PowerDbg - Automated Debugging using WinDbg and PowerShell

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*PowerDbg is a PowerShell library that enables the automation of the debugging session through PowerShell scripts and WinDbg.* Description: [url:http://blogs.msdn.com/debuggingtoolbox/archive/tags/PowerDbg+Library/default.aspx] Scripts based on PowerDbg: [url:http://blogs.msdn




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DbgShell - A PowerShell front-end for the Windows debugger engine.

A PowerShell front-end for the Windows debugger engine.Ready to tab your way to glory? For a quicker intro, take a look at Getting Started.

Microsoft Open Debugger Extension for WinDbg

ODbgExt is an open source debugger extension for WinDbg that is intended to be developed by the debugging community. It is based on the Windows Debugger SDK Sample ‘exts’ and uses the COM Debugger interface IDebugControl. The primary objective of the project is to provide the ...


DebugHelpers is/will be a collection of utilities that work along with other debugging tools such as WinDbg and CDB with a focus on managed .NET debugging. The first utility is the HeapView. HeapView enables you to easily analyze multiple results of the SOS !DumpHeap command ...

!exploitable Crash Analyzer - MSEC Debugger Extensions

!exploitable (pronounced “bang exploitable”) is a Windows debugging extension (Windbg) that provides automated crash analysis and security risk assessment.

AdvancedDotNetDebugging - Slides and demos for my Advanced .NET Debugging with WinDbg and SOS talk.

Slides and demos for my Advanced .NET Debugging with WinDbg and SOS talk.


The VisualDDK is a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio allowing debugging device drivers right from the IDE. Additionally, a simple Driver Project Wizard is provided.

Sample Windbg Extension in Visual Studio

This is a sample extension for Windbg that can be built using Visual Studio.

PowerShell Symbol Store

PowerShell Symbol Store (PSSymbolStore) is a combination of Powershell cmdlets that implement the functionality of the "symstore" utility (included in the Debugging Tools for Windows) and the Symbol Store Manager - a WinForms GUI application for interacting with a symbol store.

Managed Library for interacting with Debugger Tools for Windows Engine API

mdbglib is a managed library for interacting with Debugger Engine API which is available for download from Microsoft as part of Debugging Tools for Windows. This library is intended for people who need to interact with a debugger from managed code or PowerShell.

PowerShell Debug Visualizer

Using PowerShell, you interact with .NET objects during debugging in the Visual Studio IDE. The PowerShell Visualizer injects objects, presents a scripting window. And more.... Decorate your classes like so: [DebuggerVisualizer(typeof(PoSHVisualizer.PoSHVisualizer))] [Serial...

vscode-powershell - Provides PowerShell language and debugging support for Visual Studio Code

Provides PowerShell language and debugging support for Visual Studio Code

WintellectPowerShell - PowerShell scripts for better debugging and life

PowerShell scripts for better debugging and life

Debugging Extensions

This project contains debugging extensions for Windbg that are not part of the core debugger package.

Dbg Shell

Dbg Shell replaces WinDbg for debugging dumps. All standard Dbg commands are supported. You can also write scripts in .Net assemblies to automated debugging tasks.

google-cloud-powershell - PowerShell cmdlets for the Google Cloud Platform

This repository contains PowerShell cmdlets for interacting with the Google Cloud Platform. You can use Cloud Tools for PowerShell to manage your existing cloud resources or create new ones.You can install Cloud Tools for PowerShell from the PowerShell gallery by running Install-Module GoogleCloud. When you first use the module, you will be prompted to install the Google Cloud SDK. Select yes and the module will download and install the SDK.

PowerShelf - PowerShell Script Tools

PowerShell tools for various tasks implemented as scripts, mostly standalone.Alternatively, get them by NuGet tools or download PowerShelf or NuGetDebugTools. In the latter case save as ".zip" and unzip. Use the package subdirectory "tools".

Visual Studio Code - Code editing. Redefined

Visual Studio Code is a new type of tool that combines the simplicity of a code editor with what developers need for their core edit-build-debug cycle. Code provides comprehensive editing and debugging support, an extensibility model, and lightweight integration with existing tools.

SharePoint PowerShell Console

Allows the administrators of a SharePoint site to run and schedule PowerShell scripts by just browsing to the site settings page and typing / paste the script in the browser. The scripts are stored in a scripts document library and using a specialized content type.


PowerShell code for Shattering the Glass: Crafting Post Exploitation Tools with PowerShell

WP-PowerShell - Windows PowerShell wrapper for WordPress CLI tools.

Windows PowerShell wrapper for WordPress CLI tools.