set of extension methods, written in C#, for System.Diagnostics.Process. It implements the functionality necessary to query, enable, disable or remove privileges on a process.



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The Facebook Graph API uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization. You should be familiar with the authorization process as detailed in the Facebook Authentication Guide. HyperGraph has a couple of helpers to make the authorization process easy.After the user authorizes your application, they'll be redirected by Facebook to the redirect uri you specified along with one parameter, "code". You can use that code to retrieve an access token. irb > HyperGraph.get_access_token('CLIENT_ID', 'CLIENT_SECRET', 'REDIRECT_URI', 'CODE') => "your-access-token" Your access token is tied to both your Facebook application and the redirect uri specified, so be sure pass the same uri and client information when retrieving your access token that you used when getting user authorization.

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1. `go get` the package2. Sign up for a Twitter application <a href="">here</a>3. Request an access token, and obtain an API key, API secret, access token, and access token secret.4. Put those in the TU_KEY, TU_SECRET, TU_TOKEN, and TU_TOKEN_SECRET environment variables respectively.5. Run with the path to the archive as the first argument (~'s will be handled appropriately)


This bookmarklet converts a short-lived Facebook access token into a long-lived access token.


Many times I found my needs to use some wonderful web APIs offline, i.e, without using web app. I want to avoid the painful oauth handsake in my offline app. This is done by storing the access token in the offline app setting. However, the access token should be retrieved by a web app. This is a web app to retrieve and display access token so I can copy and paste it to my offline app setting.

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used OAuth with Twitter. Request Tokens -> Access Tokens. Basic MVP to send tweet

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abCsWrDTvN9p7rI0kWa4u-ORXuFUQ7QGxiiniwpCSIV1AqzoLRHF1hYcI4joeDPOzZa9PZigiudtefciZy5&expires_in=7199&username=guest```The app then parses this out of the query string and stores the token and username in the app's preferences file.```objc- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application openURL:(NSURL *)url sourceApplication:(NSString *)sourceApplication annotation:(id)annotation{ if([[url host] isEqualToString:@"auth"]) { NSDictionary *params = [self parseQueryString:[[url fragment] s

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This repository is now stable. If your build fails, try running with godep. An API Documentation is available here and here.Unfortunately, the osin library offers little capabilities for storing credentials like access or refresh tokens in a hashed or encrypted way. An attacker could gain access to your database through various attack vectors, steal these tokens and gain, for example, administrative access to your application.


This is a simple example of how to implement OAuth 2. You can simply install the files in a folder on your server, navigate to the folder, and follow the steps to authenticate using OAuth 2. At the end, you will want to store the access token that in generated inside the config.php file that you use for your application, or store it in a database. You will "Authorize", login, "Grant Access", and "Click here", and finally get to a page that shows your access token, which never expires.

oauth2 - An OAuth2 client library for Dart.

A client library for authenticating with a remote service via OAuth2 on behalf of a user, and making authorized HTTP requests with the user's OAuth2 credentials.OAuth2 allows a client (the program using this library) to access and manipulate a resource that's owned by a resource owner (the end user) and lives on a remote server. The client directs the resource owner to an authorization server (usually but not always the same as the server that hosts the resource), where the resource owner tells the authorization server to give the client an access token. This token serves as proof that the client has permission to access resources on behalf of the resource owner.


This module allows users to easily let users sign up and login using facebook and twitter. After a user has signed up using this module, a OAuth token for that social service will be stored against the users account. This allows your application to call the facebook and twitter apis on behalf of the user and implement whatever interesting social integration features you want. The SelectFriendPage is an example of the type of functionality that can be easily implemented once you have access to th


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Before building the Ryu-Book for each language, please set up the building environment as follow.You can build the Ryu-Book on Travis-CI and deploy to the GitHub pages on your forked repository. For setting up your Travis-CI environment, please create your GItHub Personal access tokens first. If your repository is public, please enable "public_repo" scope. And please set your GitHub token into .travis.yml by using travis command as follow.

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This example code shows how to use Google Cloud Platform to process sensor data and publish it to Cloud PubSub. It is available to test drive at as an icebreaker demonstration for a developer prototyping kit based on the SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless. This is not an official Google product.Authentication to Google Cloud Pub/Sub uses an IAM Service Account. This service account is used to generate time-limited OAuth Access tokens used by the agent on the IoT device. See the token-vendor readme for more details.

firebase-token-generator-python - Python library for generating Firebase Authentication Tokens

WARNING: This token generator is compatible with versions 1.x.x and 2.x.x of the Firebase SDK. If you are using the 3.x.x SDK, please refer to the documentation here.Firebase Custom Login gives you complete control over user authentication by allowing you to authenticate users with secure JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). The auth payload stored in those tokens is available for use in your Firebase security rules. This is a token generator library for Python which allows you to easily create those JWTs.

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