Print Spooler Reset Script

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PrintSpoolerLibrary is an abstraction of the windows print spooler subsystem. It provides all printing and print spooler functions with an easy to use .NET API. It also provides events when a printjob was printed or a printer has been changed.

Print to OneNote using XPS (64 bit supported)

XPS2OneNote enables printing documents to OneNote for 64bit operating systems such as Vista x64, which is not supported by the "Send to OneNote" print driver. It also enables scaling the printout size. It is written in C# and uses the XPS print driver.

PPR Print Spooler

PPR is a spooler for PostScript printers. It supports PPD files, and provides operator alerts, job result messages, and error recovery. It is integrated with Netatalk, CAP60, Samba, and Ghostscript. It has command line and web interfaces.


Spooler is a tool that monitors jobs of any kind of application through plain text files simply containing the parameters needed to submit a report to a print queue. As a plus it can also convert a report into pdf format and send it attached to an email.


Google Cloud Print driver for CUPS, allows printing to printers hosted on Google Cloud Print

This allows any company to deploy a commercial print driver using documents from Google Apps, and send them with an account with

vfs - Validity finger print scanner device driver for linux

Validity finger print scanner device driver for linux

marulaprint - Print Driver Board Development for 3D Printer

Print Driver Board Development for 3D Printer

dtest - Utility executable to be used with unit-threaded

**Upgrade to 2.065 or downgrade to 2.063. No problem on Windows.Utility using [unit-threaded]( run all unit tests in a list of directories. This was written because,although [unit-threaded]( canscan and run all unit tests in a given set of modules, those modules needto be manually specified, which can be tedious. The reason for that isthat D packages are just directories and the compiler can'tread the files


Peso = int(input('Digite su peso (Kgs): ')) Estatura = float(input('Digite su estatura (Mts): ')) IMC = Peso/Estatura**2 print('Su Indice de Masa Corporal es:') print(IMC) if(IMC<25 and IMC>20): print('Se encuentra en el indice ideal de masa corpotal') else: if(IMC<20): print('Se encuentra debajo del indice de masa corporal normal.') else: if(IMC>25 and IMC<30): print('Se encuentra sobre del indice de masa corporal normal, por lo tanto posee sobrepeso.


Davex is a ProDOS command shell amp; program launcher for the Apple II family of computers. It offers a *nix-like command interpreter, has intrinsic and extrinsic invokable modules, and serves as a print spooler and general I/O redirector.


matterQ is a simple Raspberry Pi based 3D print server based on the lprng spooler and the austerusG serial gcode host.


The LPRng software is an enhanced, extended, and portable implementation of the Berkeley LPR print spooler functionality. While providing the same interface and meeting RFC1179 requirements, the implementation is completely new and provides suppo


Print spooler and associated software.


A Zebra Print Job Spooler for the MEPI project

PDQ - quot;print don't queuequot;

pdq is a straightforward, flexible print system with modular driver and interface, monitoring, per-user configurations, and root privileges not required. Supports AppleTalk, BSD LPD, efax, hardware. Works with Foomatic and PPD. X client also available.


This project is aimed at the Windows Phone 7 developers that need to print from an App they are developing. The project provides a WCF service that runs on any desktop or server, and a print dialog dll that runs on the Windows 7 phone. It is developed in Framework 4.0 Client C#

print - Print - A unix tool to print a line from a file

Print - A unix tool to print a line from a file


This code allows users to work with files from Scribd Cloud Storage platform and integrate with Mimeo Cloud Print. You need the follow API Accounts: Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API and Scribd API. Actions: Pull PDF Document From Scribd Using API, Prepare Print Proof with PDF Using Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API, and Pull Small and Large Proof Images Using Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API. This source code is meant to be used for pulling documents from Scribd and Proofing with Mimeo prior to order pr

Mimeo-Cloud-Print - Print on Demand, Self Publishing, Cloud Print Platform for Mimeo Connect

Print on Demand, Self Publishing, Cloud Print Platform for Mimeo Connect