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Probot is a framework for building GitHub Apps in Node.js. It aims to eliminate all the drudgery–like receiving and validating webhooks, and doing authentication handstands–so you can focus on the features you want to build. Probot apps are easy to write, deploy, and share.

Here are few examples: stale - closes abandoned issues after a period of inactivity.

  • settings - syncs repository settings defined in .github/settings.yml to GitHub, enabling Pull Requests for repository settings.
  • request-info - requests more info from newly opened Pull Requests and Issues that contain either default titles or whose description is left blank.
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    A quick tutorial for getting up and running with GitHub locally and remotely

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    appolo - Plugins and Themes for Jekyll to create App Portfolio for Developers

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    We accept all contributions via our GitHub, so you can fork our repo (apache/incubator-usergrid) and then submit a PR back to us for approval. For larger PRs you'll need to have an ICLA form on file with Apache. For more information see our [Contribution Workflow Policy](, and specifically our [External Contributors Guide](

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    git-town - Generic, high-level Git workflow support!

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    Devise - Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden

    Devise is a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden. It supports Database Authentication, Sends emails with confirmation instructions and verifies whether an account is already confirmed during sign in, Reset password and sends reset instructions, tracks sign in count, timestamps and IP address, Locks an account after a specified number of failed sign-in attempts and lot more.

    aws-sdk-ios-samples - This repository has samples that demonstrate various aspects of the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS, you can get the SDK source on Github https://github

    This repository contains sample apps that demonstrate various aspects of the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS. Please refer to in each sample directory for more specific instructions.This sample demonstrates how sign up and sign in a user to display an authenticated portion of your app.

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