polymer-bundler - Moved to Polymer/tools monorepo

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The Polymer/polymer-bundler repo has been migrated to packages/bundler folder of the Polymer/tools 🚝 monorepo. We are actively working on migrating open Issues and PRs to the new repo. New Issues and PRs should be filed at Polymer/tools.



@types/acorn : ^4.0.3
@types/babel-generator : ^6.25.1
@types/babel-traverse : ^6.25.3
@types/rollup : ^0.54.0
babel-generator : ^6.26.1
babel-traverse : ^6.26.0
clone : ^2.1.0
command-line-args : ^3.0.1
command-line-usage : ^3.0.3
dom5 : ^2.2.0
espree : ^3.5.2
magic-string : ^0.22.4
mkdirp : ^0.5.1
parse5 : ^2.2.2
polymer-analyzer : ^3.0.0-pre.18
rollup : ^0.56.1
source-map : ^0.5.6
vscode-uri : ^1.0.1



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polymer-redux - Polymer bindings for Redux.

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Polymer bindings for Redux. Bind store state to properties and dispatch actions from within Polymer Elements. Polymer is a modern library for creating Web Components within an application. Redux is a state container for managing predictable data. Binding the two libraries together allows developers to create powerful and complex applications faster and simpler. This approach allows the components you build with Polymer to be more focused on functionality than the applications state.

generator-polymer - Scaffold out a Polymer project

  •    Javascript

Polymer is a library of polyfills and sugar which enable the use of Web Components in modern browsers. The project allows developers to build apps using the platform of tomorrow and inform the W3C of places where in-flight specifications can be further improved.generator-polymer provides Polymer scaffolding using Yeoman (a scaffolding tool for the web), letting you easily create and customize Polymer (custom) elements via the command-line and import them using HTML Imports. This saves you time writing boilerplate code so you can start writing up the logic to your components straight away.

Angular-Polymer - Angular 2 support for Polymer elements

  •    Typescript

angular-polymer is a directive factory that aims at bridging the gaps between using Polymer based Web Components in Angular applications.

web-component-tester - Moved to Polymer/tools monorepo

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The Polymer/web-component-tester repo has been migrated to packages/web-component-tester folder of the Polymer/tools 🚝 monorepo. We are actively working on migrating open Issues and PRs to the new repo. New Issues and PRs should be filed at Polymer/tools.

polymer-cli - Moved to Polymer/tools monorepo

  •    Javascript

The Polymer/polymer-cli repo has been migrated to packages/cli folder of the Polymer/tools 🚝 monorepo. We are actively working on migrating open Issues and PRs to the new repo. New Issues and PRs should be filed at Polymer/tools.

vaadin-core - An evolving set of free, open source web components for building mobile and desktop web applications in modern browsers

  •    HTML

Vaadin core components is the open source part of the Vaadin standards-based Web Components set, which contains high-quality user interface components commonly needed in modern mobile and desktop business web applications. For more information, see the Vaadin components README.

Polymer - Build modern apps using web components

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Polymer is a lightweight library that helps you take full advantage of Web Components. With Web Components, you can create reusable custom elements that interoperate seamlessly with the browser’s built-in elements, or break your app up into right-sized components, making your code cleaner and less expensive to maintain.

polymer-rails - Polymer and web components for Ruby on Rails

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Adds polymer library to assets of your rails project. Allows you to easily import web component with <%= html_import_tag "my-component" %> helper.

vaadin-grid - vaadin-grid is a free, high quality data grid / data table Web Component

  •    HTML

<vaadin-grid> is a free, high quality data grid / data table Web Component, part of the Vaadin components. The Vaadin components are distributed as Bower and npm packages. Please note that the version range is the same, as the API has not changed. You should not mix Bower and npm versions in the same application, though.

expense-manager-demo - Progressive Web App (PWA) demo using Vaadin components

  •    HTML

This is an example project for how you can build a Progressive Web Application with Polymer and Vaadin components. The application uses a Service Worker to cache the Application Shell. A Web App Manifest file ensures that the browser identifies our app as a Progressive Web Application and offers the user to install the application through an install banner.

ajax-form - HTML forms on performance-enhancing drugs

  •    Javascript

HTML forms on performance-enhancing drugs. Note: Ajax-form is not tied to Polymer. In fact, it has no dependencies at all, but should work just fine with Polymer or any other custom elements library. If you prefer to use a simple custom elements polyfill, ajax-form is also your best choice.

polymer-starter-kit - A starting point for Polymer apps

  •    Javascript

This template is a starting point for building apps using a drawer-based layout. The layout is provided by app-layout elements. This template, along with the polymer-cli toolchain, also demonstrates use of the "PRPL pattern" This pattern allows fast first delivery and interaction with the content at the initial route requested by the user, along with fast subsequent navigation by pre-caching the remaining components required by the app and progressively loading them on-demand as the user navigates through the app.

designer - Polymer Designer Tool

  •    Javascript

Polymer Designer is a UI Designer for HTML, Custom Elements, and Polymer. This is a complete, from-scratch, rewrite of Polymer Designer in Polymer 1.0, sometimes referred to as Designer 2. It it not yet usable, and currently only allows basic editing of some hard-coded demos. Don't expect too much.

PolymerSnippets - Sublime snippets for Polymer and Web Components

  •    Javascript

To install through Package Control, search for Polymer & Web Component Snippets. If you still don't have Package Control in Sublime Text, go get it. It's pure awesomeness. If you don't use Package Control, you can download the package and put it manually inside your Packages directory. It should work but will not update automatically.

polymer-gmail - Polymer 1.0 version of New Gmail app

  •    HTML

PolyMail is an offline, mobile-first, web version of the new Gmail native app UI. It's built using Polymer 1.0 and Service Worker and...is a WIP. Note: the app is read only despite what the permissions popup says. Also, most of the buttons don't do anything. There's a lot of missing functionality.

polymer-boilerplate - Fork this repo if you want to start your own Web Component using Polymer

  •    HTML

A bare minimum custom element starter-kit using Polymer. Like Yeoman? Use the generator-element instead.

polymer-admin - Polymer admin dashboard

  •    HTML

Responsive admin dashboard created using Polymer 1.0 and Polymer Starter Kit.Download and install nodejs. The version should be at or above 0.12.x.