PowerShell WPF Template

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A simple and ready to use PowerShell-Ready WPF project template. With PowerWPF, you can easely build WPF application with: - Asynchronous execution (no freezing of your GUI). - Execute PowerShell code or use embedded PowerShell script. - Create a single exe > easy to depl...




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slansing - PowerShell and Visual Basic Network Administration Tools

PowerShell and Visual Basic Network Administration Tools

Powershell Framework

The Powershell Framework makes running Powershell scripts simple. It provides a means of interactively or non-interactively running scripts in a simple manner. It provides a form based interface to browse and run scripts, and a clean framework for writing scripts.


PSAdmin is a web based administration tool that allows the easy execution of Windows PowerShell scripts within your environment.

bts-ps-scripts - Sample PowerShell scripts for BizTalk Server administration

Sample PowerShell scripts for BizTalk Server administration

poshadmin - Powershell administration tools

Powershell administration tools

PowerShell Oracle Business Intelligence Provider

The goal of this project is to create a PowerShell Oracle Business Intelligence Provider so that you could manage your OBI WebCatalog directly from the command line using well-known PS cmdlts and many new specific to OBI. It uses OBI SOAP web services only. Marek Wiewiórka

Powershell Depo

This a collection of Powershell scripts that are collected and modified from anywhere and everywhere. Feel free to download whatever you need.

SSRS PowerShell Provider

A PowerShell provider for SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). The provider allows for navigation of SSRS installations, management of reports, etc, all through a scriptable interface.


Send wake-on-lan packets across subnets by utilizing powered-on machines on each subnet.


DnsShell is a Microsoft DNS administration / management module written for PowerShell 2.0. DnsShell is developed in C#.


PowerShell IT Admin web portal powered by ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight

Riesm's PowerShell

PowerShell scripts I use and reuse every day. Mostly for SharePoint, but you may find them usefull for other administration tasks as well.

xCertificate - DSC Module to manage Certificates

The xCertificate module is a part of the Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) Resource Kit, which is a collection of DSC Resources. This module includes DSC resources that simplify administration of certificates on a Windows Server, with simple declarative language.

Velocity Administration Shell

VelocityAdminShell makes it easier to administrators to manage the Velocity cluster through a GUI shell and not through PowerShell cmdlet.

depadmin - Scripts for administration departament network and computers

Scripts for administration departament network and computers

in719_sys_admin - Code and documents for IN719 Systems Administration

Code and documents for IN719 Systems Administration

Sharepoint SP2010 - Warmup

SP2010 Warmup is an .exe file written in c# which warmups your whole sp2010 Farm. Warmup includes: Central Administration, Mysites, Other Webapplications No longer waiting :) and it´s an alternative to powershell

SharePoint 2010 Farm Poster

Create a visual snapshot of your SharePoint Farm Configuration, Components and Usage as a single HTML Poster.

SharePoint Backup Augmentation Cmdlets

The SharePoint Backup Augmentation Cmdlets (SharePointBAC) provide administrators with additional PowerShell cmdlets to complement and extend SharePoint 2010's native backup and restore capabilities. SharePointBAC makes it possible to groom backup sets, archive backups, and more.

RBAC Manager R2 for Exchange 2010 SP2, Exchange 2013 Preview and Office 365

Exchange 2010 RBAC Editor (RBAC GUI) Exchange 2010 RBAC Manager Developed in C# and using Powershell behind the scenes RBAC tool to simplfy RBAC administration