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PowerPlaylist adds a Start Menu strip with up to five tiles to Windows Media Center in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Each tile represents an audio, slideshow and / or visualization combination which will start when the tile is selected and is highly customizable by the consumer.




Related Projects



Controlling Vista Media Center/ Windows 7 Media Center from your windows mobile device.



An open source Windows 7 Media Center Extender written in .NET.


  •    CSharp

With TapiRex, you will always know who is calling you at the first ring of your telephone! If you are using Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005® or Windows Vista Media Center as your Home Media Center, TapiRex can even make this fabulous product better! In mceTapiRexv2 we...

Hulu Launcher


Hulu Launcher is a simple Windows Media Center plugin that launches Hulu Desktop and attempts to manage the windows as seamlessly as possible. In addition to launching Hulu from Media Center, it will also automatically close Hulu when Media Center becomes the active window.

VMC Remote


Working towards allowing you to control a Media Center PC using any device.

Remote Wizard for Media Center and TitanTV


Written in VB, this Windows Service for Vista or Windows 7 monitors your GMail account for messages with a TitanTV TVPI file attached. The TVPI file is parsed and the program added to your Media Center scheduled recordings using standard Click-to-Record technology.

LCDSmartie dll to display Windows Media Center status


An LCDSmartie compatible dll which interfaces with TcpIpController to allow display of Windows Media Center status information on an LCD Display.

Remote Control for Windows 7 Media Center


Allow you to control Windows 7 Media Center from another PC.



This Windows 7 Media Center plug-in allows you to view video in a slide-show fashion. It features a "clip" capability that can play random clips of video media (45 sec, 90 sec and 2 min intervals). It also integrates with Windows Home Server and Windows 7 Homegroup.

Goo Media Center

  •    VB

Goo Media Center is a Windows based media player using Mplayer that plays all of the major media file types. Goo Media Center (GMC) will not only play media files but will also convert media files and rip DVD's. GMC allows drag and drop feature as well.

Zinc Launcher


Zinc Launcher is a simple Windows Media Center plugin that launches Zinc and attempts to manage the windows as seamlessly as possible. In addition to launching Zinc from Media Center, it will also automatically close Zinc when Media Center becomes the active window.

mcePicasa (Picasa Web Album Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Application)


Picasa Web Album Viewer - Windows Media Center (MCE) Presentation Layer Application. Using your remote to browse, search, view, edit, upload and enjoy photos from your albums and community albums on your wide screen.

Windows Media Center TCP/IP Controller

  •    DotNet

Provides a way to monitor state and control Windows Media Center (and extenders) through a standard TCP/IP socket port and/or simple HTTP server.

Play-kanaler (Windows Media Center Plug-in)

  •    CSharp

Windows Media Center plugin för att kolla på svenska play-kanaler. För nuvarande finns SVT, TV3, TV6, TV8 och Viasat Sport tillgängligt. Med detta plugin kan du kolla på program från dessa kanalers ondemand-tjänster utan att starta webbläsaren och använda musen.

iTheater: The Mac Media Center

  •    Objective-C

iTheater is an open source project that aims to create a media center application for Mac OS X, to fully take advantage of Apple's OSX. The project aims to integrate most media-based Mac applications into a single console (or media center).

Media Center Commander


Media Center Commander allows you to change Live TV channels in Windows Media Center via the command-line (and thus desktop shortcuts).


  •    DotNet

Converts Zune playlists (.zpl) to Windows Media Player/Windows Media Center (.wpl) compatible playlists.

Home Media Center

  •    CSharp

Home Media Center is a server application for UPnP / DLNA compatible devices. It supports streaming and transcoding media files, Windows desktop and video from webcams. This project is developed in C#, C++ and uses DirectShow, Media Foundation.

WtvWatcher (for Windows 7 Media Center)


A windows tray utility to automate the conversion of WTV files to DVR-MS files. Uses built-in 'wtvconverter.exe' utility in 7mc to down-convert files to DVR-MS format, so that 3rd-party software (such as Lifextender) can continue to function. No codecs or extra installs required!