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PowerShell IT Admin web portal powered by ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight




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PoshBoard Visual Designer

PoshBoard Visual Designer is a tool for generating powershell scripts for PoshBoard with Visual Studio 2010 designer.

PowerShell WPF Template

A simple and ready to use PowerShell-Ready WPF project template. With PowerWPF, you can easely build WPF application with: - Asynchronous execution (no freezing of your GUI). - Execute PowerShell code or use embedded PowerShell script. - Create a single exe > easy to depl...

dashboard - eXist-db Dashboard

IMPORTAN NOTE: Dashboard is deprecated and will be replaced by a new version independent of Dojo. The repository of the new version will be available here soon.The eXist-db Dashboard is the central application launchpad and administration facility for eXist-db.


Mobile Application Development Platform for Enterprises


Dashboard-AzureVM (codename DAVM) is the best and simple application to manage Virtual Machine created on Windows Azure and based on PowerShell cmdlet

slansing - PowerShell and Visual Basic Network Administration Tools

PowerShell and Visual Basic Network Administration Tools

PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit

The PowerShell Application Deployment Toolkit provides functions and a UI to deploy applications, interact with users and simplify software installation tasks.

public-xar-repo - eXist Public Application Repository

This application allows an eXist-db instance to host a repository of applications and libraries stored in the EXPath Package format. Other eXist-db clients can configure their Dashboard (click on the gear icon beneath the eXist-db icon, and you will see a field, "Public Repository URL"), and can then browse available packages via Dashboard > Package Manager.By default, eXist-db's Dashboard > Package Manager is configured to access the eXist-db Public Application Repository at http://demo.exist-db.org/exist/apps/public-repo/index.html.


A Javascript-only, web based Dashboard library, that you can use to make eye-catchy Charts showing Transactions stats for your application, Server CPU, Memory, IO graphs etc. It offers libraries to convert different types of delimited text files into Charts. Those delimited files are generated from various sources, eg running SQL queries against a Database, or running shell scripts to collect system stats, or Powershell scripts to process IIS logs. End result is a nice-looking Twitter Bootstrap

Powershell Framework

The Powershell Framework makes running Powershell scripts simple. It provides a means of interactively or non-interactively running scripts in a simple manner. It provides a form based interface to browse and run scripts, and a clean framework for writing scripts.


PSAdmin is a web based administration tool that allows the easy execution of Windows PowerShell scripts within your environment.

bts-ps-scripts - Sample PowerShell scripts for BizTalk Server administration

Sample PowerShell scripts for BizTalk Server administration

poshadmin - Powershell administration tools

Powershell administration tools


Twin automator applications to turn the dashboard off and on. You may wish to temporarily turn dashboard off to free up memory, so double click on the TurnOffWidgets application. Double click on TurnOnWidgets.app and dashboard is back as before.

PowerShell Oracle Business Intelligence Provider

The goal of this project is to create a PowerShell Oracle Business Intelligence Provider so that you could manage your OBI WebCatalog directly from the command line using well-known PS cmdlts and many new specific to OBI. It uses OBI SOAP web services only. Marek Wiewiórka

Powershell Depo

This a collection of Powershell scripts that are collected and modified from anywhere and everywhere. Feel free to download whatever you need.

SSRS PowerShell Provider

A PowerShell provider for SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services). The provider allows for navigation of SSRS installations, management of reports, etc, all through a scriptable interface.

murano-deployment - Scripts and automation tools for murano CI

Murano Project introduces an application catalog, which allows application developers and cloud administrators to publish various cloud-ready applications in a browsable categorised catalog, which may be used by the cloud users (including the inexperienced ones) to pick-up the needed applications and services and composes the reliable environments out of them in a "push-the-button" manner.murano-deployment repository contains scripts and automation tools for murano CI system.

unfold - Powershell-based deployment solution for .net web applications

Powershell-based deployment solution for .net web applications

PowerShell Ad-Hoc Web Server (paws)

A web server written entirely in PowerShell. Also the beginning of a framework for developing web applications in PowerShell.