token-wizard - A DApp to create token and crowdsale campaigns (ICO, TGE) on Ethereum compatible networks using open source Wizard

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ICO tools should be available for non-coders for free. Raising funds from a crowd is our basic human right. Token Wizard is a tool to create token and crowdsale contracts in five simple steps. Wizard is based on TokenMarket contracts. Wizard is baked how we like it: decentralized, client side, serverless, open source, free, awesome.


airbnb-js-shims : ^1.4.1
autoprefixer : 7.1.1
babel-core : 6.25.0
babel-eslint : 7.2.3
babel-jest : 20.0.3
babel-loader : 7.0.0
babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy : ^1.3.4
babel-preset-es2015 : ^6.24.1
babel-preset-react-app : ^3.0.1
babel-preset-stage-1 : ^6.24.1
babel-preset-stage-2 : ^6.24.1
babel-runtime : 6.23.0
bignumber.js : ^6.0.0
case-sensitive-paths-webpack-plugin : 2.1.1
chalk : 1.1.3
classnames : ^2.2.5
clipboard : ^1.7.1
css-loader : 0.28.4
dotenv : 4.0.0
eslint : 3.19.0
eslint-config-react-app : ^1.0.5
eslint-loader : 1.7.1
eslint-plugin-dependencies : ^2.4.0
eslint-plugin-flowtype : 2.34.0
eslint-plugin-import : 2.2.0
eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y : 5.0.3
eslint-plugin-react : 7.1.0
extract-text-webpack-plugin : 2.1.2
file-loader : 0.11.2
final-form : ^4.3.1
final-form-arrays : ^1.0.4
font-awesome : ^4.7.0
fs-extra : 3.0.1
html-webpack-plugin : 2.29.0
immutability-helper : ^2.5.0
jest : 20.0.4
jquery : ^3.2.1
jszip : ^3.1.4
mobx : ^3.3.0
mobx-react : ^4.3.3
moment : ^2.20.1
npm-delay : ^1.0.4
object-assign : 4.1.1
papaparse : ^4.3.7
path : ^0.12.7
postcss-flexbugs-fixes : 3.0.0
postcss-loader : 2.0.6
promise : 7.1.1
prop-types : ^15.6.1
qrcode.react : ^0.7.2
query-string : ^5.0.1
react : ^15.6.1
react-alert : ^2.4.0
react-copy-to-clipboard : ^5.0.1
react-countdown-clock : ^2.0.0
react-dev-utils : ^3.0.2
react-dom : ^15.6.1
react-dropzone : ^4.2.8
react-error-overlay : ^1.0.9
react-final-form : ^3.1.4
react-final-form-arrays : ^1.0.4
react-final-form-listeners : ^1.0.0
react-router-dom : ^4.1.2
react-tooltip : ^3.4.0
solc : ^0.4.14
solidity-flattener : file:submodules/solidity-flattener
store2 : ^2.6.0
style-loader : 0.18.2
sw-precache-webpack-plugin : 0.11.3
sweetalert2 : ^7.0.9
url-loader : 0.5.9
webpack : ^2.6.1
webpack-dev-server : 2.5.0
webpack-manifest-plugin : 1.1.0
whatwg-fetch : 2.0.3



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